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As winter begins in the Southern hemisphere, many Brazilians are sending paper balloons skyward in celebration of Festa Junina, a festival celebrating the winter solstice. Project Loon was honored to join in the festivities this year with our own balloon launch in the rural outskirts of Campo Maior, where we connected Linoca Gayoso, a local school, to the Internet for the first time.

The vast majority of this community doesn’t have Internet or cell service—but the locals know of a few very specific spots around town where they might find a weak signal. So if you see them sitting in trees, you’ll know why. (In fact, they have a word for this—‘vaga-lume,’ which means ‘fireflying,’ in English—because at night that’s what the glow from their mobile phones looks like.) But with the Project Loon team in town and one of our balloons overhead, the students in Tiao’s geography class were able to get to the Internet from their classroom for the first time as they learned about world cultures. 

This test flight marked a few significant ‘firsts’ for Project Loon as well. Launching near the equator taught us to overcome more dramatic temperature profiles, dripping humidity and scorpions. And we tested LTE technology for the first time; this could enable us to provide an Internet signal directly to mobile phones, opening up more options for bringing Internet access to more places.

Check out these photos for a behind-the-scenes look on how it all came together.
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Greg G.
That's awesome Google!
Watch out for them South American scorpions!
this is really good.....
Awesome projecto. Keep pushing forward.
Will Project Loon continue now that Google bought a satellite company?
c'est ca la mondialisation
Keep up the good work, but remember, "Don't be evil".
Through communication infrastructure comes education, through education come other infrastructures (roads, electricity, water), and through all of this comes economic success.  Keep up the great work.
Saw the video of project loon and thought it was nice of you to help others out, go project loon. :)
Отлично, больше смелых решений!
+Project Loon I was talking last year to folks at about "last mile" connectivity in Ghana in conjunction with local carriers for +Nkommo. A couple of years ago I equipped a mission village with an antenna and booster equipment to bridge the "last mile" via a wifi hotspot off of a mobile unit. I'd welcome an opportunity to understand better how you were hooking up the LTE wirelessly to the Internet at such altitudes. Were white spaces transmitters involved? 
Or in remote North West Scotland. Would be a godsend to isolated hikers
Go go go! Bring the net to the next billion
Through communication infrastructure comes education, through education come other infrastructures (roads, electricity, water), and through all of this comes economic success.  Keep up the great work.
I Angel. Feel the same way I'm so happy to read about this that makes life worth something 😄😃😀😉
realmente en todos estos post no veo pruebas de throughput, latencia, concurrencia, etc. No queda claro hasta que punto es una solución escalable. Podrán poner algo más de data?
Excelente proyecto, espero que pronto llegue a Perú, deberían hacer el piloto acá puesto que hay muchas más zonas sobre todo en la sierra y selva afectadas por la brecha digital.
Yo tengo mi pregunta no seria mejor emitir en abierto como conla radio pero completando otras ondas o suplentando otras
Como faço para ter contato com o Mauro Gonçalves? como adquirir uma antena? Gostaria de levar este projeto para pequenos hospitais e postos de saúde para prover telesaúde.
La brecha digital esta a un paso se podría plantear este proyecto en Villa El Salvador , Lima, Perú hay un grupo de técnicos que bien podrían ayudar Urgente............!  
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