Theo Moudakis’ Obama Cartoon  -  May Be Mayan Prophetic !!!
          Shown in the Toronto Star October 10th 2012 Editorial Page
            (see Theo's Obama Mayan Cartoon at end of this post)
        Dateline - Tuesday, November 12 a.d. 2012 Richmond Hill Canada

            All in the Americas - Hope you're having a great day!!!
     Also, all of God’s children, in his ‘not-so-united-states-of-america’
   Today, Tuesday, November 6th 2012 is a “Decision Day” for you all
         Your choosing the next press-i-dent to hopefully lead you all
     Out of the “miry-mud-of-money-mess” - You all helped to create
                  We have prayed for you all - In the Americas
        Especially, those in God’s not-so-united-states-of-america
  who have been catching the relentless storm-waves of God’s anger
               By boldly stating on their coins “in God we trust”
  But who really only trust in the little gods of the economy & money
          Hopefully, we have all had - Enough! Enough! Enough!
         Of trusting in all our little gods - And are now all ready
                       To truly start Trusting in God Only
           So PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! God’s Family in the Americas
                    That God’s anger, which has been hitting his
  not-so-united-states-of -america relentlessly now for some 50 years
        Will not have to also visit us in the rest of God’s Americas
                  Especially, in God’s Dominion of Canada
           Where we are blessed beyond anything we deserve

     This, Canada, is God’s merciful-gracious-unconditional loving work
                  Not the leaders of God’s Dominion of Canada
       who are quick to claim credit - without giving God his due credit
                                PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!
                             Especially for the Obamas  
                  Wherever they are today & may be tomorrow

    STOP & THINK for 1 silent minute TODAY! - this November 6th 2012
                        How are the Obamas going to truly feel
       If Barack does NOT get re-elected by midnight Nov 6th 2012 ???
                USA President Barack Hussein Obama may not only
                  Be out of a high-profile job - But without his ‘staff’
                                     And his ‘white’ house 
              In one of the highest profile neighbor-hoods of America
              Can you  - Who are the 99% of the Americas people
        Imagine becoming known in history as the USA President who:

        1. Got the USA in deeper debt in his first 100 days in office
            Than George Bush Jr. did with his 8 years of ‘playing war-games’

        2.  Has had to live 4 years in a ‘rented’, high overhead ‘white’ house
             Living with his beautiful wife Michelle, two beautiful daughters
             and his mother-in-law watching his every move

             Not to speak of the ‘secret’ service folks, government folks
             and the Ma & Pa America folks - Who just drop by for a visit
             because their ‘all-powerful’ senator suggested they do so
        3.  How do you go home from your plush, next door office
             To tell your wife, children and mother-in-law,
             “Sorry folks - Start packing - And keep on smiling - Please !!!
Just STOP + THINK about it TODAY for 1 silent minute you lucky 99%

Theo’s Mayan Prophecy  may reveal that  Decision 2012 - November 6th 2012  -  as the luckiest day of the Obamas lives - for all the Obamas 
                Especially, the young, foolish, promised way too much
                            press-i-dent, Barack Hussein O Bam A
                   God bless, Barack Hussein Obama and all of his !!!
                     In the right now “not-so-united-states-of-america”
                     But keep hope + trust in God ONLY America !!!
November 6th may indeed - Be the Obamas Best Day of Decision Ever !!!

God’s wellness + wealth for you all - Today & Every Day !!!
hendrickus of Ourplace
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