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It’s time for your Glass to get a little more awesome, again. Last month we improved the camera. This month we’re powering up the voice experience, taking our first steps on the web and helping you communicate better with the people you care about. 

Here are a few highlights from this month’s new release on Glass:

1. Do more, handsfree

Now with Glass you can get things done without having to lift a finger. Let’s say your friend texts you. You can now say “ok glass, read aloud” to hear it and answer with “ok glass, reply.” Mom calling? Just say “ok glass, answer call.” Boyfriend away on business? Send that selfie straight away with “ok glass, share with Felix.“ #notouching

2. Say more, to friends and family

We know you have more than ten friends (at least we hope you do). Now you can tap to send a message or make a phone call to any of your Gmail “My contacts.” When you tap on “message” from the main menu, you swipe through your contacts’  profile photos and tap to send a message. 

3. Learn more, on the web

We've been exploring ways to let you quickly dive deeper and get exactly the information you need, right when you need it. To test it out, search for something and then tap on the "View website" screen to bring up the web page.

Once you’re on the web page, there are a few ways you can explore:

Scroll - Slide your finger forward on the touchpad to scroll down.
Zoom - Slide two fingers forward or backward to zoom. 
Look around - With two fingers down on the touchpad, move your head around to pan.
Click - As you look around, you can tap to select anything in the center of the screen.

These updates will be rolling out automatically to your Glass over the next couple days. You can read more about other improvements in our Help Center (  We hope you enjoy them. Let us know what you think. Until next month...


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Nice job guys! :D

This is huge, awesome awesome awesome.
Woo! More things to look forward to when I pick it up on the 10th :D
Wow. Sounds like a very nice update. Can't wait to try it out. Just plugged up Glass to hopefully start the download.
Awesome! Can't wait for these enhancements to roll out!
Alex C
Can't wait to test it! Now about that battery life? ;)
You guys are such a tease. Post it, delete it, make us wait.... post it again. =P
What if I don't like men nor have a boyfriend named Felix?
I so can't wait till i get to try out glass
Matt C
I'd rather not hear people using voice commands in public.
I would love to try that look around feature. Can't wait! 
Allen A
Man, this is awesome!!!
That's brilliant. I can't wait to get a Glass hopefully this Christmas. Web browsing that was clearly thought out as if it belongs on in your FOV. Awesome work, Glass team!
This is awesome, Google! I've got one question though, will you enable voice recognition? Like if two Glass-users are sitting next to eachother it might all just become a mess.
Yeah can u lower the price to at least 1000 or 1200 please cause I want one when it comes out next year
Will the Glass browser be discoverable by media query? We could use responsive design or redirection to give the user content designed specifically for the dimensions of the Glass viewfinder.
See, and all the doubters can be put to rest, that this will be a full fledged product upon release. And to anybody talking price, there isn't even a price tag on the things, so just wait and see. 
Well damn, that's impressive. Actually getting blown away with the improvements on an already great device.
You improved the camera in software or hardware?
It just keeps getting better and better!! :) Thanks Google!!
Ooh, web browsing and neck exercises combined! Looking forward to this hitting my Glass ASAP. "ok glass, check for updates"
Awesome, I was so happy to be invited a few months ago, can't wait for the emails to go out. Sitting by the computer.
+Steven Groves This is on XE7, rolling out now.
+Hmza Fahz The camera software was improved in XE6.
+Matt C Then you'll want my bluetooth one-hand pocketable chording keyboard. Partially works with Glass now ... needs three fixes which I've already reported.
Shi ma
Awesome! I can't wait to have it!
Sorry to disappoint you Google, but I don't have more than ten friends..
Awesome improvements guy. Can anyone tell me when the rest of us can get one?
Already installed. I do miss the "ok glass" actions menu that used to show and was replaced by a card-like interface. I thought it was cool to show the list of possible commands for people who never used it before.
I tried the website browsing. Great job!!
About to charge and hopefully this awesome patch kicks in!
+Joshua Lutz The actions menu is there for me in XE7. I don't remember the "Make a video call" option, though.
+Scott GrantSmith I think they're trying to make Glass make more sense to people trying it on, both by changing "Hangout" to "Video Call" and implementing the scrolling menu
Thanks for the web browsing! I just watched a youtube video! nice work!  Can we have appointment creation from the home menu please?
+Ben Nelson Ah! I remember my Glass Guide mentioned that it would be video call in the next update. Thanks for reminding me!
Notice the main menu is different depending on the source action. If the source is from the track pad, then it is a scrolling tile menu. If the  source action is the head tilt, it assumes voice control and has the old (i think intuitive) menu.
+Scott GrantSmith, you're absolutely right. If I tap my glass awake, then hit the touchpad again to go into the "ok glass" menu, it comes up in a card style interface, if I just speak "ok glass" out loud, it goes to the scrolling style list. Intuitive. I was just surrounded by people and didn't want to talk to glass when testing.
Oh sweet, now Glass is showing me comments from this thread! Thats new.
Ah! So that's what +Ben Nelson was talking about. Voice for vertical head-control menu. Tap for horizontal card menu. Makes sense since you're already using the touch pad. Thanks, +Henry Erich III 
4 days, 22 hours. I can't wait to try them out for myself. 
Can't wait to get the update on my Glass. And thanks for using +Cool Hunting for the screenshot above!
4 days and 21 his until I get to try this out with my own new glass
Don't forget to recalibrate your on-head detection to get the improvements! See release notes.
It makes me sad to hear all of these AMAZING updates, only because I don't have a pair :( But I can honestly say, I am more than thrilled for those who do have it and are making these type of improvements. Improvements that mean something and will really help everyone when they get their own pair of Glass! I just can't wait.. One Luv Google, One Luv Glass! 
I read this a 1/2 hour ago and plugged in.  Got XE7
Can't wait to build some cool apps for Glass - got some cool ideas for the auto racing industry!
Web browsing works.  Picking links within pages could be a learning experience
Thanks!!! Wonderful news. I plugged my Glass in and will take a look as soon as the update kicks in. Very excited about making the device even more "handsfree." Adding all Gmail contacts is also a great step ahead. Keep it up! Really wishing for being able to say get "driving" directions or "walking" or "transit," changing mode as I go.
Looking forward to trying this out, Saturday, when I pick up Glass!
Huh.  I have the web-browsing capability, but not the "ok, glass, read aloud (or reply)" commands on incoming texts.

Will keep rebooting to see if that helps.
Ahhh can't wait to get my Glass later this month!

-- Rara, future owner of Rararoopsy inc.
Summer, I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies!
I just tried the update. Fantastic work!
Voice commands in public aren't so great. . My glass can't hear me whisper at all.... 
Wow! Panning around a web page with your head movement is great. Clever solution.
Just got the update!
Browsing the web in Glass is an amazing experience.
The +Project Glass team did a fantastic job ! Congratulations to everyone!
Do updates happen over the air or do we need to plug it in to upgrade when it's ready?
Updates happen over the air, but only when Glass is connected on WiFi and powered.
It looks like my update is happening now! 
Gary G
OMG this is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gary G
I just got the update XE7
This is great! When will you be giving the iOs users the same features that's only available to android? Like the turn by turn directions, text etc 
+Maria Quiban that's an apple restriction. I would guess you'll get full functionality about the time apple decides google maps is for them after all.
I dunno whether to feel empowered with these new capabilities or concerned.

I mean, we would now have to see websites compatible with Glass, like mobile--reinventing the wheel even.
updated and its very nice.  the two finger look around feature has some interesting possibilities for other applications.  Search from picture taken anyone?
Gary G
$#!T just got real! Lol very fun update.
Is there a way to manually update from XE6 to XE7?
Gary G
+Kai Gradert none that I know of. It's over the air updates. When you're on Wi-Fi and charging it updates.
+Project Glass HUGE update! I can find so much more information in a few taps than ever...really needed this update to make glass more functional, especially when I need to look up medical information 
Great! I got my Glass yesterday. So far, I had an update every day ;)
+Project Glass , thank you for these awesome updates!! I love the new "hold with 2 fingers and move your head to pan" feature!! I feel just like Cyclops trying to focus my optic blasts when I'm performing the motion!!!
LOVING THIS UPDATE!!!! Only constructive comment I have is I have a TON of contacts in my gmail and it takes some time to scroll through the list to get to people down on the list. Maybe when you scroll through fast instead of showing all the names it just shows the letters of the alphabet and then once you stop scrolling on the particular letter in question you "snap" back to viewing those contacts filed under that letter. That way you can scroll through and find everyone quite quickly!!
"send that selfie"
how do you take that selfie with "#notouching"??
Can you delete text emails photos, etc.. From glass voice commands.. How is the display in the sun..?
looks awesome
plz add ok glass get directions home/work/next appointment

Gary G
+Kevin Schmidt this is the web browser user agent: "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.0.4; en-us; Glass 1 Build/IMM76L; XE7) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30"
This is precisely why I'm stoked to be a Glass Explorer. Every time they release an update, even a small one, I get so giddy. It's like it's Christmas Eve, I'm 10, and can't sleep. Exciting stuff :)
+Gary Gonzalez THE ONE FUCKING DAY I DON'T BRING MY GLASS WITH ME haha. I can't wait to get home and try out the updates.
Gary G
+Joe's Daily lol you will get your update too. I was showing it off to my neighbors and their jaws dropped! It's the future!
Great. Could we be notified about updates via Twitter as well?
I'm not impressed. Google Glass will fail on the mass market
Gary G
Why do you believe that +Richard Raue?  Understanding that this is still a BETA project, what do you foresee that will make this fail?
Finnaly! Google made there own browser for glass! Does is also included something you're be able to see flash?
LESS, for me! I can still pair with a bluetooth keyboard, but the Glass system completely ignores keystrokes. Backwards progress #FAIL  !
Love it!!! Great job Glass team!!! I love being able to use a browser on Glass!!!
As always, Google is leading technology that gives me a better life ! I deeply hope that GG will be available for EVERYBODY soon and NOT BE restricted in functionality by politicians and "privacy laws" that are neglected by corrupt "democratically" elected politicians that are dictators when it comes to spy out secretely every breath I take .............
The world needs GG to share all the misery on the planet and make people understand .....................
I want to be able to access all my photos saved on google+ and be able to share them.   Hope this happens in an update as well.  Also if You read your text messages on your Glass, it should clear it as read on your phone as well.
+Gary Gonzalez for 3 reasons: 1) it looks ugly, you're NOT cool with a Google Glass 2) its odd to talk to my glasses on the street while people are around 3) its not socially acepted to always wear a camera
Say what you want about Gary, but I AM cool with Google Glass. If you don't want to talk to your glasses, then talk to your bluetooth headset.
mantap.sukses slslu google
Hi this is very cool. I've got XE4 on my Glass - how do I update it to XE7? Will it just trickle down? I just obtained my Glass a few days ago (thanks, btw, it's awesome!) and already feel like I'm running last-gen tech heh. 
Any thoughts on incorporating technologies such as Aurasma?
Thanks +Russell Nelson for the reply. I'd had it plugged into power for hours (it's fully charged) while connected to wi-fi for a few evenings now, and nada. Now, just as I returned to G+ to see any results I thought to plug it into my computer, and now - as I'm typing this - I'm watching the 'Glass is updating, please wait..' card as it updates! Thoroughly excited.
+Richard Raue So what ? Seems some people still are stuck in religious frenzy unable to accept the simple and obvious truth of knowledge just by walking on the streets and SEEING: people wearing GIANT headsets for 3D sourround sound blocking the sounds of traffic, people walking, driving, cycling with big smartphones in their hands pressed to ear forgetting to watch out for obstacles and traffic causing innumerable accidents. THIS IS ODD AND UGLY. And where is the difference between holding a smartphone up for constant FBooking, GPlussing or Whatsapping or constant picture taking which I don't know when myriads of people pass me with their smartphones in front of their faces. I prefer to be spied by other physical people than by thousands of survey-cams sending the data directly to fucking assholes in NSA, BND, Tempora and Prism ....... Accept the reality, 1984 is already on and worse than Orwell ever depicted. To have my own true reality documented is the last freedom I have.  This is why the world needs Google Glass ......:-))
+Angelo DDr. Troedhan Sorry but I dont get your point. Because secret agencies are spying on us the time is ready for Google Glasses? I am not an Google hater or against new technologies. I just telling you my opinion: Google Glass is so obvious and disturbing that a lot of people just wont accept it.
+Richard Raue As I explained, wearing google glasses is just ANOTHER - and much more convenient and safe - form of using communication technology. And by the easiness of the user-interface "google-glass" I can document the reality as counterproof to insane ideas of agencies THAT WILL construct accusations towards harmless people just for the fun of it or because they do not fit into the herd of sheep (= so called "voters") of political parties.
Right now only selected people were eligible to purchase glass as beta-testers. Rumour says there might be an extended second wave of beta-testers when all preordered glasses of the "first wave" are delievered ...............
do you know how long the test period is for the selected candidates?
Again roumor says glass will be available in 2014 ..... (one major drawback still has to be solved: battery life ! This is not googles fault but a general problem of battery technology in all mobile devices, especially when it comes to wearing it on the head)
+Angelo DDr. Troedhan As long as I can plug in a thumbnail sized receiver for wireless energy transfer and don't have to get a new Glass with a better battery.  Jeez Louise, we've only had this figured out since TESLA.
That´s a fantastic idea ! Location of Micro-USB plug on the right side in front of the ear should allow this easily. I think in the beginning I will plug an external battery here for longer video-recording during surgery-transmissions. Does not make too much a difference compared to the cable for my surgery-headlight I have to wear anyway .......

BTW: glass can be disassembled very easily, somewhere I read a report on this .....
Google poeple can I try Google glass
Awesome! Love the enhancements, I just got my Glass on Wednesday and I'm having a blast testing it out! It's been great to capture those special moments with my children, without having to interrupt the experience or dig into my pocket to get my smartphone - I LOVE That!
can i try google glass
You're going to love em!

Sent from my iPhone
Sure, but you have to be in the Explorers program or know someone that is. ;)

Sent from my iPhone
i thought the image was familiar. thanks +Google Glass say, when can we enjoy these features us the rest of the people around the world? ;)
We're focused on expanding the Explorer Program in the US right now, +Wajd Tohme, but we do hope to make Glass more widely available in the future! Stay tuned for now
Alex C
Still waiting to change the trigger word and be able to remove the signature in texts. Two of my biggest gripes at the moment.
Alex C
Oh and no iOS app...still.