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The results are in

A few weeks ago we revealed that we were seeking Explorers to help us shape the future of Glass. To do that, we asked people across Google+ and Twitter to tell us what they would do #ifihadglass . We could never have imagined such an enthusiastic response! There were so many creative, diverse, and (sometimes) crazy applications. We’ve certainly learned a lot through this whole process and it’s inspiring to hear how much passion there is for Glass. 

Now for the really exciting bit... we know you’ve all been waiting patiently, which is why we’re pleased to announce that the results are in. Over the next few days we’ll be sending out invitations to our Explorer Program through Google+ and Twitter. So, keep a lookout for tweets and G+ posts from @projectglass and +Project Glass  to see if you’ve been invited. 

We also want to call out that we received great applications from businesses. At the moment, our Explorer Program is only for individuals. However, we are working on connecting with businesses in other ways.

We’re thrilled to be expanding the Explorer Program and we cannot wait to meet our new Explorers.

Remember to follow us on Google+ and Twitter. If you want to learn more about Glass, sign up here to stay informed:
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Good luck to all contestants, can't wait!
that's gonna be awesome. cant wait to get one of those. +1 from me :)
Winter better be coming. And soon!
Congrats to the Explorers - I hope the Glasses are as good as they appear to be :)
Awesome! Is there any chance of a time frame on when explorers will be receiving Glass?
WooHoo!!!! Im excited to see other people get their hands on this. But would be way more excited if I hand my hands on them. 
Welcome to our new Explorer brethren!
Good luck to all! I'd love to say that I'll be selected...but realistically the odds are stacked Lol. 
I need a pair of these, I think they would help me loads. So glad that they are going to be able to be used with prescription glasses.
But when will the explorer units ship, that's the question!
Wtf, just reveal it already ;-) 
I just hope that none of those idiots that want to blend it, drop it off a 100 stories building or see if it burns get one.
+David Simmons I'm sure we will discover whether or not It Blends! in due time. Though it'll make me cry.
I hope I'm on this list so badly
How exciting!!! Just a few more days of waiting. Good luck to everyone!!
On the BBC web site there is a report today that people are trying to get them band in places, before they're even out. Guessing these people would have tried to ban the printing press.
What about all the developers who registered at I/O last year?
Interesting... Why didn't you ask people on Facebook?
Good luck to all! I'm extremely excited! I can't wait to see if I get it. If I don't, I can't wait to follow people that do have it! 
I can't wait to see tons of new Glass posts and pictures!!
Bring it!
These would go perfectly with my bluetooth headset and my phone belt clip. I'll be cruising in style. 
Wish I'd known about "no business applications" part. Oh well, enjoy everyone who wins and please don't record me doing anything stupid...
ZOMG! I'm going to be restless until I know my fate.
I was at Google today, which I am taking as a cosmic sign
Very good. Soon, I expect to see videos on You Tube of these people using Glass. It will be great!
+Ryan Loebs, are you honestly going to think that there aren't glass or android enthusiasts on Facebook?
Best of luck.everyone.
+Aaron Wood Naw, I just think Google would use their own social network to promote their own products.  Lure in some of those enthusiasts by saying they can only get in if they use G+ ;)
+Aaron Wood True, but Twitter isn't a full social network in the same way G+ and Facebook is.
Most Facebook posts aren't public, and therefore aren't searchable like Twitter/G+. Also, no hashtags.
Good luck to everyone who entered!
+Michael Evans, that shouldn't matter... they're spreading the word about Glass. Not implementing the software/hardware currently.
To the people who have used glass here, sum it up in one word?
Crossing my fingers!  This would have made out latest trip so cool!
Alex C
Crossing fingers! Can't wait!
It would be great to know what answers got glass
Get ready to have your life changed 
How do we know who was selected?!? +James Pyle deserves a pair for his brilliant idea submissions!
So exciting! Uh oh I hope +Project Glass knew my submission was me as an individual, not as a business. I think I wrote "will change the way I do business" in my submission.
Cool idea but I'm not at all excited about the always on camera that feeds Google your location and what you are looking at. You people are some trusting souls!
Very excited to see all the creative ideas come to life
I really hope my simple post was picked. I think +Project Glass is perfect for the great outdoors.
Gonna be a great journey! I love technology, especially those that disrupt our lives for the better! Pick the best and let's work together!
I'm very excited. This is great news. Now the wait. Last time I felt like this was waiting to hear back from schools.
The Force is strong with my Glass application.
Very good. I've been waiting patiently for my invite since I applied. Can't wait to get started. Wait a sec — you mean I'm NOT getting one? Sign me "Crushed in Charlottesville." On the other hand... that's $1,500 in walking around money that just went into my pocket. So maybe I'm not so depressed as all that. Heh.
I can't wait till these are available... I can't wait to start working on geocaching integration... did I miss this chance? I would of loved to have been chosen. I guess, I'll wait until the consumer product is out in the Market. I got $1500.00 to spare, too. Next time Google does another campaign like this..I'm definitely interested and would use Glass in so many different ways. Including, recording my daily routine in a Blog/ Diary POV kinda way. 
I think its not gonna fly in the US. Wearing them near infrastructure points schools etc will be prohibited. 
Ivy M
<---- Pick me!!!!
+Project Glass I think it would be great if you guys could maybe work with a Police Department .  And come up with ways they could use Glass. #robocop  
So you're working on making it available to Europe, right? Right?
Good luck to all the contestants. Can't wait for the consumer product release.
Cool, it would be great to wear Glass to the Indy 500.
Could be helpful to test glass in France :-) 
+Alexandre Andrianov It will take off here in the US. Let's just hope whoever is wearing them, have consideration, common courtesy and decency as well as respect to others and the law. It will have us all cry afoul towards anyone who would misuse it for deviant like behavior. It will take off in the, USA. Hope you're one of the lucky ones? 
Wow! Deffnetly can't wait them to arive here in Mzansi.:)
I was gonna try get one pair but the 1500 dollars changed my mind
I would certainly use it while navigating throughout my travels. I see it as a great companion to Android and everything Google. That would benefit with how I use it daily. I'm definitly gonna use it as a second camera from a first person perspective. And then edit with the additional footage I would have on a HD Camera. Documenting my accounts across the great continental divide. I can't wait. :-)
Don't forget (as Google constantly "forgets" to mention in these messages) that the "Explorer Program" is only available to those living in the US... but they're all too happy to let you forget about that to promote it further with zero chance of being rewarded for your ideas!
I would do it. My job its traveling around the world for several monts
this is totally amazing what science can you.
If I get a parent taking them on my trip to Japan this summer to give everyone a firsthand view of what it looks like to be in a kumite match
I could afford to get one, but leaving work to pick it up is problematic. (If they could chain me to my desk they would.) Not as if I have signed enough ndas...
Good luck good luck good luck to the great work...........
+Aaron Wood +Michael Evans, to have had a Facebook would have meant that someone needed to maintain the page like any other functioning business page. Twitter and plus may be easier to add to someone's schedule  :)
it would be nice to see, but doubtfull they will publish, because : trolls
Hope I win.  Good luck to those who submitted as well!  Hoping to become a digital Charlie Bucket!
+Eduardo Camacho news flash there has not been privacy for a while since cell phone could record and take pictures.
Tired of looking down, need G.Glass to sit and surf straight.
This is a great tool _ I cannot wait to see more of it in action.  Not only that, it will be real interesting to see what the courts keep saying about it... To me, it is the culmination of many tools in one - How can a judge say - "No you cannot wear them driving" - yet people have multiple screens going at one time while driving, that certainly distracts them more, than just one eye piece.
+Simon Stuart
The reward for the idea would be the possible implementation of said idea into Glass.  It's not about being "rewarded." It's about helping to make it as awesome as it can be.  For some people that is plenty.  There are many developers that give away their apps for free, open the source code to make it public, artists that share their music, images etc...for free.

Besides, submissions are voluntary :)  
I wish I could have been able to go to I/O to sign up as a developer but I'm young and then was in school.
I know I didn't win but this must feel like Christmas Eve for many of you.
Could you stop hyping this and just release a product. The reviews will speak for themselves they don't need you.
This is surely a look into the future, just as the telescope once was.
Best of luck to everyone .... including me :-)
Can't wait to receive more info on our roles in this project!! So excited!
Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme...
Totally stoked to have been accepted - thanks again!
I like to see the model for those of us who wear glasses....I don't want to wear TWO pairs at the same time :\
Scott L
This is going to be like when all my friends started calling to tell me how they'd just received acceptance letters from their first choice college isn't it?
I want one to fight crime.... To the Googlemobile lets go!!!
I couldn't imagine how many crazy captures I would get on my travels
Wasn't eligible but it was still fun to read other people's entries!  Now I just want Glass to be released!
I thought it was a great idea, but really... I can't afford to pay $1500 on a disability pay to test out if Google Glass would help with said disability. So I didn't bother. You will hit the mainstream (upper middle class) tech group you are aiming for, but one has to wonder how much feedback will be missed from people who would really benefit from this technology than checking social networks and business applications.  
Congratulations to everyone that has already been contacted by the glass team!
Can't wait to hear! Thanks for the update. 
I saw a guy near 42'nd street (Times Square) dressed as Batman standing next to one of those fog vents. 

He'd jump out of the fog and scream "I'm BATMAN" then rush back into the fog.

#ifihadglass this video would have been viral by now.

The only time I win or get selected for anything is when there is actually a prize for
(kiss up) Hey, +Project Glass, have I told you how amazing you're looking today. Have you lost weight? ;)
We need project back to the future to get to December already.

Can't wait to buy my Glass unit. I may need two matter fact Lol.. I don't use glasses all the time. Just for driving.
Here's a thought. There was a post from someone that said "0% chance of privacy. No thanks." And it got me thinking. What if there were an app for smart phones that sent out signal to glass and the soon to be knockoffs that automatically stopped the devices from taking video or picture of you. I know it seems unweildy but with face recognition, perhaps it might be feasible? It could help address a large concern about privacy. 
dont understand why people are so concerned with google glass when there are endless number of cameras on streets, public places and etc nowadays.
Brings the meaning to public places to a whole new level  (。◕‿◕。)
How would we know we were not mistaken as representing our business? My submission was personal.
Great news, that's awesome! 
+ Luis Metzger I am waiting patiently for my numbers to come in ... Hope to get an invite!
That's good to know, that the possibility to receive one is still there  (。◕‿◕。)
This would really make up for the I/O registration mishap... Plus make a great birthday present
Así estarán... O como pongan un diseño cool
So who ever gets picked gets to spend 1500 to get them?
Please include me, please include me, please include me...
would love to.  must have some application usable for an attorney
Ah? What's the red and clear thing on the upper right side?
ppl asking what they are should just goto their page and read
Just a thought, and I'm sure the facility guys at Google have already thought of this but #ifihadglass   I'd want to have it tie into my process plants SCADA system wirelessly.  I'd love to know the current throughput of a pump, just by looking at it. Maybe even use HMIs for controls just give me all my operating data when I look at that area.  look at a pump house, give me equipment running, Amperage, run speeds, GPM, etc.  look at the pump, give me pressure differentials, flows, pump speed, etc.  list processes running, current alarms. This could eliminate a lot of back and forth for trouble shooting.  Oh, I think this might be better than I thought.
Can't wait. Many uses for these glasses. Thank you project glass!
Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
am de
Perfect tool for disabled dude like me. Caption transcription gspot
that's freaking great another 500$ useless thing that nobody cares about what if your walking down the street and a car hits you because your looking at the glasses and not the road I bet it kills your eyes
At the very least, this simple contest inspired me to do more fun/awesome things worth sharing.
Oh my gosh I totally want to have one because I always wished that I could capture some amazing views but sometimes never get to do
this is akward so they come out with touchscreen windows now there puttin them on glasses whos the 'smart one' that made em! anyone with me +1 me if u do
am de
Deaf Gspot
I don't know looks kool but too much!

+Michael Evans
Even Facebook's own numbers show its number of active users are dropping. Not true for Twitter, and not true for Google+ (although for the latter, that's partly because it has nowhere to go but up).
Yeah. Congratulations to the American people involved in it. So jealous
How do ya know they will?
I can't wait until these become main stream!
Man!! I just wish I get chosen!!!!   Super Excited!! :D :D 
That would be awesome cant wait to buy one of those
pity, i never saw an invitation to get one pop up in any feed, anywhere... i could have been interested in terms of education, that's for sure
Love new technology and these glasses tip the scale!! :)
They replied to my G+ application post - check the comments
Best of luck to all who entered
I got in! Crossing my fingers for you if you're still waiting!
I can't wait to get my invite!! Me going to get Glassed! 
Let the game begin, I want to play
I need one of these...Good luck everyone..
+Julian Haeger if you entered... you have to go to one of the events to get it... you don't just get them shipped. 
I can't wait till the Google Glasses are in stock. 
So excited, one way or the other.
I have to admit...I am hoping to get chosen, even those those are some long odds...;^)
I would really like to know which component in this device costs $1,500
Which component in a $600 cell phone costs $600? Companies charge what they think people will pay. Although, in this case, I think Google may be a bit too optimistic.
available for  pre-order in early 2013 
more like -1 if it existed, the final product will be more affordable once the testing is completed, all research has costs.
The future is now... With these glasses😄
Sean G
wonder how the battery works? Fit all that in there.. without installing something in my head. lol
I can't wait for them to come in the store
A little disconserted by the thought that those "chosen" to participate pay $1500 for the "chance" to foot the R&D bill.
Sigh. The only reason I didn't post one is the price, can't afford the $1,500 :(
Great news. I hope google's end of year time frame for market release is still Q4!
I would pretend to be Vegeta from dragonball Z and to any of the bright minds on Google+ come up with a scouter App and I will pay any amount for these specs.
Can't wait to see which gadget will be better! Google Glass vs iWatch.
mg wl
How can this be "a project"if ive already seen it on "girl stars" 
this will be a huge leep forward in the tec. world
Are you kidding me? Glass is a major jump toward perceptual computing, in which people can directly experience integration of data into the way they perceive the world. iWatch is a.... um, a watch, that hypothetically will be, essentially, an elaborate remote for your phone. There's no comparison.
To be among the first few to really test and use Google Glass would be awesome.  I entered the contest, and I have had my fingers crossed every since.  Good luck to all!!
+Simon Stuart People shoulda read the terms in the first place. A lot of people broke the rules pretty quickly. Lol.
OMG! Iwould like to live in U.S for participate in this game play!! I really want it and I need it! I hope this product come to Ecuador :D successful google!!
Hurry up and finish these up so I can give you my money
I should have tried to apply but I didn't feel my 'use' would have been that amazing :(

I just want a neat pair of glasses that keep me from having to look at my phone all of the time.  That application alone is just too cool.
Now the nervous habits are going to kick in until invites have all been sent
Kias H
Bloody awesome
Dude this would be soooooooo cool 
Make no mistake Google is on the cutting edge and poised to take us all where we have only imagined ....
Interested to hear how you will be connecting with businesses. 
I wanna !!!
I can see the application of the Glass in a few areas e.g. medical & PT/OT. Would love to try that out.
Computers in the galsses 0.0 not to sound like a dork, but i need the hands off experience of comglasses
Wei Shi
Awesome!! Wish I can get one!
They're safety glasses, but what is the orange thing connected to it?
Can't wait to see what people will do with the glass project.  People are so creative and life in general is beautiful. If I win you will get to see the world through my eyes, it's not fascinating but to someone it may be. It is to me, I'm a dad.
Crossing my fingers, toes, legs and everything else.... I am so psyched! Ready to see what Glass can do and test its limits!!!
I would compile a list of all pros and cons, compare the two, and use the speed of the internet to either help support your product or bring it down.
If you believe in your product then send me an i-glass and I may support your product If i like it. or if you don't believe in your product then don't send me one, however if you don't send it to me I would simply suppose you don't believe in the product and rate you badly for disbelief... so here are your options:
1. send me the product 50% chance that your product is rated well 50% it isn't
2. don't send me the product and there will be a 100% chance I will place bad ratings on your product.

make your move Google!
I'm a firefighter would like to see how they would work.

I am stoked this would totally help me everyday hands free , would help with everything from working to working out . So can't wait gawd please pick 
Awesome! Good luck to those that applied. 
This is so exciting!  I can't wait!
I will be taking a helicopter in May over the skyline of Hong Kong so will be good to shoot video and photos with this magical glass, pick me :-) 
+Google Glass is definitely a disruptive game changer. I'm looking forward to the positive impact these babies have on the market and how they will enhance our lives...
When T.V Raman gets involved, we might find real exploration. Thank you guys for making cool stuff for people.
LOL, Twitter.  A sure sign that Google+ is a flop when Google still has to use Twitter to move their product.
cant wait! lets broadcast the world!
I want some sooooo badly they r sooo cool😊
I would compile a list of all pros and cons, compare the two, and use the speed of the internet to either help support your product or bring it down.
If you believe in your product then send me an i-glass and I may support your product If i like it. or if you don't believe in your product then don't send me one, however if you don't send it to me I would simply suppose you don't believe in the product and rate you badly for disbelief... so here are your options:
1. send me the product 50% chance that your product is rated well 50% it isn't
2. don't send me the product and there will be a 100% chance I will place bad ratings on your product.
I hope I get to be part of the explorers, anyone know how many they're choosing?
Man, I stopped checking in for a bit and missed everything to get involved...that sucks. Glass is going to be awesome.
Please someone gift me one of these and I will return the favor with some L(|)VE 
Next step; Find $1,500 in an envelope, wait till it goes unclaimed for 30 days then put in Google Glass fund. Then go pick 'em up in SF... Crazier shit has happened, right? Florida chugged some dude and a bedroom set in one drink. 
Oh yeahhh i sooo want NOW!
James S
Hey Google! Work on fixing the broken Enterprise products you have now, rather than cockteasing the next thing.
Everybody here seems to be jumping at the opportunity to become a Borg.

Maybe they'll have to change their introduction from "Resistance is futile" to "Form a single line and no budging!"
bummer they didnt want me.....
I really have been putting a lot of thought into it and I will be developing a microscope add-on for this device. I need Glass! It will be useful all the time!
So what happens to those who got invited and they can't pay for the glasses? Do you reuse their invite to someone else?
I got the golden ticket. Runs straight home
Hey Google People, Sergey if possible: I was disheartened by an April Fool's joke that said I could rent Glass. I really wanted to be able to sport it at my "Backyard BBQ Weddin' Jamboree 2013 (Twenty-Thirteen)" on July 12th. But now, looks as though my Star Trek wedding will be much of a disappointment; for I will not be able to broadcast this event on Google Hangouts.

Any thoughts on remedying my dire situation? My fate is in your hands.
So the glass can be attached to any other glasses in the end? That would be awesome!
i didnt recieve my invite yet google!!!!!!!
I want a pair but they are designed for the right eye and I am legally blind in my right eye would love to see them designed for left eye.
How do u get notified that ur picked
I'm excited to develop a new application for this. As a designer it feels like a great extension for work and play. 
I'm pretty sure I got picked and was supposed to get a private message "in the next few weeks", but I don't seem to have that private message yet. Do I need to wait longer or did I miss the PM?
Shoot. I would love to tryout for the prescription version.
What I would like to know about glass is... How much will it cost? It looks like it is very expensive, but not many people will buy it if it costs as much as a house.