GO #MickeyD GO! Q-Who's MickeyD?
The most infamous Canadian Senator in
the news being #GooglePlus  and  #Twittered About!
#MikeDuffy  the XSenator, XNewsReporter, XAdulterer, XThief
and XFather to name a few of #MickeyD Xs.
Don't know About You? But i've had a few of those Xs too!
But thanks to God's mercy! #MikeDuffy  
may be getting FREE of his Xs too! Read in the #SUN  
that #MickeyD   is reaching out to his #Peruvian  daughter! 
He fathered a few decades ago with a Lady from #Peru !
Who had been staying at the Kingston Penitentiary Hotel.
It's amazing What a Good Crisis in your life - 
Allows God to START to HELP YOU with your life - God's Way!
GO #MickeyD GO!
Your #Ourplace  God's Survival Buddies are praying for You & Yours 
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