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Thanks to those of you who have generously offered to help us with our research flights in California’s Central Valley. We’d like to take you up on it!

Project Loon is looking for folks in the area who are willing to have a Loon Internet antenna installed on their house or small business building to help test the strength of the Loon Internet connection. When balloons fly overhead, the Loon Internet antennas will generate traffic that will load-test our service.

If you’d like to participate, please fill out the short survey below. We’ll follow up with you directly if you're selected to participate.
Central Valley Research FlightsHello from Project Loon! Want to participate in some of our Central Valley research flights this summer? If so, please fill out the short survey below, and we’ll follow up with you directly if you're selected to participate. Who: Residents of Madera, Chowchilla, Mariposa, Merced or Turlock who own a single family home or business building with an Internet connection When: Beginning in August, through the end of the year You'll be asked to he...
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So excited to see research in the Central Valley! We do hope you look to Oakdale...we heart the research! cc/ +Justin Ribeiro
If you pass over Boston, please let me know! Haha.
When you get to Atlanta, GA let me know
Great to see that Loon is open for people. If you need me in Poland please let me know!
I sign up for testing in the netherlands once you'll bring your balloons to europe!
When you get tu santa fe, argentina, let me know pleaseee
So does that mean if you are chosen, your home gets free internet via the Loon Service?
I'm so close to one of their testing area's.  Fresno is practically Madera... hopefully I'm selected for something useful to aide this new and upcoming technology.
Jon L
Applied from Fresno too, i tend to try to get in on anything Google does.
Come to Broomfield, CO! We have direct backbone connection and a college just up the street in Boulder.
San Diego area let me know as well. Want to do this.
i'd be happy to percipitate 
When they hit Connecticut, count me in
Please, PLEASE let the jetstream start flowing northward. We need better Internets in Canada (hand raised!)
San Diego!!!! Yeah... let me know.
If you need help with research flights on the Central Coast, I'd be happy to participate and volunteer! Area Code: 93420
I'm in San Jose, CA and I'd be happy to test.
Fresno, CA. Please contact directly.
it seems like Los angeles residents are the last for everything. Let us know
I'm in Dallas TX, and would love the opportunity to test
When Google starts testing Project Loon in Africa...Dar Es Salaam and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to be specific....count me in. I would love the opportunity to be a tester!!
Acton, CA 93510... I believe I'm just out of the the Central Valley :/
@Project Loon

I'm in Fresno, CA .. .. I'll be honored to test the equipment
Downtown San Jose, CA happy to test out.
I'm in Fresno, CA and just submitted my application to volunteer! I'm also a software developer and very familiar with load testing and would love to be involved in such an amazing, world-changing endeavor!
Good luck Californians.
Google, let me know when the Loon reaches Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
When it comes to Los Angeles, put me on the list! At 2700' I have a clear shot all the way to Long Beach-- 30 miles away
If you want to test in Minneapolis, MN; please let me know.
Would love to try this out in Santa Clara, CA. 
Stockton, CA in the house and ready to participate.
Parry Sound, Ontario Canada is salivating!
If you need people in Brazil, count me in. My 20+ years of network admin experience might prove handy.
I'd love to help out in my neighborhood or out at my cousin's farm in central KY.  
West Sacramento, CA here. Maybe a little far North but happy to help out. Please let me know.
I live in Sacramento, CA and am very interested in being a tester. Thanks in advance!
Andy Oh
I'm over in Hercules, CA.  I'd be happy to test for you guys.
I got a 5th floor apartment in San Francisco blocks away from Pier 39 and close to the America's Cup Pavillion...if you need a tester, I'm in.
I'm in Fremont, CA and would like to join the program.
If you guys decide to test out to the Central Coast I'm in San Miguel 93451 and would be interested.
I'm in Corona, CA and would be more than happy to test for you guys :)
i'm in fl i would all so love to help get this off the ground
Yes I'm interested and I live in Modesto, CA. in the heart of the Central Valley with a home and small MSP business. I'd love to test this out for you but I don't see the survey.
I'd like to join project Loon. I live in CA central valley, yet I am not seeing the survey, can you post a link please?
Andy Oh
What is the coverage area for each  balloon?
Yes, I can help the test in LA area. Let me test that too!
Hello, I live in Manteca, CA and want to join the Loon project. 
If/when you get to Los Angeles, I would be happy to test.
Do not know if I am blind, but I am not seeing a survey. I live in Fresno, CA and would definitely like to try this out.
Fresno California I will test it at my business and home.
City of Bell 90201 which weirdly enough Cudahy & Bell Gardens have the same zip code so you'll be hitting 3 birds with 1 stone.  haha
Aw, I hoped it would say Fresno as well.  I am not too far from Madera!  :)
The survey link pops up at the bottom of the picture of the antenna when you mouse-over.
Live in Merced, so here's my question: Can we be renting the home or do we have to own it? If renters are allowed, I am so down!
Form submitted can't wait for a response!!! Been curious about this project since I first read about it on The Verge.
I submitted a request for Hanford, which is right in middle of the Central Valley. Be really cool to see this tech work. The applications are interesting and could really help out rural areas all over the globe.
+Courtney Butterfield
We'd prefer to work with those who own the buildings we'll be installing on, just so we're sure the owner is OK with the installation. Thanks for your offer though!
yeah! fresno seems like a good place to test.
My Parents are in Avenal and so is my brother we would love to add to this project. I also will post this on my FB so more people from the Valley can sign up for it! Found the link and applied.
I would give it a try but im in Fresno, CA.
Drats! I was so excited! Looking forward to hearing how this goes.
Hi.  I'm the President of LiftPort Group.  We're the folks working on the #SpaceElevator.  

As part of our research, we've developed some tethered balloon and broadcast (cell, internet, radio) technology that I think could be very very helpful to Loon.  Tethered balloons 

We've conducted 14 tests approved by the FAA, Air Force and Navy and with our 15th test we expect to break several records.  

We'd love to participate in what you're doing.  

We think there is a particular use-case in disaster response.

Take care, mjl
Oakdale, CA here.  out in the boondocks.  Would love to be a part of this!
+1 for Sonoma county!! Lots of us just have satellite!!
Stockton, heart of the Central Valley! Hook me up.
I will be 100% ready when you tester in Buenos aires, Argentina!
Will the music service be called Looney Tunes?
Merced, CA here as central as it gets would be willing to participate
We own a bistro/restaurant in Fresno and would really enjoy being a part of this.  Please contact us.  Vino & Friends Fresno CA.  Chuck
Please consider Prunedale, CA for... Anything. The place isn't serviced by major ISPs.
My home is shenzhen,China,Attic。Can do。
indonesia(bali) please...we have terrible internet here
How about Addis Ababa Ethiopia, we would mount an interesting challenge for Project Loon
Love the Project Loon concept and as a broadcast engineer it really peaks
my interest. Let's do some alpha and beta testing in the Madera area. My
neighborhood could use another ISP as we are limited to our choices. Ready
and willing to experiment with the Loons.
Lin Sen
Whenever you guys get to Lagos Nigeria, i'll be willing to test for you. We need the ballon here the most...hahah
Akash C
I live in Chennai India. Would love to test it.
If you ever need testers in regional Australia I can wrangle a few of us together
Same thing about Spain. If you need help tell me.
very good ..keep it going as it provide easy internet access to every one .
Highly required for developing country like India and will have Definitely Positive approach...Kindly let me know whenever it passes through India Delhi..
if you ever need a landing/collection point near Augusta GA let me know.
If you ever need testers in Fairbanks, Alaska do not hesitate to ask! Alaska's rural communities could really use the Loon!
Im in  Santa Clarita Ca and would love to participate in Loon
Hey when you bring this project to the UK i'd be happy to help out
Late to the party. I'm in Modesto CA and would absolutely LOVE to help test this out.
Hm, cannot find the "short survey"! Located in Tulare County, East side near the foothills
In Bakersfield city limits. Would love to help test the system.
I live in Fresno, California and am interested in participating. Please contact me at if you need another participant.  Thank you.
I am looking to put a mesh over marginalized communities of Nairobi. KAWANGARI & KIBERA, etc. Would love the input of any interested in this topic. 
Strap your antenna to my house!!! I live in Three Rivers, Ca and internet options are extremely poor.
Here in Saint Amant, Louisiana and eager to help out with whatever I can!!!
I will try I am in Rimersburg pa 1649 lawsonham rd 16248
Yosemite Valley (Mariposa County) wants to help test capacity.
I wish to see loon antennas here in Algeria, I'll be among the first testers.
I live in the central valley between Fresno and Bakersfield in a small city named Delano.  Please add an antenna in this location as well.  I will gladly install one in my home.
I am in the central valley, House and business building which I own in Madera and Chowchilla Calif. Do not see Where to sign up at.
I wish I could be selected for this project and support it in Chile.
Hi, ill be very happy to helpp you in Argentina, in Buenos Aires Down Town or in Belgrano!, Thanks!
Escalante City, Central Philippines and Franklin Township, NJ
Pretty sure you need someone to help test in midvale utah! 
Outskirts of Chico, in a canyon.  I'd love to help out.
I can help in Martinique , carribean island ! we need it ! :)
I am in Modesto, but my father owns a house in the foothills where internet is sparse, Would love to help
Your project sounds awesome - The video is great.  Does your test cover mountain communities?  Oakhurst is about 30 miles from Madera, but 2,000 feet higher.  I'm curious whether your test balloons cover this area.
Anyone who has applied for/been contacted by Google regarding Project Loon, please email me: cyrus.farivar [AT]
Ready and willing to try from Dinuba!
Ted U
If you need support from a local city, the City of Madera would love to work with Google and Project Loon in our City.  Please contact me
Please let me know when you are over Abuja, Nigeria. My hand is up, kindly contact me. 
En La Paz, Bolivia hay zonas donde las empresas no tienen alcance de señal o cableado, ciendo una ciudad, tomen en cuenta, gracias
Id definitely love to volunteer, I'm located in Merced out in McSwain area where its hard to get decent internet. Zip code is 95341
Still taking volunteers?  We are in Denair, zip 95316.  Not many choices here - would love to see something new available!
I'm in Turlock, zip 95380.  Would gladly participate.
Looks like I missed the boat on this. In Clovis. 93619. Hope they'll be some openings again soon. 
Looks like I missed the boat on this. In Clovis. 93619. Hope they'll be some openings again soon. 
H there oakdale openmesh . Justin ribeiro
50701 would be a good location also..
I have looked at what you are proposing and feel that Per Lindstrads comments are partly justified with the existing proposal. I think what you lack is scale, you should be considering much larger, more stable platforms using fabric structure technology and composite space frames. This project can be made to work for sure if developed enough. Rudi Enos, Rudi Enos Design.
Hi there Benjamin black did you get that message I sent to yesterday darling sweet heart 
Is this the project open for India. I am ready to get install the Loon Internet antenna on my house.
Hey Google I am interested in project loon and I want to be a member of this project. I think that you all have done a great job please notify me. THANK YOU GOOGLE. 
Hey Google I am interested in project loon and I want to be a member of this project. I think that you all have done a great job please notify me. THANK YOU GOOGLE. 
Hi Google, I am interesting in this project and want to be a member of this project. I am living in CA.
Out of curiosity and since many people were looking up at the sky and asking what was slowly drifting eastward on Friday Nov. 1 around noon/early afternoon. Was one of the balloons floating over the Foothills and more specifically Nevada County (Zip 95959)?
When you pass over Delhi let me know
When you pass over Delhi let me know

I am living in Tri-Valley, CA, USA, how can I join this program as a contributor or volunteer?
when you pass through Kanpur, UP, India. I can participate in this program.
I'm in Bakersfield California and id be happy to contribute. Just let me know what I need to do. 
Visalia, Ca.  I am willing.
Living deep in GOD's (Mariposa County) country.  Love to get internet access.
Count me in
if google think  . . . . than in india there are so many peoples will use this so please come to asia pacific  . . . . n give help to billions of......please.!!!!!!!!
Philippines too!  It's too expensive to have an access on the internet and also its speed is very low.
I want to test the loon project. I live Bonito in the state of Bahia(Brazil) in an area where I use very difficult cellullaire the phone to connect to the internet
I would like to test this loon antenna here in Manila, and how fast is this internet they offer because we have a such low bandwidth speed here in the philippines.
Connection would be nice in the philippines along with I n our apartment in Sacramento.
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