Updated relevant information on the 3G Brazilian Banditos Robbing Timmies Blog on www.SurviveWithPower.blogspot.com

Though it looks like a done and forgotten by the media et all DEAL!

God's not yet through with the 3G Banditos 
and Burger little king!

Nor their Brazilian Buddies ,
such as wee-willie-ackman, the junk-dough-investment-man!

Keep #InTune on the U.W.W.
Universal Wide Word (Prayer)
and get God's latest dealing with
e-conomic robbers and rapists!

Remember, It is the e-conomy stupid!

This is BREAKING NEW news!
It will break the e-conomic robbers and rapists
messing with God's O Canada!

God's Way - in God's Time -  for God's Glory, 
amen and amen, www.hendrickus-ofOurplace.com
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