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Prue Sinclair
Co-founder, photographer and Author of World Travel: Straight On Detour
Co-founder, photographer and Author of World Travel: Straight On Detour

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Top 10 hikes in the Canadian Rockies

A ‘ top 10 Hikes in the Canadian Rockies ’  list is not a new idea, I read hundreds of them before visiting the rockies desperately attempting to plan and plot the best trails trying to insure we wouldn’t miss out on a single breathtaking view. I read…

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What it Takes to Herd the Bison

  “What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of the buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.”  Blackfoot Proverb .  . Nowhere on Earth represents this…

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A Mammoth Encounter with Tonga's Whales

“Go on. Now” our skipper commands, “And good luck.” As directed, we ease ourselves into the water without making a splash because even our tiny frantic arms might disturb the giants peace. For the next few minutes there’s only blue, not turquoise but a…

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Swimming With Whales in Tonga: A Complete Guide

  Why is is swimming with whales in Tonga so popular? Not only is Tonga one of the only countries in the world that allows you to enter the water with humpback whales but if offers a very unique experience with them. After giving birth on their northern…

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How to Travel Tongatapu on a Budget

  No matter where your adventure takes you in Tonga, it will always start here in Tongatapu. If you are flying international, you will be flying into Tongatapu’s Fuaʻamotu airport. Becks and I have put our heads together and come up with all the…

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A Complete Guide to Grasslands National Park

  We stumbled across Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan last september on our 100 day ultimate Canadian road trip. Our plan was to stop for a few nights before moving east but instead 8 days later we found ourselves unwilling to leave. If…

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How I Quit My Life and Beat My Depression

The Beginning . It is common for people to meet a long-term traveller and ask “what are you running from?” I used to stumble upon my answer to this question every time until one day, I found the perfect response: “or am I just running towards?” When it…

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Like Zoo's? You Suck!

  Scooping ice-cream in the heart of Auckland not only gives me pimples, a lactose addiction and a hulk-sized right arm, it’s given me a rather unusual form of headache. Every day I get oodles of tourists coming in and chatting about their holiday. I do…

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From City To Sea, Auckland's Wild Marine Park

    Leaving behind the omnipresent sky towers it is hard to believe that we are minutes away from entering Auckland’s Wild Marine Park but seated within the Dolphin Explorer we are about to do just that. Auckland City is blessed by having a precarious…

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Funservation – Putting the 'Fun' Back into Doing Good!

  Berkley University just published a story entitled, ‘How Positive Media Can Make Us Better People’, based on research of an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while.  Just as ‘you are what you eat’, this research suggests we are what we watch and that…
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