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Celebrated fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg tried on Glass for the first time a few months ago at a conference that she attended with Sergey Brin. She immediately loved it and they agreed to bring Glass to New York Fashion Week. Diane is a champion for innovation and effortless design, so it’s unsurprising that Glass fit seamlessly into her production. In the week leading up to her Spring 2013 show in New York, and during the show itself, everyone from stylists and models to Diane herself used Glass to capture never-before-seen footage of the creative process. This is the first time any video has been shot entirely through Glass and we’re so excited to be able to share it with you. #DVFthroughGlass  
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for the next promo vid please have regular people using it.... 
Wow, is this the first ever time a head-mounted camera was used!  Let us congratulate google on this marvelous innovation.  I wonder if this is the first device to combine a webcam and wifi.  This is so exciting.  How about a shoe-mounted camera next time, like Google Rubber or something?
i think it needs wider optics and image stabilization
John B
Video quality is great. I just hope its not $1500 developers price when it hits the Google playstore.
It would be nice if they had made an actual AR device (like the ones Steve Mann was making 30 years ago, but more compact) instead of a webcam in a plastic frame.  But, judging from the last, like… all posts in this blog, they decided to go with the latter.  It's sad, I had lots of hope for this project.
can i just have a pair? pretty please?
Video crashed repeatedly so I could not watch in its entirety. What's with that?  What does Glass do besides video-tape your life from the edge of an eyebrow? Anything?  Does the video show it doing anything else?
Thank you google.  I am sorry for being a jerk yesterday.
What about the Glass presentation at Google I/O earlier this year? Didn't that count as "video...shot entirely through Glass"?
Looks great.  But I'm still waiting to see Glass become what was promised which is more than a less obtrusive first-person camera.  I know it's coming but so far, other than the original concept video, I've seen nothing.  Integrate the web into my face dammit.  (drools while he impatiently drums fingers)
Wraparound visor like in Denno coil. That is unobtrusive if the AR overlay is seamless but that small lens in one eye makes it so you have to alternate the focus of your gaze. Its not immersive at all. Come on google...
I'm looking realy forward to it and i wonder how google glasses will look like for people needing normal glasses
Are the google public relations department really paying attention, that this is the 2nd "google glasses + fashion" post in few days?! Are you trying to compete with Microsoft with the least informative ad campaign or what?
i just want some more realistic uses like the someday ad
+Cory Capps Imagine that someone advertised a magic wand, showed an obviously manipulated video of performing magic with it, and after that only posted videos of himself playing drum with the wand, and then clumsily tried to make buzz out of it in the internet.  Some people may doubt that the wand has any unobtrusive AR magic in it.

I'm not saying that google glass is a fraud, but its current state (a head-mounted wireless webcam) does not deserve the attention it receives.  There is simply nothing interesting or exciting about it.  So I'm outta here, and will probably come back in a year to check if any actual, working, useful AR was implemented.
I have no doubt Google is going to realize the product's potential. This is all just PR.
I believe what you ar linking to is a look forward at what Glass could be, but not the current incarnation.  The above fashion video is an actual glass demo, albeit just the video part - I agree that it isn't terribly impressive except for the fact that I can now see what models do all day, which is profoundly depressing.
+Geoffrey Mendoza with fairness, the One Day video was a simulation of what Google Glass could one day be. But it does seem that at the moment they can do more than just take pictures and video, though it's not yet clear the full extent of the UI and functionality.
This video is about Glass being associated with DVF, a fashion and humanitarian icon. If she wears it, therefore and thus, it must be fashionable. It's not about features. Very smart, Google.
Lightweight eyelgass-style frame. Check!
Functional video camera. Check!
Any other features implemented...?   ::crickets:::

I'm still waiting for real demos of Project Glass from the concept vid, and not just a head-mounted camera.
I would be happy if it sync'd via Bluetooth to my Droid, piggybacking on my phone's 4G LTE service (since I'm expecting the final product, based on the concept video, to require me to purchase yet another cellular service...) and provided the augmented reality style fun stuff! =)
Alright guys, we've been told it has Google Maps, Phone and other things like g+ not in most prototypes.  By the beta release all prototypes will have it likely so chill...
+Floris Krüger Do you think they are planning so far ahead? I doubt. The device will be successful or not, depending how useable it is - the privacy nightmare it imposes hasn't been addressed at all (e.g. mandatory visual indicator for the person who is recorded that the glasses is recording, laws about recording other people with or without their knowledge). Introducing a new device into the collective by showing an elite fashion designer using it as well? Terrible choice - show a mother or father, a postman, a manual worker, a teacher using Glasses (all the geeks know already how to use it) - that goes into the collective. Glasses comes likely late in 2013 for all, remember, you require many developers writing new apps for it (or invent a clever API layer for existing android platform) so the glasses become really useable and a commodity as smartphones already are. You have to draw the attention to the new programming platform (assuming the hardware stuff is sorted out already). Once you have the apps, show how they are used . . . e.g. having both hands free and still perform regular work with the net an inch away from you(r body), instead 10-20 inches as for now, and at least one hand occupied to handle it. Glasses have a huge potential, no doubt. 
Very cool to see more video demonstrations of what google glass can do. Looking forward to seeing more of the interface, or really anything about this project :)
+Rene K. Mueller I believe they do try to think far ahead, yes. Privacy laws will be the same as for other cameras. In the USA there's no law that says you can't record someone without their knowledge or consent. But there is the law that states our "reasonable expectation of privacy" may not be violated, which is entirely different anyway and I don't really see that being a problem for Glass. It is still the individual who will be held accountable as with any other recording device.
Dear Mr. Google,

While I applaud innovation and understand the important role that technology plays in our lives, your crossing a line that dare not be crossed by polishing distractions, creating a false sense of convivial association to our lives and bullying a fragile culture into an already uncertain future. The very existence of Google Glasses suggests that an augmented reality may be better than real life, generating ideas in people that may never be brought to fruition, dreams that go unfulfilled, creating a society that's less likely to offer sympathy or compassion and alienating individualism for those of us who disagree with what you're creating.

Though I'm confident of your position, I'm not interested in project Glass, or in having my life's personal decisions recorded by those around me without my consent, or in being forced into your cumulative melting pot of mass culture mania, or to having my subjective independence stripped away from my sole and my being.

Please have all cameras and recording devices turned off when you look my way, because I'm not interested in having my life's moments become part of your database. 

thank you,
steven planck
+Floris Krüger I think in the USA it depends from state to state; and by default, you are not permitted to audio record another person without their consent. Remember calling a call center "your call may be recorded for quality purposes" - this is letting you know that you are recorded - the glasses have to do the same, likely visual let you know you are recorded (we speak of video and audio). Check: - it shows the real challenge is the audio recording, less the video.
Dear Mr. Steven Planck: 1st, if you don't like it, deal with it. 2nd, Whatever you do, never, ever try to stop progress, or progress will draw and quarter you.
Augmented really is a fascinating concept with many implications, good and not so good. I think what's important is that Google is taking that conversation to the next level, because it's something that - at the very least - shouldn't just be ignored.
I think, google glass is the most frightening and fascinating product to come. This is a insight of people view of things like never before.
You should ask the governments, store owners, private security and so on to do the same... We are already recorded on video fairly regularly, having a headmounted camera just levels the playingfield...
Some predictions for Google Glass... Makes movie piracy a breeze! Large influx of redneck blooper videos in PoV, voyeurism becomes the next biggest thing, youtube is flooded with videos of idiots walking around doing everyday tasks (guess what no one cares), apple will innovate a pair of their own, tosh.0 will feature 3 seasons of PoV puke and poop videos.   #googleglass   #redneck   #iSheep   #tosh  
Dylan W
Hello, I am interested in Contacting you about Buying a Beta pair of glasses. This is a completely serious offer. Money is not an object. Please contact me at
damn this shit is going to be , wait for it, legendary
Wow, this video only show a little bit of what Glass is capable of and still is way cool, imagine how awesome is gonna be with Augmented reality
mani S
fabulous but more tweaking needed to actually balance the images.
I wonder how hacker friendly google glasses will be....
my question is where can i go get these i totally would have signed up at google IO but i cant wait to get my hands on these 
I'm sure they can be found in a place called "future".
If you buy two pairs you get a discount on auto inflatable Reebok sneakers and a hover board.
Which one? The one at the logo or one of the glasses found in the video?

I'm pretty sure they are glued to the rest of the headset, while the logo one might be a CG rendering... or not.

Look into your pocket, NOW!
I wish if they offer it now it is amazing i like it. Did any one have any idea how much it will be?
It's like all ideas someone has.. It gets hyped up then what? Can we at least get updates? I'm super anticipating more information on this rig, then maybe the public can make some suggestions.. Please Google, Let us know something!
per IO.. these will be available in early 2013 and will cost about $1500.
Slowly the potential dawns..... Excellent video
It is like footage from some sci-fi movie. Incredible!
Still don't care about fashion. Some spec. updates please?
spec updates google! If you read these let us know something! Email it to me! lol I just want an update!
Also clear up some things about the display.. Is this going to be an immersive experience, which can overlay information over real life.. Like the video shows, or is it not going to be that way at all?
Awesome! Glass is such an ambitious and crazy project that only Google would try to push it to mass market. 

But I thought of two problems and I'm wondering how Google is going to solve them. 
First, how is it possible to have a clear image with Glass? Or even text? Just hold something in fornt of your eyes and it seems as if you would look through it. 
The second problem is that you have an image at a very short distance in front of your eyes. Wouldn't that lead to short-sightedness? I mean, so many people get short-sighted because they concentrate onto somthing too near for too long. With Glass, you would have it even nearer and would probably stare at it even longer.
when does it look plausible that glass wil go public?
Give us some Spec info google, and more overall information,    sergey brin is wearing these things everywhere, Why can't we know what if anything these glasses do, at this time?
Likely release date to the consumer public(not devs) November 2013.
Brow R
Well it's a wonderful project. I'll see a future just glasses when I didn't do anything but all access..hahha
where can i buy one of these??? dying to purchase them..
If they could they should Make a Google gamer's lens for Google glass that allows gamers to interact with the real world and be immersed in a virtual world at the same time
Jon M
Suggestion. Survivorman & Project Glass! That seems like a match made in heaven. 
Is the eyepiece movable from right to left eye?
I am blind in my right eye so project glass would be useless for me if not interchangeable..
it would be nice to know when we could buy and do you have to be hooked up to your smart phone to use the device or dos it work independantly
Brow R
I´d like to test one...pretty and pratical...ahahhaa
Cr Hu
Looking at the video demo, I suggest:

1. Under no circumstances can a HUD inteface steal focus even in an emergency - it cannot take over the central field of vision at any time, no matter how urgent another person, software, or the government or even Google thinks the matter is.  Any hint of this in the demo proves that the usability team is simply not thinking seriously about danger to the user or the user's need to control what they pay attention to.  It is not up to anyone but me to determine if an oncoming car or person is more important than an incoming message, and that event by event.


Audio notifications should be preferred and it should be easy to avoid any visual notification, which must appear at the edge of the field of vision, preferably near the bottom where you would typically glance at today's phones or tablets - weather might be an exception where you glance at the sky, and navigation where you glance at the horizon.  The glance the user themselves makes can probably be detected to determine if it's safe to take over more of the field of vision, but never the centre.

2. Textual messages from persons should appear as cartoon-style word balloons in a clearly very different font than system messages.  Human communication should always be clearly marked out from any machine commands, formalisms or other generated test typographically.  If spoken the sounds must also be quite different so that users never tune out humans or miss human-originated messages because they appear to be machine-generated ones.

We will all be ignoring lots of machine-generated messages all the time in this interface, and "your sister died" should not be mistaken for them.

3. Any word balloons or other dialogs or abstract maps or whatever else should be as transparent as possible by default - only users with vision problems should need more than a glowing vector-style arrow or high-contrast text with mild audio (preferably non-verbal) cueing.  A relatively unreal colour (neon purple) pulsing in some distinct way that is impossible to mistake for a physical object would be an acceptable background, but plain beige I think is not.  Any message from a HUD is an interruption and if you can't justify making it very visible, then it should go in a queue to be reviewed when convenient by the user (at a bus stop, etc.):  think about ordering them as "must be dealt with now", "must be dealt with before making decision X in Y seconds", "must be dealt with before time Z" or "must be dealt with before tomorrow" and "everything else" with quite complex rules about how to interpret incoming messages from different people or institutions.

3a. Urgency should be clearly stepped in the interface - a message from someone you are currently walking to see is more urgent than one from someone you are not working with, not related to, not living with, and not going to see until day after tomorrow.  Changes in the weather are less urgent once you are too many steps from your house to go back and change in time to make your appointment.  Radar-detected and sonar-detected objects coming right at you are extremely urgent at all times and over-ride your preference to put a dialog over top of them.  No one hit by a car is going to say they'd chosen to overlay a video game on top, even if they did just that.

4. Where are the hands?  Human hands are very powerful at making gestures and they should be under constant watch in the field of vision, and should remain a primary way to organize the visual field (as they are obviously on a desktop metaphor or smart phone/tablet).

Hand gestures can potentially replace keyboards and mice if there is sufficient sensitivity training, or perhaps devices worn as gloves, etc.

5. Where are the non-verbal grunts, hums, whistles, etc., that could be used easily (maybe subvocally) to acknowledge, bring things into or out of focus, choose from menus (preferably radial or "pie" style around the edge of the field of vision) and otherwise do what a mouse or finger does in other interfaces?

6. When two people using these interfaces are looknig right at each other, what additional capabilities/networking/privacy is possible?  Is it possible to use them in a meeting scenario to communicate without disturbing the meeting?  Is it possible to flirt while both are on a date with someone else?  Or what?

6a. Translation is an obvious example where face to face interaction could be profoundly enhanced by a few cues, prompts, and etc. - for instance many people can read a language better than they can hear it, and speak it better than they can hear it.  Subtitling conversations in your second or third language might be immensely useful to both persons in a conversation, and avoid Monty Python phrasebook moments.

7. Where are the interpretations of the environment?  Sounds, sights, etc., that should not be overlooked?  If there are many sirens in some direction, couldn't the interface at least indicate in some mild way on an overlay "avoid that direction" on an otherwise undirected walk?  or if there is a lot of music coming from somewhere, could it be useful to localize it?  Can friendly vs. unfriendly voices be detected/amplified? 

What does this interface do to enhance our use of the actual physical environment, other than navigation between known physical locations?
Please don't put ads in my peripheral vision.
i agree daniel, that would be extremely frustrating
I'm sure adblock would be ported to google glass :)
love it! can't wait for it to be released!
every time i see an update i find myself throwing wads of cash and piles of credit cards at the screen... take my money now PLEASE! I would like my set of google glass now thank you!
This is just down right mEan on GOoGLe part! Grrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what about making the glass portion bigger, putting it on both sides, adding a second high def lens on the other side, and creating a completely 3D augmented reality? and they could come with built in safety features like minimizing all functions while driving (except maps and directions), and could have multiple styles or features (hi tech auto shades anyone?) just my 10 cents(inflation took my pennies)
also, they could have a program that displays images in a certain way so that people with prescription glasses dont have to buy another pair ever again... they could just use google glass, and maybe... just maybe... someone could develop a program that trains the eyes into perfect vision thru subtle and slow changes in how they see their reality..... just a thought
I think google glasses is my favourite camera technology ever...
I want the glasses so badly now i wan to test it i think they can make it like normal glasses but make the pop ups and menus on the bottom right corner.
I am Loving these glasses how do i get them or become a tester OMG!!! i am going to let everyone know about this!!!!!! Google YOU ROCK!!!!!
I'm obsessed with wanting a pair of these. I very rarely "just have to have" something. Ah Google you know what your doing.
Kevin A
Can you move it out of the way to make sure you can see where you are going?
Will it be able to do the features from the first video?
+Danny Thiemann At the present moment, the only real way to discuss these ideas with the makers is either contacting the developers from the I\O convention or continue to post useful ideas rather then complain about not getting to view the HUD before the Betas even make it into the hands of the developers. the Google pr team keeps track of the posts and on some occasions i have seen ideas adopted and tested from innovative consumers with good ideas.

     The potential for classroom use amazing from either the student perspective, and the teaching perspective. I am currently interested in the actual potential uses in a classroom setting from the student perspective. with the glass being just above the center of vision it still allows for us to interact with the teachers yet have a quick recall of facts, information from text previously read, and lecture in an instant. outside of the use of the camera. the augmentation portion of this would also allow the class discussion to automatically bring useful texts and reports up front without distracting from the reality itself. rather then use full AR ran visor that can cause people to be completely lost and distracted.
next time ask Victoria's Secret to do their yearly show
now im just saying when is this available i here they are $1200 but not public at the moment...if they release it now google will change smartphones forever...there wont be any competition
Dear Mr. Google,

While I applaud innovation and understand the important role that technology plays in our lives, your crossing a line that dare not be crossed by polishing distractions, creating a false sense of convivial association to our lives and bullying a fragile culture into an already uncertain future. The very existence of Google Glasses suggests that an augmented reality may be better than real life, generating ideas in people that may never be brought to fruition, dreams that go unfulfilled, creating a society that's less likely to offer sympathy or compassion and alienating individualism for those of us who disagree with what you're creating.

Though I'm confident of your position, I'm not interested in project Glass, or in having my life's personal decisions recorded by those around me without my consent, or in being forced into your cumulative melting pot of mass culture mania, or to having my subjective independence stripped away from my sole and my being.

Please have all cameras and recording devices turned off when you look my way, because I'm not interested in having my life's moments become part of your database. 

thank you,
steven planck
It would be quite a marketing ploy to allow those who wear Google Glass to make it so others can't record them with Google Glass, so if you don't want people to record you, just buy Google Glass :P
This would become an even more effective tool for fashion design if it incorporated augmented reality digital draping. I suppose that would require some sort of a glove mechanism, special dress form that senses touch,and/or spacial differentiation ability to indicate where the designer wants to put the augmented reality "fabric" on a dress form. Or it could work in tandem with a dress form and the drape work would be projected as the augmented reality.

 There would of course be all sorts of issues relating to logistics, such as ensuring the right physics engine is used to properly mimic the recovery, stretch, drape, etc of the fabric, but there are companies like Optitex which already have fabric analysis set in place to ensure the digital patterns and digital sampling are as close to real life as possible.

For all the naysayers who argue why this application is silly to use in fashion, keep in mind, although the economy is poor, fashion continues to be profitable. As a technical apparel designer, I could come up with at least half a dozen applications for this product within my everyday business.
можно добавить биометрические датчики, постоянную миникарту, камеру и диктофон, часы и синхронизировать с мозгом, или создать постоянную связь с интернетом.
Hey glass team. I have a baby due in November! Any chance I can get my pair by then to capture some of the magic?

...pleeease :)
+Kevin Kuenstler 
Might have to wait another year(almost exactly, I assume its coming out late November 2013).  Wish the best of luck to you :)
Oh come on, I really want the glasses, and I can badly wait for this to come to Brazil.. I know is going to take a while into this, but i reeeeally wanted it. I'm a professional cook and it would really help, in so many ways!!
Hi +Tariq Belal, we're still developing Glass and it's not generally available yet. When we have any updates, we'll let you know here on +Project Glass, so stay tuned.

Also, thanks to everyone for your feedback. We're very excited about the future of Glass and appreciate your comments.
More uselessness that doesn't tell us anything about the device.  If you want to start generating excitement, start showing something of actual substance.
Why fashion? I know that it's important for people to fashionably accept these glasses I guess..
Haven't heard anything new for awhile.  Any way I can acquire the hardware? And/or would you link me to any development documentation? TIA!  
I am wondering if there any developments for using these as a deaf assistance tool.    With a heads up display like this and a way to use the microphone to pick up voice you would have a very usual tty device for everyday life.
We have a cross county walker that would be able to record their 2500 mile walk with these. Please message me on how we can get a pair of these.
I have a great proposal to use Google glasses integrated with 3D projection mapping for a fashion show experience, who can i contact for this proposal?
Beta tester right here. Manufacturing Engineer (Toyota)/Weight Lifter/MBA Student. I would love the opportunity to try these out. 

They should make wayfarer sunglasses edition :D
I need these glasses as soon as possible. What is the drop date?
I'm an educator in Boston. I would love to use these glasses for theater classes. Student's would be freed from memorization. They could perform any number of Shakespeare or other plays in a semester rather than just one painfully memorized script. Students would be "inside" the play instead of "outside" the play watching or reading it, sitting at their desks. I can supply the enthusiastic students. Can you supply glasses?
I am a lisp programmer and have several ideas. This is the one piece of technology I am waiting the most. If I had one I would develop several applications that would improve a lot my life. I would pay a lot for this. Any chance Google will sell one to an very early adopter?
I so really want these google glasses,it's more than futuristic ,good luck by designing programmers!
Я мечтаю о этих очках.  Скорей бы вышли на рынок, я обязательно куплю своей семье.  Ведь это предел мечтаний. 
I would love trying this out with some buddies of mine...
I would like to try these out. One thing that concerns me is ads flying all over my eyes though. Despite the ads, projectglass is probably one of the most high-tech inventions I've ever seen. Smartphones might go off sale after this lol.
I would also wear these. I travel extensively for work and it would be wonderful to record and share what I see & who I get to talk with all around the world without having to, ugh ... STOP ... fish out the device of the moment ... take the photos ... edit ... post-with-metadata-and-commentary on the too-numerous-to-choose-from social networking sites.

Like millions of others, I just don't have enough minutes to do that ....

These glasses would be great. People could look at the videos (or not) and I'd have fairly natural/organic footage (to edit from my rocking-chair in later life) of my life's adventures. Likewise, I could follow in the steps of others in the normal course of their day being a completely different Human on the same planet .. and I'd love being able to connect with other people that way. So, keep it up Google! This is just fantastically innovative!
Ivan K
I want to have it. When I can buy it?
I'm a little worried:  Lately I've been seeing overwhelming coverage of the "fashionable wear" and general acceptability of the trendy concept of google glass, and LESS about the technical application and usability.  Although I will consider the former, my purchase will definitely hinge on the latter!
Another litle application that I'm sure has to be incorporated into it at some point, is to have a darkening feature that automatically reacts to bright sunlight. Also, if there was anyway to become a part of the testers I would literally kill for it. I know I probably won't get an email about it, but it's worth a shot. Again, would love to be a part of the team testing this product.
Hello, Que shebley inc. would like to introduce to you a fascinating idea for a technology integrated fashion show using google glasses and our products, please provide us with the best mean of contact to send this proposal over. Thank you (Mngt) 
Wann soll das release datum von Google Glass sein?!
I'm pretty sure you all need someone to test this in Orlando Florida. Make sure it works in heavy humidity. Also someone to wander around tourist hot spots and take video of the interactions with people...I will sacrifice myself and volunteer for that duty.
I really think that even the fashion would be bettered by Google Glass integrating two screens - one for each eye. This would open the project into the 3D realm and free it from the 2D flat display and interplay.
this idea is cazily awesome!!!!!!!!!
The idea is crazy but I wished they looked more like normal glasses.
Its a very innovative idea to start the project of capturing moments. I personally would like to buy this product and try it out. 
I agree with Joe. Some useful information about the interface or something interesting.
I want them too. and I will be getting them when they are released to the public. BUT to the designers, have you thought underwater yet? the only thing better then seeing someone skydiving, or a baby learning to crawl first hand, is seeing someone dive off of a cliff into the ocean. Bringing snorkeling to an entirely new level! so the beautiful underwater scene will be more than just a memory to those who have seen it, and people who cant actually do it, they can see it too :)
I agree with Khadijah, underwater would be very cool. I would love to see a real demo video of the glasses to see how they are to the user, not just CGI HUD, althought the videos are cool, and I like the reference to Monsieur Gayno, lol
I would love to know what the price could be after the initial units sent out to developers. Will it be that hefty $1500 price tag, or will it be akin to the price of a cell phone?
How neat would it be if software/application developers can create an app to use on the glasses.
shut up and take my money!!!
They're so awesome!!
It's a good idea but the mount that looks like a unibrow :S

I think it was great if the glasses have translators and games. Do you imagine playing angry birds in your house, for example.

Also make things in 3D, because you have 2 glasess.

En españa también lo queremos XD
Oh great, more 1st person footage. Wow Google are really selling this product! Not! Like it was mentioned above, at first google showed a video of what Project glass was going to be and I though "Great, Sign me up for a pair of those!" however, all I have seen since is photo after photo or first person video etc. Come on Google show us some working AR. I want to see a normal person using it to navigate somewhere, in real time. Its not like you have to invent a mapping service, you own one! lets see some working integration. I care not about some celeb filming other celeb's. How about more down to earth uses for it like the initial video you released. Saying that, will any 'down to earth' people be able to afford a set anyway?!
I will also add that so far I have never seen a working display on these. I seriously doubt they are even working and the only functional part of this device is the camera and the big 'Start/Stop' button on the side. Does the voice control work? does the display work? any recent footage of things being shown on the display?
Ok how about need a guy with a bicycle to test this device...I will be happy to test this device while riding my bike...Demo product please. :D
I hope Google doesn't pull a "Steve Jobs" with this and only "rolls it out" when the R.O.I. is maxed then degrades pricing as competitors begin knocking at the door... IMHO, I'd say flood the market first and to heck w/the profit margin... the $ will come.
hey any chance i could score a set of pre beta glasses? they look sick
What do I have to do to get a developer's version of Glass? I have no problem shelling out the $1500. I just want to develop something!
Can Google sort out my beer goggles?
My friend used to put two cameras on bicycle while cruising through the city. One front, other back. If he was driving 60 minutes, he had 120 material to watch later.
googlee always rockss..... wat a glass realy rockinggg:):)
I want to know when it will be available. so I can buy a pair.
I'm still waiting for Neuro Linkers. >.>
Is there any way I can get in touch with somebody from the technical department? We have developed a brand new application that works perfectly on electronic glasses and allows people with hearing impairment or foreign people reading captions in movie theatres any place , anytime

thanks a lot for your help
What's the big deal with glass? It looks like something you wear with phone capabilities. Don't telemarketers and call centers already have that?
Kind of reminds me of "universal soldier", when will this be available for preorder?
Tip: Put the camera in the middle, not on the side.

The off-centre view at hands/feet/theWorld will get incredibly annoying after a while, it is ALMOST first-person view, but the fact that it is not centered takes away from that.
Where do we get these amazing glasses? I love this technology and am so glad that the world is progressing. Please email me where I could invest in this technology..

Thank you!
Keep us updated please. I want to hear more news about this. And it's been a month tells us whats happening! :D
How can a Canadian Developer get their hands on this?
Hello google glasses developers. 
I just want to say that it seems like a great idea and i have found an aplication for these glasses in life. 

You see, a friend of mine was robbed tonight and she was alone and did not see the men who robbed her , maybe if she had these on they would have been filmed and the video would be stocked online then this coul work as a security device for individuals. In her case it is too late but she is a model and it is the second time it happens in a few months so , I realy hope that you take my advice and if possible i would volonteer to try it out and she would probably because of this theft problem and all...

Hit me back.
Zach S
Not sure if this is the best place to make suggestions, but here it is: I think it would be great if the glasses could accept display information from PCs and other devices (via USB/HDMI or something), removing the need for a monitor completely and saving space in the long run.
Perhaps they can be able to work as a OTA (wireless) display - there are more wireless monitors coming these days and that might be easier than attaching a "heavy" USB/HDMI-cable to the glasses...
I'd like a pair ARI style please.
I'd love to see this integrated with prescription glasses and linked to your smartphone. 
Maybe capable of putting the subtitles of anything that's being said in loco (it'd be useful for people with auditive deficiencies)
This thing would kick ass with xbox smartglass integration. I would love to see my ammo/health relayed on an actual hud
What in the name of heck was that video about ??
I lost interest after a minute.
Hello!Brilliant work!
I have in my mind a very inovative idea similar with Google Glass,called CiEL.I have made some sketches and I want to get in contact with an official of Project Glass.I have a lot of ideas about inovative devices so please contact me.
I've got a innovative idea for a google glas interface, as I understand this is still a problem, as a keyboard is complicated and a voice controlled device seams strange yet. If you're interested contact me. 
is dere any google men to whom i wanna open my view , i have made a more advanced model too. but no resources or right knowledge enuf ... sumone of google
pls contact me ..... pleaseeeeeeeeeee
anyone ??? pls contact me @
No, it's just that the girls all have their noses up in the air :)
I absolutely adore this video! <3 
sick look, alien monster... insane... crazy sick people... incredible...
Should have better idea to promote project glass, frankly this show of fashion show does not go with google's moto.
I see ZERO functionality with this video.
heed that last comment. dont watch this you don't see ANYTHING INTERESTING.
Lame.  Spy glasses.  Spy on your friends.  They should call the brand narc.
Google glass through the eyes of athletes! For example sprinters or something. i feel like that would be pretty sick.
couldn't agree more. Could you imagine the day in the life of the fastest man on earth in google glasses!
ehhh is it me... at about 3:35 i here a part of the series 'AIRWOLF' hahaha funny
can't wait to lay hands on this... can someone tell me when its expected in India ?
Y YOU TORTURE SO MUCH GOOGLE. Just please give this to us...
shut up and take my money!!!
Hi... what's the name of the song playing in 2.10 minutes??
if you gotta think twice about it, you already signed off
I'd love to test a set of these as a "second screen" for use in delivering my college lectures. I currently wear prescription lenses, so I'd love to see how integrated the technology can be. Any ideas on who/how to contact someone with Google about this?
Will there be opportunities for people in industries that can benefit from Glass to submit for beta testing? I know that this could be invaluable to my field.
Luca C
OMG that's fantastic ! 
I think it's more than just a camera on youre nose? So what do you want to  suggest with such a video?
Is it still possible to get a pair as a developer or did you have to attend I/O?
It is an amazing invention indeed! But is there any function that can prevent to be robbed? 'Cause it seems quite easily to be robbed. 
i want to be a tester but i am from argentina lol
Google glass is awsome
I've got a whole lot of things on my mind which i would love to do with Glass, its funny i keep thinking about it every now and then. After all said and done i think it's got the perfect camera angle & it's the uber tool for extraordinary photographs.
Hey, where do i buy the developer glass edition?
^ would like to know how do to so as well! Very interested in developing for it!
Camera looks amazing,  never thought the quality of such a small camera would be that good.  Cant wait to try these out for myself (after release) 
look unreal everyone add me in their circle i need more :)
What price will this product release? I hope this wont be more than 500 USD :)
i was $1,500 for developers just to get a proto type.  Hopefully theyll make it cheeper but still going to be costing a fair bit.
How does a developer get to purchase these or participate in the beta?  Do you have to go to the Google I/O event or is there another way?
The ultimate market research tool, know where your customers are looking when they walk into your store. Ultimate customer experience tool for the web, know where your customers are looking when they navigate your website.
I like that, but that sort of information should be made available to stores and web developers only if the user is comfortable with it. But I totally agree! Give said user 15% off their purchase if they agree to send "Feedback".
I agree, but you could setup focus groups and run trials to gain more insight into human behaviour, for the average consumer anyway. I want to use them for visualising the corporate enterprise, so executives would attend meetings remotely without requiring other devices and improve presentations. Also for sharing strategic information and/or targeted information to stakeholders within governance forums.
What kind of games will be available. Just wondering cause this would be great for playing a first person shooter based in your surroundings (a.k.a a forest  or your back yard) utilising augmented reality. Just a thought
Fashion and Technology... such an amazing mix and my two favorite things!!! 
Emily, she is sexy, do anybody have her number?
Brow R
She´s across her time, sheé in t
he future..
Glad to see the fashion elements being considered way up front. Smartphones made computing personal. Wearable tech is going to make it even more personal and how it looks on you is going to be HUGELY important, so much so that adaptability is paramount. Everyone will want to personalize their glasses. It will be the first thing that people try to do.
Brow R
Fantastic...a dream...
You should explain to the MILLIONS of car owners out there with on board integrated blue tooth that the technology is a failure. You make a very foolish argument devoid of any realistic logic. Real technological progress lies in an all-of-the-above approach, not a dogmatic narrow view like yours. Im looking forward to the future when in 20 to 30 years, a descendant of Google glass will be fully integrated into a contact lens :) you can sit on the sidelines if you want, as for me, Ill probably purchase the 2nd gen of Glass in 2015
not only that but where are the damn battery's on this thing i mean we all know wifi sucks up let alone Bluetooth does it have 3G and with all the capabilities augmented reality,motion sensors,bla bla bla i think this thing will last atleast 5 hours tops,8 hours if its so called"energy efficient"
i need a pair... i would love to film a day in the life of a florist on vday.. cant wait 
I sent Google some integration sugestions: Goggles, Maps/Navigation... Lets suppose you are driving somewhere and see a Chirch from far but you don't know where it is, how to get there or how the Church is called. Look it with Google Glasses and the integration with Googles will give you all the info about the church and the integration with Maps/Navigation will give you the best route there.
Project Glass is a brilliant idea and I was thinking that: to make Project Glass really worthy and popular right now , Project Team should think of a function to use Project Glass as a monitor to project any information on your Android Mobile Phone straight to your eye, like Allshare Cast at Samsung. Users would be interacting with his Project Glass through his mobile phone screen by moving fingers around it. This way your Project Glass would be a center of your multimedia and communication, easily controlled by hand. I think that would be a significant step to the future.
How soon until we get to the "shut up and take my money" phase?
Dev pair cost $1500, consumer pair: cost of mobile phone. Release: Unknown
Anyone have a link to Google glass Proj. Pre-order page. 
You can't preorder yet, you could of gotten early at google I/O this year, now you have to wait till end of this yr start of next yr
hhhmmm... true, maybe I should tweak my list of excuses hehe ^-^.
Will the Glass be usefull for video recording?
No, i dont mind Ethan. Do u know the video quality of the glass? thanks
Please answer what decision you're going to come up short-sighted people? If I do not want to wear contact lenses, the Glass will not be available to me? Or is the Glass is stipulated with diopters?
nice. i will put my glasses on thte google mount!! or i will make glasses for the google mount.
These glasses are awsome. But I do not see many people walking around with these on with a price tag of $1500 a pair. Maybe im wrong maybe more people have $1500 just lying around in these economic times then what I thought but im not sure.
I am just going off what is being advertised in multiple advertisements. All I am saying is if they want my money and I am feeling the money of many others they will ask for less of it. I am a firm believer in Google and I love everything they do but I am not sure I love it that much. Right now in these times luxury items are not selling for what they should anymore.
Hello, I would take pictures with my google glass of my best mementos of my daily life and share it to my friend but I not only worth 18 or older and do not live in the U.S. I live in Brazil and I'm only 15 years old I would greatly to win one. Thanks, translation by google translator
#ifihadglass I want... I want to document the lives of those in mine. I want to be able to lay down a history for my children, nieces and nephews, someday to share and experience. I want them to see the world as I experienced, so they might learn. Learn from the mistakes that generation after generation seem to make from not being.... there... to see the history... so it can evolve from being history (His-Story) no longer being Mystery... but rather My-Story.
I am currently a junior attending Michigan State University. This product can change the course of education forever. Lugging my laptop to and fro campus on a daily basis is a hassle, common knowledge at my fingertips and even being able to revise a term papers LIVE with a professional would be amazing. I am sure using Google Glass would reflect an increase in my overall gpa and I believe I am a prime candidate to test them out! 
I just looked at Glass for the first time, all I can say is WOW!!! AMAZING!!!
I am a commercial real estate broker and father of four children. I am constantly communicating with my family or clients throughout the day. It would be so useful to send messages and get info without the use of my hands! Pleas consider me for GLASS.

I live in Hawaii; Producing health videos to share with the world. I'd love to be a 'Beta Tester/User' of GLASS and I have a perspective from Hawaii that most people in the world would Love to See.
Wow, this is awesome! However, as a person who constantly wears corrective glasses, will I be able to use google glasses at all? I do not know if google will consider anyone outside the states, but if I ever get this chance, I am so gonna take them with me back to China for my gap year~
so are we allowed to wear Glass if we are not actually a supermodel?
would i be able to use it, i only see right eye models. i can't see with that eye....
I'm a bit disappointed that the early testing for your product is only open to those with $1500 to spare (not including taxes or travelling costs to your opening event). I mean, I'm not poor or anything but that just seems a bit excessive for people who are applying to help you test your product (the price tag, that is, not the travelling costs).
Cool, but I'm going to hold out on this one. I want to have that technology embedded into my eyeballs. That will be great!
^ Eyeballs ? like a silicone lens or are we talking about surgically infused ?
should have someone in brazil...i agree, but should be ME! :)
Any way to incorporate a microphone and use that to display subtitles for the person wearing them?  This would be a huge benefit to people that are hearing impaired and could then serve as a "medical device" for those that need it. If they were considered a medical device and were approved by insurance companies, the user base would be much larger.  The $1,500 price tag is cheaper then one hearing aid, let alone two of them. #ifihadglass
I was on this same wavelength Chris. I work at Gallaudet and got all excited until it hit me that control depends on verbal commands, so not only is there the issue of captioning communications in to the user, but how do non-verbal people get commends out to the device? Motion/gesture controls? Cue Kinect collaboration... #ifihadglass
It's an amzing job that google is doing but, I think this glasses could work with another social network like Facebook. There are just a few people that really uses Google+. And a application of Google Goggles would be good too. Like: "What is this?" and the glasses answer: "It's a pie!" or "A book of math!"
I honestly can not wait for this!!! So freaking awesome!!! ^^ ^^
The only downfall, is that you aren't allowing 'out of towners' to be an Explorer! I'd love to take Glass around my neck of the woods in New Zealand and provide feedback... but oh well, will wait till it gets released I guess. +Project Glass 
i freakin love this ides and want one... how awesome is that?!! To be able to share instantly from your own perspective and time
in my opinion you should take the glasses frame and would like the movie universal soldier would be much better
That gold coin she put's under her heel on her shoe does not give her good luck. It's because she is confident and is smart with decision making. That good luck thing is just a bunch of bullshit.
if i had glass id use them to play drums on my sets at theclubs with dj and see how it is behind a drummers eyes and how the amped up the crowd is =)
#ifihadglass I would humbly describe myself as a Social Innovator and a Strategic Philanthropist. As a Social Entrepreneur, I want to use Google-Glasses to help change how we view poverty and the underprivileged. The attached photos and video is from my Social Entrepreneurship experiences. Lastly, the right technology can transform humanity. 
#ifihadglass gotta take this glass to go road trip to all the major cities from LA to NY 
I'm surprised the military doesn't already have something like this, I seem to remember hearing some time ago they were working on it.
Frank T
Working on it and fielding it are two different things. You know how it goes.
Frank T
This would make after action reports a breeze.
Frank T
When we run training scenarios were it is blue on blue I always have a squad of cyborgs.
I'd like to use them for conventions, Sci Fi, Tech, Anime #ifihadglass  could also prove helpful on interveiwing people on cyberbullying and other type of topics. #ifihadglass  is also one of the items of technology we saw in Role playing games less then 20 years ago in #Shadowrun   #Cyberpunk   #riftsrpg  and now here it is live direct and on the rise as a part of our daily routine. I am glad to have lived up to this point to see some of the cool imagined tech from print become actual headware.
Ben Lee
#ifihadglass  I would develop a wearable head-up display in my car connected to my OBDII system via blueetooth so I can view important gauges anywhere I look.
I would incorporate it into my Iron Man suit to give me an actual Jarvis and functional HUD.
#ifihadglass i'd go to the zoo/museum for the ultimate learning experience and then share video/pictures with friends and family... I'd give it to my doctors to enhance their ability to read my charts/ medical files, prepare a diagnostic and send it to me before i walk out of the office. I'd got LOTS of ideas so send me a pair, GOOGLE, please and thank you. 
Frank T
You pay for the pair... they arent going to send you one
It's amaizing what U cand do with glasses, stills I wonder how it works  when U'r surronded by all that people and U can't use as fluently  the voice commands trow all that noice.... whatever I wnat one of those jajaja...... Greatings from Mexico
Hi everyone, thanks for all the interest and questions! If you want to apply for an invitation to become a Glass Explorer, make sure to create a new post following the instructions here:

About prescription lenses -- we're still working on a solution, but we don't have anything to share right now.

And for those of you outside the US, we're really sorry. We know it's frustrating right now, and we hope to make Glass available more widely in the future.
si me eligen para los Google Glass hago lo que me pida hasta me pierdo en la selva o en la montañas o en el zafari asi de fail i de sencillo =) =)
Google are you kidding me?! I can get a job, Be A Millionare, But Can't Get Google Glass without being 18?! Why?!
make sure that you make the screen side either changeable or able to be bought on either side because i have a lazy eye and having the glass on the right eye would be useless for me
Is there an SDK and emulator available so that you can develop now without the hardware?  
I want to use this headset to change the way we work and hold meetings.  I can see many ways this would be awesome to collaborate with co-workers on virtual documents which appear to be projected on the flat surface of a conference table!  
idea of glasses is not new and need to be far more enhanced. i don't like to control any device with my voice, sometimes it might be useful but generally not a very practical way of controlling devices (consider foreign accents, people who have problems with voice or pronunciation, people who can't talk at all, and above all it looks ridiculous when moving in a group of people/public transport and talking to yourself) i expected a feature similar to Kinect to be implemented that allows to read movement of my hands and fingers .. glasses will project menu, pictures and text  and at the same time monitor movement of my hand .. this will create enormous possibilities and option how to navigate through menu, text and pictures, how to work with it .. more discrete way is to project small size menu on a flat surface or skin of the hand/sleeve .. the most discrete but the least user friendly way how to work with glasses is already in ...
next step would 3D projections. ..having glasses is a very small step towards it .. just different picture/angle for each eye .. i let up to your imagination what could be done with it .. hope also your competitors read through post and i inspire someone .. waiting for this product for some years already, do not like carrying bricks in my pocket ..
after i saw the video - my vision of glasses is 3-5 years ahead of the current proposal :(
think of security too .. need be a very secure product - as long as on your nose and powered on, it has the ability to cam everything you see with your eyes and transmit the data, it might not please you ..
Put a leap motion or similar gesture operated device on your wrist and use it as a primary control for the glasses. 
Is there going to be sdk for the glasses so you can start developing. If so, when?
Estoy interasado en probarlas par poder probar estas gafas y ver que proyectos se pueden realizar, me gustaría poder realizar aplicaciones para estas gafas.
No creo que lleguen a Argentina, me encantaría probarlas, estoy seguro que para investigación serían de utilidad, yo las probarías en laboratorios de análisis sensorial y en clases. Me gustaría que mis alumnos de IA de Sistema pudieran verlo. Como todo lo de google debe ser útil, lo que no se es si es compatible con lentes.
I believe i would be an outstanding canidate for this new product, i have a degree in marketing and a great personality for showing off products. Currently i run Microsofts Kinect Addict channel on youtube, i create videos using a green screen studio and showing off one of the newest and greatest technology Microsoft has to offer, i do it all for the benefit of showing it off i am not contracted to do it. I am also mature, I am 30 and have served in the US military, i would treat this opportunity with much respect and not abuse the privelage. in addition I have alot of cinematography equipement and i would be able to show off the product from many different angles using my other cameras. Thanks for considering me, i would make this new product shine, and i have a great support system, my current girfriend is a science teacher, we live in Boston together and take many trips so the videos would be historic. Thanks Rory Shane McHugh
yo espero que se tome en cuenta a Latinoamérica, tenemos muuucho que mostrar al resto del mundo
I hope that before they ship this wordwide, they realize that some people have their right eye blinded. Like me....
:') I felt her story even more through the glasses.  I need these
How long does it will it take to EXUALLY come out?
(the glasses)
es un excelente proyecto, sigan adelante. considerenme por favor, para probarlas 
Is it gonna come out to both sides of the face?
My right eye is almost blind. :(
i want them how can i get them?
Some of my thoughts:
1) The consumer price should not exceed $600.
2) Don't forget AUGMENTED REALITY and what that means.
3) If done right, augmented reality that covers the center of ones view will be far more amazing than Google now cards that are out of the way displaying info like a side bar.
4) Variable opacity please, pretty please :)
5) Phone touch screen control support for the times when you don't want to be seen talking to yourself.
6) Replace the touch pad on the glasses with an easy to fine on/off/sleep button.

These are things that I think will make the device great. Oh and also, is making the glasses a cloud driven device really a good idea?
Can you use different sensors then project them on the glass ?
A fireman could use infrared and building schematics.  A bomb
disposal guy could use x-ray vision to see the wires inside.
hello project glass team.. i am a man from India feeling helpless in the way to participate in this contest so.. i wanna help of you guys so as can you also list country ndia as the one who can take part in this ... hoping to see the responses from you in my favour ..thanks.
Any way check out my ideas..:)
This is awkward.
A beta program where you are invited to test the product, but you have to purchase one. 
What the ... ?
AH MAN! This looks so awesome I NEED these lol. I would film my entire crazy life I live with these
Chris W
*great perspective cant wait for this to be released in England. damn I'd move to USA to get a pair.
gostaria de saber mais sobre esse oculos e, dependendo das condiçoes, me proponho fazer o teste promovido pelo Google.
Will these have phone built in or is that Glass 2
Eu uso óculos de correção, como faremos para utilizar o equipamento, sugestão, lançar um modelo, que se possa colocar lentes corretoras.
Cicero Neto
#ifihadglass If I had Google Glass I'd make a videoblog about how is the life in the city I live, Tianjin, in China. It'd be focused on small restaurants and shops. And also some lessons to cook. I'd call it FPC (First Person Cook). Languages would jump between English, Spanish and Chinese.
I would take it on my vacations to record videos and take amazing pictures. I would also use it to record my snowboarding,mountain biking, and skydiving activities. I would use it in my daily occupation as an Irrigation tech to do equations and unit conversions for me on the fly. 
#ifihadglass  Being a Navy Sailor on a carrier, I could travel the Pacific and not have to leave loved ones back home. My little cousin could be there as jets land on the flight deck; Mom could see Mt. Fuji as I climb it, and I could share a sunset with my girlfriend, as she watches the sunrise back home.
I wear glasses to correct, how do we use equipment, suggestion, launching a model that can be put corrective lenses.
Cicero Neto
Yes I was just coming here to ask this same question. 
I wonder why the more recent posts have comments disabled.  Is it a bug, are they turned off or am I banned?  :)
I can see the reply button when I hover? Not sure!
This gave me chills in so many ways. Loved this!
I like the gadget it will help me in surgeries if its capable for large zoomed image what I am looking on the skin 
i would love to help my country now a days there's lot of problem in india 
in any manner i will try to help my country with the help of google glass
for eg- if any crime is taking place in front of me i would personally try to help the person but if not possible i will record it with the help of google glass and help police to find the criminal
I wish I could apply for glass but I'm only 13 :(
Any pictures of Glass pushed back up on someone's head like people often wear sunglasses when they aren't using them?
#ifihadglass I would develop educational videos teach people the in's and outs of hockey, paintball and other sports.  I would look for new and innovative ways to use the unique technology to improve peoples lifestyles.  And finally I would make family videos with glass :D
#ifihadglass  I want to know…
How will Google Glass change education?   How will this technology change the way students learn?  If I had Google Glass I would try to answer these questions by using Glass in my classroom (Charlotte Latin School) and working with the students at McClintock Middle School.
Hey Google Glass Users.  I don't give you permission to record my life. Please turn the other way when you're in my presence.
Hey could this device have a back camera ? This will be a cool feature just like a third eye that you could enable and display on one of the glasss to check what is happening behind you ?

There are number of instances where you would be looking back to check if there are any obstacles etc. this would make humans get a 360 view 
I got an idea that could make the Glass even more amazing. Face recognition software. If somehow the Glass team can incorporate Face Recognition capability, a lot of people - especially the elderly or those who forget names easily - will be a big hit with them. Take me for example. I easily forget names. It's quite embarrassing when you meet someone then forget their name. This so especially in speaking/teaching engagement  where you need to call on people. Forgetting the names of the people in audience is a big negative if your trying to get their attention. This technology can also be useful for those who suffer some kind of memory loss. So I hope the Glass Team Project will consider this idea cuz - I might get me one or two in the coming months.
When will be glasses available 
and what would be the price of it
Do the glasses only come in English? Or is it possible in Norwegian? How mutch do they cost?
You will laught: NOW 1500$
When the glass will turn-out to markit it will become 500$
Any update on anything? Have you guys start to pick applicants?
Seriously a cool product!!!! Would like to grab one as soon as it hits the market. Please update about the launch schedule.
Dear Mr. Google and Friends of Mr. Google,

I am not interested in having my life or it's private moments publicly broadcast to the entire world.  Please turn your head the other way when your in my presence.
^ haha your not even worth our time to record ;)
The amount of data storage that would require to record non stop 24/7 on these tiny glasses is at least 20 years away. 
+David Mitchell More important is battery life, with 4g you don't need storage, just internet streaming and unlimited data transmission.
Yeah can I get a free pair. You know just to make sure they're functioning alright