Calling all ISIS Devotees!

Though the "talking-head world-experts" talk these days about #ISIS  
meaning the Islamic State of Iraq and its military muscle 

She, ISIS, is thousands of years old!

Known to #Egyptian  mythological believers
as a nature goddess and wife of #OSIRIS  

If you wouldn't want a present day ISIS rebel
dropping in for tea and talkies

You certainly, would NOT want the goddess ISIS
or her hubby OSIRIS to drop in anytime!

He's the Egyptian mythological god of the underworld!

The underworld, includes such "nice not-noticed spirits" as
#SATAN  and all his destroying + dis-easing #demons  
Plus their demonically-possessed folks such as the #mafia  
all #perverts of natural,  normal life things like sex to name a few!

So be full  of care to who you open the doors
of your mind, home and business to these days!

#AskGod   to check them out first!

Plus Ask God to keep them out
of your mind + home + business + country!

Get a Restraining Order from God
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