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Three of our favorite images from yesterday captured through Glass.  #DVFthroughGlass  
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Awesome images and huge congrats to the #Projectglass  Team. The clarity in these images are pretty amazing. Innovation at it's finest!
Me encanta el proyecto Google Glass, definitivamente consideraria comprarlo!
+Denis Labelle: Wow, that sounds awesome! I think any show could be made better by having that extra camera angle of the performers during the show, even an orchestra where there is little movement. It would be cool to be able to get the angle of the performers looking down at the sheet music or at their instruments. It can really bring the audience closer and make them feel like the are more of the show. :)

If the +Project Glass Team is making something that even a self-proclaimed non-geek like yourself can get excited about, then they are a long way towards making Glass mainstream.
Yes, I show us the UI. I want more. This is amazing!
It's a great photo. Do not know the difference between the go pro but only this photo. I want to know how to do glass wearer from being output to the video. Angle of the picture again? The extent to which the image is projected out to the location that familiar?

すばらしい写真だ。しかしこの写真だけではgo proとの違いが分からない。グラスから装着者にどのように映像を出力されているのか私は知りたい。映像の画角は何度?どの程度はなれた場所に映像が映しだされる?
me parece increíble y fascinante la idea pero considero que la parte más gruesa del equipo puede ir detrás de los oídos, así reduciríamos notablemente lo notorio del marco a la derecha, que se tornaría ultra delgado tan solo con los botones necesarios... además deja espacio para aquellos que les gusta usar gafas con lunas a medida.
This could take social photography in a totally new direction.  Capturing the moment, as you experience it, without ruining it by pulling out a camera.  It's point-of-view photography.
I would sell all my possessions to try out some of this glorious technology. 
It gives me nerdy tears..and I love it. 
As someone requiring hearing aids, I find, at times, dialogue difficult to hear in a cinema. I love going to the cinema for the experience as compared to watching TV at home. I'd love some google glasses that would show me the sub-titles as the film is being shown. A voice to text recognition would be a neat application be it for totally deaf people, translations in a foreign country, .... +Project Glass 
i wonder how they will deal with people privacy with this kind of glass :-( however it's a very good geek stuff ^^ 
Where is the image of me standing in line to get a pair.....
Wondering when and how to get hardware so that we can begin development. 
Will there be a gps chip installed?   I would love to see this as a heads up display on the motorcycle.
+Jesse Morehouse personally I'd love to see it interact with my phone, and be able to bring to bear all of its resources. 
Normally I would say "Stop taking pictures and TAKE MY MONEY!", but since they're of supermodels in this case can we do both?
Just wondering if the iPhone 5 would be similar to the Google Glass. iPhone ~ EyePhone, get it? =P Though Google would sue Apple on the spot. ^^'''
Project Glass kicks ass, I can not wait to get my hands on this, "hack this into a Kinect, endless possibilities", and all my data backed up in the cloud, and all I need is a very bright powerful portable projector, with my Nexus tablet and I'm in Geek heaven
Is project Glass going to be compatible with me? I am 14 and have glasses already. How will that work? Please email me. 
+Anthony Gomez they have a version that will clip into your glasses too, the prototypes you have seen have been largely for people that don't have glasses
LCD overlay...Gunner Optiks does Rx versions of some of their glasses, why can't the same be done for Glass. How sweet would it be to have REAL transition lenses that also display my emails, text messages, contacts, maps....and yes, I've been playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and yes...I want my Glass[es] to be like that.
It should be feasible, depending on the cost of the panels (I seem to recall Samsung Debuting something like that at CES) and power usage of the screens. +Ryan Beard 
+Ryan Beard haven't been lucky enough to play future soldier yet, but they did use those in the short film. That is an awesome idea, that is the next step up I reckon, although I hope they use that step and don't just go straight to the H+ step
I want to try this :D
is there a version for people taht already wear glasses?
I wish I could try these out. I get giddy on new technology! Too bad i'll never be able to afford them
+Anthony Gomez as far as I know the only prototypes were given, well preordered to developers at the Google io conference for the price of $1500USD I don't know if they have shipped them yet to be honest, Google stated it would be 2014 before publicly available, but keep looking around, they could become available anytime in that time period
+Ryan Beard yeah AR will be a big part of glass I think, it is certainly a way to easily use api like goggles, sky map and navigation, but the possibilities are endless, I can't wait
I ordered a pair at IO and they are not shipped yet and will not ship until sometime next year. That is all we know for now about when we are getting them
So these are ready for the general public? I've been waitng so long!
finally you guys are posting something glass related
Will this be able to attach to existing glasses since I am very blind and i really dislike the look of the devise also will it have a larger screen size as it looks a bit small for my taste or left and right eye setup or both eyes any ways i cant wait for this technology to get released so i can make it into what i need here are some punctuation marks ..........................
The picture quality actually looks pretty good
Google: How can I buy a pair of Google Glass. I would like to develop apps for it. Thanks
I can't wait to get these! I really don't care what the cost is. This would be so awesome!
Arnoldo I was going to suggest that myself, the camera would work like a motion sensor and respond to hand gestures and then the AMOLED would be the lens, cram enough pixels into it and you might be able to have a very nice high resolution image, and you can always use some other type of see through LED display
Just amazing. I cant wait to get one of these glasses. 
I am 14 and have a Java program that I can convert to work with this, when you put your fingers together the camera recognizes it and snaps a picture. Gosh, all the things I could do for these things if I had one. Google, if you get this message, send me a pair I will be happy to develop some stuff for the OS :D
#ifihadglass I would humbly describe myself as a Social Innovator and a Strategic Philanthropist. As a Social Entrepreneur, I want to use Google-Glasses to help change how we view poverty and the underprivileged. The attached photos and video is from my Social Entrepreneurship experiences. Lastly, the right technology can transform humanity. 
#ifihadglass I would like to use it in Singapore and Portugal for Collaborative tasks and for "Social Connectivity" :)
#ifihadglass  I would make it so when you put your fingers together like a picture frame it snapped a photo without needing to press a button.
#ifihadglass I would use it to discovery the world.  Science is my passion and this master piece of technology and science is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  If I had glass I would use it for the pursuit of knowledge.
My sister’s getting married in the Netherlands. My boyfriend and I are stopping in Reykjavik for a rendezvous around Iceland before traveling London, Paris and Antwerpt with the family. I’d capture the life-changing memories for my uncultured parents, my lovely sister and the stateside family unable to attend #ifihadglass.
suggestion from Anil Kumar Tiwari for google glass..I think
1.It should be charged by solar power. glass must work in deep dark as day light..! glass must have a satellite phone.!
I believe i would be an outstanding canidate for this new product, i have a degree in marketing and a great personality for showing off products. Currently i run Microsofts Kinect Addict channel on youtube, i create videos using a green screen studio and showing off one of the newest and greatest technology Microsoft has to offer, i do it all for the benefit of showing it off i am not contracted to do it. I am also mature, I am 30 and have served in the US military, i would treat this opportunity with much respect and not abuse the privelage. in addition I have alot of cinematography equipement and i would be able to show off the product from many different angles using my other cameras. Thanks for considering me, i would make this new product shine, and i have a great support system, my current girfriend is a science teacher, we live in Boston together and take many trips so the videos would be historic. Thanks Rory Shane McHugh
10% of responders are misspelling the Twitter hashtag (#ifihadglass) 
#ifihadglass- I will develop a new interactive instructional reader. Very useful in projects where people try to fix/do stuff following instructions. Examples like fixing car problems, fixing house hold problems, cooking stuff etc. Glasses can elaborate on the each step while the user is performing the action. Also, can take picture of their problem and video/photo search on google for any answers in case of a hiccup.
#ifihadglass I would wear it in concerts, inside great architectural places around the world in my travels and everywhere where life festive
#ifihadglass  I would record my whole life, then watch it to enjoy my life I won't. I would watch movies while I'm walking. Then crash into a pole or wall or person or.......
Looks awesome! I'd love to be able to use these everyday.
yes exactly, I'm the example of Germany