Cadaver Claiming Continues!
‘Lion of the profession - One of our brightest stars’

Trumpets the #TorontoStar over the death of lawyer
Edward Lenny Greenspan at 70 years old in sunny Phoenix!

Who wrote, “I defend people, not crimes”
Who “abhorred the death penalty since age 13”
and wrote his autobiography
“Greenspan: The Case for the Defence”  
to defend his story - his way!

Colleagues and clients alike started claiming the cadaver
of criminal lawyer and legal pioneer Edward Greenspan!

They include; a Superior Court Justice, dean of York U’s
Osgoode Hall Law School and a bevy of Canadian lawyers.

Now paying tribute to a “fallen soldier of your profession”
is good and honourable!  However, God looks at the heart,
the real motive you have for “claiming your fallen soldier”

Thus, let all who “claim the cadaver of E. L. Greenspan,
the #Toronto #lawyer” examine their hearts-motives before God!

And let all who moan for the loss of E. L. Greenspan, moan
in true heart-felt sincerity for those he left behind.  Like his 
wife Suzy, daughters; Juliana and Samantha and brother, Brian.

If you’re claiming the cadaver of E. L. Greenspan or any lost one,
do it with a heart of sincerity for the one gone and ones left behind!

Not for some secret, self-serving story!

For God, the judge of all judges, judges the heart - true motive
of all everywhere! Even in his O Canada legal and justice profession!

“God willing, we’ll see you in the #beyond Edward Lenny Greenspan”
#hendrickus of #Ourplace a #Prophet of #God

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