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What are the Main Tools for Displaying a Schedule?

- flowcharts
- network diagrams
- milestone charts
- bar charts

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Ten Messages from PMO Symposium 2015

These are the top 10 messages related to portfolio management as the topic of the symposium:

1. Strategic Alignment
2. Thought Leadership is God
3. There Was a Lot of KISS
4. Portfolio Management is a Series of Steps
5. Bias
6. Projects Are Still Important
7. Technology is Put in Its Place
8. It’s Young
9. It’s Difficult
10. Trends

Read the details here:

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will you be there?
PMI® Global Congress 2016—EMEA sessions just announced. Get ready to learn and network your way through agility, leadership, change management, benefits realization and more. Plan out your schedule and reserve your place today. #PMIcongress

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 How To Align Organization With Agile Workforce?

Leaders recognize that lean and agile business strategies require new ways of accessing talent to fill critical gaps.

This article from +Harvard Business Review  answers some important questions, like:

- According to studies, how much of corporate FTEs are supplied by external resources?
- What are the main issues to access and reach agile talents?
- Why decision making can be a problematic area?
- How external-internal competion occurs and why this can be an issue for the organization?
- How externals may think about the organizational processes?
- How does the organization view externals?
- How can failure to deliver expected results be a challange?
- What can cause that companies depend more on the agile talent for fulfilling strategic capabilities?
- How do organizations that get the most from agile talent work?
- What are the most critical questions of strategic, performance, relationship and administrative alignments?

Find answers for these questions here:

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From a Secretarial Background To Be a Project Manager

An inspring interview with Lorraine Chapman, who started her career in construction project management when there weren’t that many women in similar roles. From a secretarial background in a local council, she moved through the ranks to head the projects and planning department at Doha International Airport.

Read more:

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How To Hire a Project Manager

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, discusses best practices for hiring project managers to get the best match for your organization and project.

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Will talent management really become important?

Having the talents of the market is a real strategic benefit for any company who wants to win.

In this informative report from PMI and EIU, seventy-two percent of respondents say that talent management will become increasingly important to strategy implementation and execution in the next three years.

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How to Run a Scrum Meeting?

OK, almost everyone knows that a daily scrum meeting is roughly 15 minutes and during this the team members answer three questions.

But how to run a scrum meeting effectively?
Why do not kep these eleven tips in your mind?

1. Keeps the meeting on target
2. It is not about problem solving
3. Team members should be prepared
4. Keep it short
5. Stand up during the meeting
6. Not wait for everybody
7. This is a daily meeting (and it is not optional)
8. Have rules about who speaks and when
9. Remote team members also should participate
10. Do not let team members focus on the scrum master
11. No tech - no laptop, no mobile phone ...

Lear more about these eleven tips in this article:

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Absolutely, project management is like an art :)

"Being a Project Manager is like being an artist, you have the different colored process streams combining into a work of art” – Greg Cimmarrusti, PMP #IILInspiration

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What are the 5 Lean Principles?

If you want to introduce lean techniques follow the process below:

1. Specify value from the standpoint of the end customer.

2. Map the value stream for each product family, eliminating whenever possible those steps that do not create value.

3. Make the value-creating steps so the product will flow smoothly toward the customer.

4. As flow is introduced, let customers pull value from the next upstream activity.

5. Seek perfection  Begin the process again and continue it until a state of perfection is reached in which perfect value is created with no waste.

These are the 5 lean principles.

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