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Prophetics Cosmetics
We see the future...of cosmetics. Makeup Times Infinity.
We see the future...of cosmetics. Makeup Times Infinity.

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Prophetics Cosmetics is in an R&D cycle, and needs testers of the new skincare and color products. Please message me if you are interested in joining the list of testers. For the price of shipping, you get to try new stuff. Amazing!

The Etsy store will be expanding to about 6 times the size it is now by summer, so hurry up and get in on it.

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Just wanted to share a look presented on the runway at NY Fashion Week by Rodarte that I think looks stunning on a light-skinned brunette, like the one featured in the NYTimes video. It's so pretty that I just had to blog about it:

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Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself and offer you a heck of a deal:

I'm Audra, and I am the chief artist and owner of Prophetics Cosmetics. Right now, the first person who replies to this post and is a member who'll add my store and page (with proof of having done so via screenshot sent to my email) to their site will get a free 4 piece sample kit of the spring colors that are about to launch on the storefront, plus a 1 oz. waterproof mixing liquid.

These colors are entitled "Malibu Monochrome" and feature these colors, in loose powder, pure pigment form:
Peach with violet opalescence
Green with pink opalescence 
Matte Black
Shimmer white

Note that you'd still have to pay shipping to get it ($5.80, flat rate 3 day USPS), but the products would be free for you to try, just for posting the store there.

I'd add it myself, but they don't allow that :D

Restricted to US residents only.

find out more about the line at

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Working on Spring Color Story "Malibu Monochrome"; Shimmering sea green opalescent, Shimmering peach-with-violet opalescent, A truly lovely shimmering white and a deep matte black. Pictures soon on the wordpress blog at .

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Overtones via opalescent shimmer make everything more beautiful. These can be added to any color combination to create a gorgeous and rare color that you can't match anywhere else. How's that for individuality? Shop the store and create your color:
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