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PropertyPak™ is currently writing Landlord Insurance in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, & WY for 1-4 unit residential properties.
PropertyPak™ is currently writing Landlord Insurance in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, & WY for 1-4 unit residential properties.

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PropertyPak has 37 new links/articles for you.

1) US manufacturing index hits highest mark in nearly 3 years - Jul. 3, 2017

2) Treasury yields inch lower after Fed minutes - MarketWatch

3) The High Cost of Insurance Fraud in America

4) Amateur fireworks cause damage across Western Washington | KING5[dot]com

5) 2 New Studies Undermine Climate Denial Arguments | InsideClimate News

6) Report: Here are the 5 most 'tech ready' cities in the world - TechRepublic

7) NotPetya's lesson for infrastructure: 'Everything will be the new XP' - The Parallax

8) David Cameron says people who oppose austerity are 'selfish' | The Independent

9) Why Roman concrete still stands strong while modern version decays | Science | The Guardian

10) More than 1,000 income-subsidized housing units in San Francisco are getting free gigabit internet - Recode

11) This tax move has made a lot of real-estate investors rich - MarketWatch

12) California Senate OKs Real Estate Fee to Fund More Housing | California News | US News

13) Theresa May defends public sector pay cap under pressure from Labour | Business | The Guardian

14) How to create jobs in the age of robots and low growth

15) Employment Situation Summary

16) United States Unemployed Persons | 1950-2017 | Data | Chart | Calendar

17) Years into recovery and with full employment, US wages still lag | Reuters

18) The Big Downgrade That Fueled the Subprime Crash - Bloomberg

19) California Blazes Among Numerous Wildfires in Western US

20) Wage Growth Slows Sharply | Beat the Press | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research

21) Even the IMF says austerity doesn't work. It's the zombie idea that will not die | Phil McDuff | Opinion | The Guardian

22) Janet Yellen's complacency is criminal - Renegade Inc

23) Weather Gets Weird as Record Rainfall Follows Record Drought - Bloomberg

24) The Breaking Point & Death Of Keynes | RIA

25) Is This the End of China's Second Housing Bubble?

26) Forget Politics: Without 'Neutral' Internet, US Workers Stand To Lose Trillions

27) 15 Essential Data Points to Help CRE Professionals Vet Tenants | Re Meter

28) Stylish Shipping Container Home Attracts Tons of Attention | realtor[dot]com®

29) Trillion-ton iceberg snaps off Antarctica

30) How 'New Keynesian' economics betrays Keynes | LARS P. SYLL

31) Spare us these cockroach arguments in favour of continued austerity | The Independent

32) Williamsburg man arrested after trying to burn house down twice, police say | Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

33) mainly macro: Why recessions followed by austerity can have a persistent impact

34) United States MBA Mortgage Applications | 2007-2017 | Data | Chart

35) Metro police warn of new real estate scam - WSMV Channel 4

36) New Mexico man admits to embezzling nearly $1 million from real estate company

37) What are the Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate? | AZ Big Media

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PropertyPak has 35 new links/articles for you.

1) Jeremy Corbyn wishes would cause money to flee the country, says FERGUS KELLY | Express[dot]co[dot]uk

2) One of America's First Clean Coal Plants May Have Just Died - Bloomberg

3) Cryptocurrencies — a growing issue for military, intel agencies and law enforcement

4) China is building first 'forest city' of 40,000 trees to fight air pollution | indy100

5) How to Deter the Most Worrisome Cyber Threats Online | North Financial Advisors

6) How to build a wildfire defensible space around your home | KING5[dot]com

7) Are the Proposed Lower Corporation Tax Rates Good for Landlords?

8) Global Cyber Attack Affects Shipping, FedEx, Emails and More

9) California Wildfire Destroys Ranch Home of 'Big Bang Theory' Star

10) Interior starts process to expand offshore drilling plan

11) Undeterred by 'Flawed' Study of Seattle's Pay Increases, Minneapolis Approves $15 Wage - YouTube

12) The World's Largest Floating Solar Plant Is Finally Online

13) HomeAdvisor | Carpet Cleaning: What Do the Experts Know?

14) 6 Top Issues Plaguing Commercial Real Estate Professionals In 2017 - Commercial Real Estate

15) Is the renting trend turning around?

16) Facts About Fireworks: 11,000 Injuries, 4 Deaths in 2016

17) Duo arrested for Magnolia house fire that injured firefighter - Houston Chronicle

18) 'This will feel severe': Toronto real estate industry bracing for June sales slowdown - Article - BNN

19) MSP - DIFS Offers Tips to Michigan Residents; Know Your Rights When Working With Insurance Companies

20) America's Pension Bomb: Illinois Is Just the Start

21) Tracy Chou, leading Silicon Valley engineer, explains why every tech worker needs a humanities education — Quartz

22) Britain 'is on the brink of housing price collapse' | Daily Mail Online

23) Understanding Society: Jobs, basic income, and the future of the techno-market economy

24) China tears up promises to UK and shows the world who is in charge | World news | The Guardian

25) Republicans say Medicaid doesn't work, so it should be cut. Here are all the ways they're wrong - LA Times

26) With Apartment Living on the Rise, Where Does That leave the Single Family Market? - DSNews

27) United States Living Wage Individual | 2015-2017 | Data | Chart | Calendar

28) Why poverty is skyrocketing in the suburbs

29) [Highly Recommended] Single Market Mythologies — Prime Economics

30) What to Do When You Hear the Words, "Your Rental is a Meth House."

31) How Debt & Taxes Make the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer

32) Greystar Fund Will Acquire Monogram in $3 Billion Deal | Fortune[dot]com

33) Family firm in Ukraine says it was not responsible for cyber attack | Reuters

34) Police seize servers of Ukrainian software firm after cyber attack | Reuters

35) Big Houses in the US Are Back (And There's a Growing Housing Bubble)

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PropertyPak has 7 new links/articles for you.

1) Nearly 200,000 Construction Workers Added Since May 2016; Construction Unemployment Rates Improve in 24 States

2) NSC Releases State of Safety Report, No State Earns an 'A' Across the Board

3) FBI raids office of real estate broker at center of 7 Action News investigation - WXYZ[dot]com

4) Is real estate investing right for you? | The Business Times

5) View Dynamic Glass CEO on smart window technology

6) Democrats Help Corporate Donors Block California Health Care Measure, And Progressives Lose Again | International Business Times

7) Europe's Gradualist Fallacy

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PropertyPak has 42 new links/articles for you.

1) Grenfell Tower fire: Jeremy Corbyn demands emergency funding for sprinklers in all UK tower blocks | The Independent

2) Pit Bull Breaks Out Of Yard, Mauls Two Young Children Buckled In Minivan In Pennsylvania

3) House unveils latest bill to privatize air-traffic control

4) Low Interest Rates and Bank Profits Liberty Street Economics

5) Latest study: Seattle's wage law lifted restaurant pay without shrinking jobs | The Seattle Times

6) Grenfell Tower fire: Flats in £2bn luxury Kensington block to be given to families | London Evening Standard

7) Study Reveals Earth's Killer Heat Waves Are Getting Worse

8) Texas Study Links Pollution, Earthquakes to Oil and Gas Drilling

9) Why So Many Top Hackers Hail from Russia — Krebs on Security

10) Biggest Banks Clear Their First Hurdle in Fed's Stress Tests - Bloomberg

11) Dean Baker: Interest Rate Hike Will Hurt Jobs Growth - YouTube

12) Combustible Cladding Found on 600 Blocks Across England

13) Governor Declares State of Emergency for Nebraska Storm-Damaged Areas

14) NYC Fire Officials Say Three Workers Injured at Construction Site

15) Grenfell and the tragedy of deregulation | New Economics Foundation

16) How pay and benefits change as job level rises: data from the National Compensation Survey : Beyond the Numbers: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

17) Support for single-payer health insurance grows in US | Pew Research Center

18) Anti-fraud investigations to be enhanced with realignment of 2 state agencies

19) Citizens blames fraud for recommended rate hikes | WPEC

20) Canary In The Coal Mine: Unfunded Liabilities Have Turned Illinois Into A "Banana Republic" On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

21) Arizona's heat is getting worse — and it's killing people

22) Estimates of Sea Level Rise by 2100 Have Tripled in the Past Few Years - YouTube

23) Arconic knowingly supplied flammable panels for use in tower: emails | Reuters

24) Contagion from the 2 Friday-Night Bank Collapses in Italy? | Wolf Street

25) Bankers Are Hiring Cyber-Security Experts to Help Get Deals Done - Bloomberg

26) Good or bad? Hot takes on the latest Seattle wage study - seattlepi[dot]com

27) Government not testing tower blocks for the same deadly insulation as Grenfell, amid accusations of a 'quick fix'

28) 'Hundreds of fire doors' were missing from tower blocks evacuated in Camden | London Evening Standard

29) Cladding on London's Grenfell Tower pulled from sale after fire - NY Daily News

30) University of Washington analysis of Seattle minimum wage increase is fundamentally flawed | Economic Policy Institute

31) Conservatives, liberals, techies, and social activists all love universal basic income: Has its time come? - LA Times

32) The Problem With How We Measure Affordable Housing - CityLab

33) Studies of Oklahoma's Largest Earthquake Included in Seismology Journal

34) Many Coastal Homeowners Remain Unfamiliar With Hurricane Deductibles

35) $300K Settlement in 2012 Utah Fire to be Paid by Insurer

36) The gaping contradictions in EU bank bail-out law and policy — Prime Economics

37) The Real Estate Investor's Guide to Putting Together a Scope of Work

38) The Positive Side of More Jobs Regulation - Bloomberg

39) CBO: Senate Bill Would Raise Premiums, Deductibles, or Both for Most Marketplace Consumers | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

40) Monsanto Weed-Killer Roundup Causes Cancer, California Says

41) Real Estate is Still the Ultimate Small Business | HuffPost

42) Get Hacked and Your Cybersecurity Company May Pay - MIT Technology Review

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PropertyPak has 60 new links/articles for you.

1) The End of Net Neutrality Could Shackle the Internet of Things | WIRED

2) The Great Kansas Tax Cut Experiment Crashes And Burns

3) ScienceCasts: Greenland's Thinning Ice - YouTube

4) Russia Likely to Mandate Identity Checks for Bitcoin Purchases - CoinDesk

5) Germany faces future of being the European Union's 'magic money tree' | World | News | Express[dot]co[dot]uk

6) Sea Level Rise due to Global Warming Threatens Vancouver - YouTube

7) Grenfell Tower fire: huge blaze breaks out in 24-storey apartment block in London | UK news | The Guardian

8) Why Does Homeowners Insurance Exclude Certain Dog Breeds?

9) China's Top Property-Bubble Prophet Says Prices Set to Soar - Bloomberg

10) Breaking Up the Banks Is Easier Than You Might Think | The Nation

11) What should the future form of our money be?

12) Privatisation: a way to a more competitive economy, or exercise in Orwellian doublespeak? — Prime Economics

13) Rent, don't invest your money in a home mortgage, says a new report

14) Developers lure buyers to cities, even as prices stall

15) Eight failures that left people of Grenfell Tower at mercy of the inferno

16) Trump Infrastructure Plan Lays the Foundation to Build Corporate Corruption and Greed - YouTube

17) Case Study: Why $30k Real Estate CAN Be Profitable [With Pictures & Numbers!]

18) The Fed Is Flying Blind - Bloomberg

19) Janet Yellen Is Her Own Best Successor - Bloomberg

20) The Controversy Over Inflation - The Atlantic

21) Jeremy Corbyn: Why can accommodation be found for Heathrow passengers and not Grenfell residents? - The i newspaper online iNews

22) 50+ confirmed hurt in deck collapse near Lakeside - KPAX[dot]com | Continuous News | Missoula & Western Montana

23) Official warns Illinois finances in 'massive crisis mode' | The Seattle Times

24) Elizabeth Warren wants the Wells Fargo board wiped out - Jun. 19, 2017

25) Rental Property Number 8 Trashed by Tenants! - YouTube

26) "Bribing voters" and all that: neoliberal contempt for democracy? — Prime Economics

27) Are High Rents Inevitable? | The Regulatory Review

28) Women feared dead in Grenfell fire 'were sent legal letters for raising safety fears' | Metro News

29) Michael Rosen: A firefighter who attended Grenfell tower has written this:

30) How real-estate investors see Seattle tech | The Seattle Times

31) Meet the next generation of real-estate designers | New York Post

32) The Brainiest Professor In Real Estate Wrote A 95-Page Paper On PropTech And We Read It All So You Don't Have To

33) What to know before using school ratings tools from real estate companies - The Washington Post

34) Malware Uses Obscure Intel CPU Feature to Steal Data and Avoid Firewalls

35) Tragic London Fire Raises Questions About 'Stay Put' High-Rise Safety Rule

36) New York City Carbon Monoxide Leak Sickens 32 People

37) $6.65M Settlement Reached in Connecticut Christmas House Fire That Killed 5

38) Idaho Woman Wants Insurer to Pay for Leveled Home

39) Grapefruit size hail strikes Mideland/Odessa, TDI sends fraud investigators to area | SE Texas Record

40) After storm damage, be wary of 'post-loss assignments' when hiring a contractor for repairs | Money | omaha[dot]com

41) West Toledo man faces arson, insurance fraud charge - The Blade

42) Lawyer indicted for insurance fraud involving roof claims

43) Deputies catch man wanted for roofing repair scam - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

44) K-9 arson fighters show off skills in annual recertification | WOODTV[dot]com

45) KC Man Pleads Guilty to Arson, Insurance Fraud | USAO-WDMO | Department of Justice

46) Pittsburgh considers bigger incentives for building cut-rate housing | TribLIVE

47) State bill would block Caltrans rent hikes for houses along 710 freeway route - Curbed LA

48) Economics textbooks transmogrifying truth — wages and unemployment | Real-World Economics Review Blog

49) Study: US must add 4.6M new apartments by 2030 to meet rising demand - Curbed

50) In Most States, a Spike in 'Super Commutes' Over 90 Minutes Long

51) Foreign investors snapping up London homes suitable for first-time buyers | Society | The Guardian

52) Fed raises rates, unveils balance sheet cuts in sign of confidence | Reuters

53) Why we should print money to fund green investments | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

54) The Hourly Wage Required to Rent a 2-Bedroom Apartment, 2017 - CityLab

55) Coastal Cities Unprepared for Major Floods As Sea Levels Rise - YouTube

56) Ukraine Goes On Anti-Russia Pipeline Offensive As Europe Goes Nuts

57) Construct material collapse injures two workers, traps one - NY Daily News

58) Treasury yields slip as traders bet on slower rate-hike cycle - MarketWatch

59) Seattle landlords must give voter-registration info to new renters, City Council decides | The Seattle Times

60) Fire Caused by Lightening Bolt Damages 12 Florida Apartments

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Nobody who knows anything about real economics really believes a major tax cut will pay for itself through faster economic growth. We all know that the one and only reason for the tax cut is to turn around and blame the larger deficit on entitlements and then try to increase privatization.

The Great Kansas Tax Cut Experiment Crashes And Burns:

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PropertyPak has 21 new links/articles for you.

1) Russia is looking to regulate bitcoin but still doesn't see it as a currency

2) From Urban Centers to Suburban Developments, Community Gardens Are on the Rise — Blueprint, presented by CBRE

3) 10 of the worst landlords in Los Angeles - Curbed LA

4) What is Needed is a Progressive Vision of National Sovereignty

5) Homes With Blue Bathrooms Sell for $5,440 More Than Expected - Zillow Porchlight

6) Officials in Georgia County Offer 10K Reward For Info on Apartment Fires

7) Building Code Adoption, Enforcement Critical to Reducing Losses

8) Theresa May to nurse who says she hasn't had a pay rise in eight years: 'There's no magic money tree' | The Independent

9) Multifamily Pro-forma Podcast With Beau Beery

10) Study points to another advantage of the 1%: They're great at evading taxes - LA Times

11) The Magic Money Tree Exists — Modern Money Matters — Medium

12) Slower US job creation is usually a bad thing. This time, it might be a good sign - MarketWatch

13) Florida Youth Activist Urges Industry to Step Up Fight Against Climate Change

14) Employment Situation Summary -- MAY 2017

15) Job Growth Slows Sharply in May as Unemployment Hits New Low | The Center for Economic and Policy Research

16) United States Employed Persons

17) United States Full Time Employment

18) United States Labor Force Participation Rate

19) United States Nonfarm Labour Productivity

20) Experts Alarmed at Lack of Warning at California Dam

21) intertemporal budget constraint | Uneasy Money

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PropertyPak has 23 new links/articles for you.

1) Disaster teams: EF2 tornadoes with 125-mph winds tore through region leaving destruction in its wake | Local News | journalnow[dot]com

2) Forgotten macroeconomics in the manifesto debate — Prime Economics

3) How AR and computer vision will impact our lives for the better

4) Trump budget could have big news for Fannie and Freddie

5) Jumpstarting the market for accessory dwelling units • The Berkeley Blog

6) Regulating Short-term Rentals | The Regulatory Review

7) Toronto Homeowners Are Suddenly in a Rush to Sell - Bloomberg

8) Malicious Movie Subtitles Can Give Hackers Full Control Over Your PC

9) Zuckerberg Warns Harvard Grads About the Tech Taking Jobs | Digital - AdAge

10) Are development trends hurting the new and the high-end? | Capital Watch

11) The South Is Home to 10 of the 15 Fastest-Growing Large Cities

12) Minorities increasingly priced out of housing market

13) Fed faces a 'surprise' problem on US inflation | Reuters

14) Quake-Prone Alaska Hosts Plate Tectonics Research Effort

15) Hundreds of apps spying on users with ultrasonic tracking technology | Komando[dot]com

16) Link Between Low Wages and Low Productivity Growth: High Wages Make Low Productivity Jobs Disappear | The Center for Economic and Policy Research

17) Modern economics — pseudo-science based on FWUTV | Real-World Economics Review Blog

18) Better Soil, Better Climate | US Climate Resilience Toolkit

19) A welcome push from Minneapolis Fed to address economic disparities - StarTribune[dot]com

20) Rethinking the universalism versus targeting debate | Brookings Institution

21) 'Huawei FusionHome Smart Energy Solution' is its first residential product offering | PV Tech

22) Landlords to sue over Seattle cap on move-in fees for renters | The Seattle Times

23) Citing fraud, Florida insurers raise property insurance rates

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PropertyPak has 46 new links/articles for you.

1) Rules of Appreciation: Why Small Homes Pay Off Big-Time | realtor[dot]com®

2) Moody's downgrades Canadian banks: Beginning of the end for the housing market? | Globalnews[dot]ca

3) Varoufakis accuses Tsipras, Tsakalotos of giving in to creditors | News | ekathimerini[dot]com

4) 3 Technologies Changing the Way Landlords Manage Rental Properties

5) Maine real estate groups warn of rental scam | WCSH6[dot]com

6) Global Temps Could Hit 1.5°C Target in 9 Years: Research

7) Deutsche Bundesbank - Topics - How money is created

8) The Fintech Files: Understanding Blockchain | CFA Institute Enterprising Investor

9) 7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Dramatically Enhance Your Rental Property

10) Ireland is world's fourth-largest shadow banking hub

11) The Economic School You've Never Heard Of

12) How Germany's financial surplus risks derailing eurozone and enraging Donald Trump | World | News | Express[dot]co[dot]uk

13) Tornadoes touch down, cause damage in Wisconsin, Oklahoma - CBS News

14) Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel agree changing EU treaties 'no longer a taboo' | The Independent

15) Tired of Tax Breaks for Wealthy Developers, Baltimore Activists Offer Affordable Housing Solution - YouTube

16) E-Commerce Drives Record-Low Industrial Vacancy Rates On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

17) What the Heck's Going on With Cryptocurrencies? | Wolf Street

18) Amazon stock vs. Seattle real estate: Which was the better investment over the past 20 years? - GeekWire

19) Inflation Isn't Cooperating With the Fed - Bloomberg

20) How Tales of 'Flippers' Led to a Housing Bubble

21) Saudi Arabia and Russia Are at Odds on Almost Everything, Except Oil - Bloomberg

22) Donald Trump's Path-Independent Theory of Mind - Bloomberg

23) Greece debt crisis latest: Germany's Schaeuble and Gabriel clash over bailout programme | City & Business | Finance | Express[dot]co[dot]uk

24) It's Time for the Government to Give Everyone a Job | The Nation

25) Why the Fed is wrong to obsess about wages - MarketWatch

26) Tesla completely inhuman automated factory - Business Insider

27) Is carbon removal technology a high-stakes gamble? | Stanford News

28) If China Can Fund infrastructure with Its Own Credit, So Can We | WEB OF DEBT BLOG

29) Relying on 20th and 19th century infrastructure is like playing Russian roulette: Expert

30) mainly macro: But do the numbers add up?

31) Flood insurance: How high should Congress let your rates rise?

32) Trump Wants Toll Limits Lifted, Infrastructure Bond Caps Eased - Bloomberg

33) Fed's Hot-Or-Not Confusion on Economy to Shape Rate-Hike Debate - Bloomberg

34) The neoliberal road to autocracy | International Politics and Society - IPS

35) Meet the Most Nimble-Fingered Robot Yet - MIT Technology Review

36) Colorado Hailstorm on Pace to be Most Expensive in State History

37) Connecticut Lawmakers Urged to Help Crumbling Foundation Homeowners

38) 100 Residents Evacuated, 1 Killed in Pittsburgh High-Rise Apartment Fire

39) It Gets Stranger: How Trump's Tax Plan Impacts Homeowners & Real Estate Investors

40) [Must Watch!] Trump Budget Slashes Vital Programs to Enrich the Wealthy - YouTube

41) [Buy New or Build New to Rent] Foreclosures Dry Up and a Hot Wall Street Trade Gets New Look - Bloomberg

42) Labour pledges to abolish tuition fees as early as autumn 2017 | Education | The Guardian

43) Colorado's Front Range Provides Perfect Environment for Hail Formation

44) Meyers guilty of murder, arson, other charges - News - The Evening Tribune - Hornell, NY

45) Man and girlfriend conspired to burn house for $100,000 insurance payment, records state | AL[dot]com

46) Oconomowoc's Islami gets 6 years in long-running arson, fraud case

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Shut it down: "Bitcoin ... cannot do a verification of the Know Your Client or the anti-money laundering processes."
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