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Part 3 of our 3 part serious on Training your energy systems - the foundation of all sports!

This week the Oxidative (Aerobic) System.

#training #fitness #aerobic #oxidative

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Training your energy systems: The Sprint System

Part 1 of a 3 part series on the three energy systems used in sport and how to train each one

‪#‎energysystems‬ ‪#‎training‬ ‪#‎fitness‬ ‪#‎rugby‬ ‪#‎sports‬ ‪#‎phosphatesystem‬

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Head and neck injuries are common in Rugby. Find out what you can do to prevent them!

This article is an excerpt from the Australian Rugby (ARU) Player Development curriculum, authored by our Pro coaches David Boyle and John Mitchell.

#rugby #neckinjuries #neckexercises

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New, sport specific, video exercise database!

Check out our new video exercise database with over 150 sport specific exercises used in our professional training programs. Exercises include a video demonstration, photos and a written description to make sure you perform the exercise correctly.

#training #fitness #exercise

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Plyometric training for sport!

Learn what plyometric training really is from our Pro coaches and how to use plyometrics to link your speed and strength for more powerful sporting movements!

#fitness #training #plyometrics

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Even pro horses have pro coaches and pro training programs to get them ready for Race Day... See what goes on in a Racing Stables Training Session

Horse Gym Australia - Peter Gelagotis Racing Stables - Training Session

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Rugby League performance indicators - how do you compare to the NRL? DARIUS BOYD 4:43 1.2km time trial, TRENT MERRIN 140KG Squat..

#rugbyleague #training #fitness

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What will it take to run a WR 2hr marathon? Runners World defines the perfect race for the perfect runner by the stats - a 6 degree day in March, a boring course, likely in Poland, pacemakers to draft off, big pay day and much more...

#marathon #running #runnersworld

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Read our tailored Rugby nutrition and supplementation guidelines! 

Combining sport specific training with the right sports supplements will help improve your sport performance faster!

#rugby #supplements #nutrition #trueprotein
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