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Photography and Videography.
Photography and Videography.

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Portrait shoot with Michelle
Studio Ferndown. Areas Covered: Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood.
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Fun Studio Shoot...Portrait Photography Sessions
Newborn, Baby and Family Sessions also available.
Studio Ferndown. Areas Covered: Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood.
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Portrait Photography Ferndown, Bournemouth.
Book a Portrait Photography session today. Studio or Location Photography.
Studio Ferndown. Areas Covered: Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood.

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Make your videos even more interactive with cards, the YouTube creator blog gives us the details.

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Three tips for creating a effective marketing videos. Via digital information world.

Video Production Dorset :

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YouTube Creators will following the money
With YouTube falling short on its own 'hours of video watched' each day, it needs to seek new revenues to support its creators.
Creators looking to make a living from their content may turn away from YouTube if more money can be made elsewhere. ReelSEO goes into further detail in this article.

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Live Video Production and Streaming
This Sunday 8pm BST and 3pm EDT we will be Co-Producing and Streaming Live on Google+ and YouTube 'Savour The Flavour' with +Azlin Bloor and +AZ Entertainment .

Catch it live and join in with questions and comments at:

or Watch the show anytime from 9pm BST Sunday On-Demand at:
Savour the Flavour of Greece

Video Production:
Live Cooking Show with Azlin Bloor!
This week, we're joining the Bogioglou brothers,
+Nikolaos Bogioglou & +Odysseus Bogioglou 
in Greece, in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki.

Odysseus will be showing us how to cook Shrimp (Prawn) Saganaki, one of my favourite Greek dishes of all time!
Perfect with ouzo!
And he'll be doing all this in a bona fide Greek restaurant!

Greek Restaurant - Ouzeri "Kalymnos" 

Although the restaurant is located in Thessaloniki, it's named after the Greek island Kalymnos, the birthplace of the owner Mr Skevos Makarounas.

Kalymnos is known and billed as the "Sponge-divers' island" and Mr Skevos holds the European record for being the youngest diver ever - he started at the age of 12!

Mr Skevos soon progressed from diving for sponges to diving for shellfish. Reaching an age where he could no longer follow up the extreme conditions of the sea and the diver's life, he decided to settle in Thessaloniki and enter the restaurant business.

Sea and seafood has always been his passion and expertise. This restaurant gave him the opportunity to offer and provide people in the area a place where anyone can enjoy top quality seafood, with many dishes being based on traditional Kalymnian recipes. He runs the place with the help of his wonderful and amazing wife Evgenia Petkova from Bulgaria.

Evgenia's name has Greek origins and is derived from the adjective "Evgenis" (in Greek, Ευγενής) which means gentle, courteous or gracious. And this is her indeed. She is the soul and the heart of this restaurant! 

Co-Production +Paul Gorsuch  of +PromotionTree

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Images and Video in Google+ Insights

Google+ has now made available the data through its 'Insights' to enable Brands to quickly assess the reach (views) and engagement (actions) of posts. 

The first look shows posts contain visual media (images / video)  performing better then text or link based posts as expected.
Google+ Business Page Insights
Today I discovered the New 'My Business' within our 'Business Page' on Google+.
View your individual post visibility (views) and engagement (actions on the post).

The insight information shown is as follows.

    Graph of Views over Time.

    Graphs showing: Actions on posts
    Chart of: Views on recent posts
    Average actions by post type (text, links, photos, video)

    Graphs showing:
       New followers over time
       Followers by Country
       Gender & age

Update: Google support page:
#google   #insights     #mybusiness  

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The Social Media Life Cycle ( 4 Phases and 10 Steps)

4 Phases : Seeding, Nurturing, Harvesting and Spreading
10 Steps : Suggestion, Attention, Validate, Trust, Transaction, Experience, Evaluation, Affection, Reputation, Infection.

H/T +Paul Gorsuch 

The Social Media Life Cycle
I recently discovered this excellent Infographic and article covering 'The Social Media Life Cycle'.
'The Social Media Life Cycle provides an insight into the stimuli that propels the process of converting content and conversations – via transactions – into recommendations.'

Including 4 Phases(Seeding, Nurturing, Harvesting and Spreading) and 10 Steps (Suggestion, Attention, Validate, Trust, Transaction, Experience, Evaluation, Affection, Reputation, Infection).

The full article by the Social Media Center is at

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What are YouTube working on?
YouTube have put together their first Creator Preview video, a run-down of what their are working on to make YouTube better for you.
Keeping track of possible future developments helps you stay ahead of the pack.
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