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We recently got wind of a neat supercomputer visualization of global weather conditions. If you click on the “earth” label on the bottom left, and then modify the “height” parameter to 70 hPa, you’ll see what the winds look like at the altitudes where Loon flies. The polar vortex, which has been bringing record cold and snowfall to the US lately, looks especially fierce!
an animated map of global weather conditions
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Is this historical data or right now?
Click on the "Earth" label to modify parameters. What's really interesting is if you add the temperature overlay to the wind. 
This is awesome!!! But is the death of Net neutrality going to have any effect on this? 
+Joshua William Gibson
Project Loon is very much still in the works. We've been focusing on increasingly the durability of our balloons, with the goal of making balloons that can last for 100+ days in the stratosphere. We'll have a progress update ready to share soon.
We will be waiting for news +Project Loon  , beyond that you can count on all our support for this project that will bring internet to subsaharian african , at an interesting price I hope !
how will project loon provide cheap internet???
For sure it will provide internet in remote areas , but with the investment of a special antenna . That's why i'm wondering how it could provide cheap internet because we know that people in subsaharian Africa don't have much money. A democratic access to internet for everyone is a noble objective, even interesting for #Google  : more internet users in the world = more #googlesearch  = more #googleaccounts   
Nice idea, since the internet is what the world revolves around nowadays. But shouldn't you use something a little more stable?
A amzing xperience an icandy "PROJECT LOOM" for everyone
When project loon coming to india?
Which (ISP) will providing internet in India?
when it is coming to  raleigh,nc?
The passengers of MH370 now may not be able to use WiFi. Hope the Loon can used to save the passengers on MH370
In the videos it's mentioned that Helium gas is used to inflate the balloons. I'm curious as to why that choice was made over Hydrogen.

I was kind of interested so I played around with some calculations. One of the #AskAway videos (they're really awesome! I'm really glad you guys are making them!) mentioned the balloon had a surface area of 500m^2, which  (assuming relative sphericality) means a volume of 1051m^3. Air at 60,000ft is 72mbar and -70F and assuming the gas inside the balloons is subject to similar parameters (i.e. it's not a superpressure balloon or something), that'd be 17kg of Helium versus only 9kg of Hydrogen, with buoyant lifting force of -105kg and -113kg, at market prices of $268 and $42, respectively. 

Hydrogen is a sixth of the price, 8% more buoyant and half the weight, and doesn't contribute to the depletion of a relatively scarce natural resource. I don't imagine the flammability is an issue given the relatively short (100 day) lifetime and unmanned nature and integrated contingency strategies (parachute, etc). The only disadvantage I can think of is that Hydrogen is more prone to diffusing through the membrane (and I can't find the equations for the rate of this).
Wow, are these data available publicly for science research? 250hPa looks even crazier...
What is the "specialized radio technology" used between the balloon and the receiver?
M Ali
Doesn't this proves that this project ain't going to work everywhere? And that it won't even be stable in the south hemisphere where the winds have the best pattern for this?
It'd be really great if you could bring Loon to the mountains in East Tennessee. Communities here will never get broadband because the cable and phone operators have always deemed it to expensive. Take a look at Happy Valley and Top of the World community.
Thanks "Great" Image !!!
And "Task" !!!

O projeto Loon vai tornar-se realidade e humanizar o acesso à internet. Parabéns à equipe do Google !
At 75 yrs old I am not wanting to finish my time on earth when there are so many wonderful, interesting things like this project, going on. My tablet brings so much to me to dwell in whilst sitting in my recliner chair.
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