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Picture Perfect

One of the great things about Glass is that the software automatically updates monthly, so Glass gets better every single month without you having to do a thing.  

So, with that in mind... here are a couple of highlights from this month’s new hotness on Glass:

1. Better photos on Glass
Today we’re releasing new software for the camera on Glass. It captures a rapid sequence of shots behind the scenes every time you press the camera button which, when combined, gives you a better picture than what you would get with a single shot. So, what does this new software mean for your pictures? Two things: you no longer have to be afraid of the dark; it'll detect low light situations and automatically capture a brighter, sharper picture. It'll also automatically take HDR pictures in bright scenes. Best of all, this software works even in tough situations where there are moving subjects.
It’s these kinds of useful improvements that make pictures on Glass even more magical. Anyway, it doesn’t make sense for you to read about it, right? Right, which is exactly why we’ve put together an album showcasing a ‘with and without’ of our favourite photos. Check them out and let us know what you think. Here's a link to the images in high-res:

2. Photo captions 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we understand that you may want to add a few. So now, when sharing a photo, you’ll see a message inviting you to add a caption. When you see this, simply tap the touchpad, speak your caption, and voilà! A captioned photo is born. 

We’re starting to roll out these new updates now, as well as a number of other small improvements. We hope you enjoy them and look forward to hearing what you think. Until the next month...

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Allen A
I need my invite +Project Glass so I can experience all the new changes ;-)
They do look and sound fantastic though!
Flass requires this.. so awesome that the camera has gotten more attention.
Fantastic +Project Glass ! Now I just need to know when I can pick mine up. Lol. I've got a lot of events coming up. ;) 
Matt B
Very cool! Can't wait to get my message to come pick up a pair =).

Can we get 'with and without" for android devices?
Ah, there's the post again!  It was posted, then it was gone, then it's back :)
I so want to try out the hotness that is Glass. #Glasswaiter with travel towel here ready to pick up as soon as I get the magic notification. 
Ugh! Stop doing that +Project Glass team! LOL every time I see a message from you all I think it's my invite. But no, I'm let down by messages like this!

Keep up the great work though, this just means my experience will be even better when I have my chance! :)
+Project Glass, any word if there will be a way to turn off the auto HDR function? While nice...some may not want that always on...

Love the low light stuff, my Sony NEX 3N has a similar feature and it works great...can't wait to see how it works on Glass!
Someone help me to contact an explorer that I need to talk about my eye disease. I have disease called RP That makes me blind at night but a normal person during the day. I have an idea of how we can make an app for making better the life of many people who has my disease. But I don't know how to contact Someone from Google Or something. I am from Argentina and I don't know if there's someone in my country who can help me To develop some app or Make reality an idea that I Have in my mind. Regards
+Domingo Rogers The real problem is when they post, then quickly remove the post. I started looking everywhere for the missed post. Thanks for the update +Project Glass ! It just keeps getting better.

Heh.. same here.  The appear/disappear/reappear trick confuses my browser.
Cool! This is the best update so far (well, my first) :) Now, I'll be wearing my Glass more just to use the caption feature.
Well, at least I know I can get posts from Project Glass. Still waiting. 
+Gregg Lantz what missed post? Maybe they decided you can't get them! Gasp

JK - yeah I know what you mean! It messes with your head!
Pick up my glasses on Saturday morning in Mountain View!  Can't wait!
Great news.  On the photo-side, it would be great if Glass could auto-straighten photos as well.  Many of my photos are off by just a few [annoying] degrees - and without a photo preview mode, it's hard to correct for this.
They look very good, almost too good to be true.
Are you saying you took these pictures with and without the update? Same angle, same perspective even holding the glass at the same hight... Hard to believe, very hard!

Shouldn't you say that this is what you "hope for" or something like that... like "this is not actual game play" - these were not actually taken using the glasses. 
Can't wait until Glass is released to the public! And hopefully in an affordable price! It's amazing
Does the extra photo processing consume significantly more energy?
Randy H
Ok, glass is kool and all, however where can you use them if everyone is banning them, like we are not under surveillance anyway
I hope all these features come to next Nexus camera.
+Randy H What places have banned them so far?  I've seen people rant about "privacy concerns" but as of yet haven't heard of anyone outright prohibiting them, except maybe stripclubs and secretive workplaces.
Unfortunately I wasn't picked for the first round of explorers... but coming to Googleplex to visit my AdWords rep next week and would love to be a "fill-in" explorer for those that were invited and couldn't pick up / put up the dough for one.
Gorgeous. My own #throughglass photos have a distinctive look to them -- almost a Marvel comics cartoonishly subjective POV. Not shot with a hand but a face.
+Dumitru Corobceanu what's so hard to believe? They stood still, took a photo without, turned the option on, then took another photo with. Even if there's no toggle option in the production version (I don't know if there is or isn't), a dev/test version would have an easy toggle.
I love the annotation feature for photos and videos - Thank you Glass team!
Oh my goodness! The difference is mind-blowing. There's so much potential here. Thank you, Google.
Now I really want to buy Google Glass. Pictures look so much better in low light conditions.
thanks for letting us know about the automatic updates. good to know. I'm also super psyched about the captioning. YES!
Wow. Those are some fantastic pictures taken by Glass! 
Hope to see this Photo Improvement Software added to Android 4.3 Camera.  
I keep throwing my money at these pictures +Project Glass but my purchase link isn't appearing ;p Anyways, amazing photo updates. HDR really brings the quality up a notch.
Can't wait till the price drops to a reasonable price point.
Wow! The difference between each picture is astounding!
Super cool! It's worth noting that the images displayed directly in the article appear to have some weird colorspace issues, whereas the high-res photos from the link are much better.
Please make this available for the market soon :-) 
My proposed #glass idea will be even better with the upgrade. I'm on pins and needles for the release. 
Brian G
I need these glasses now!!!!
Beautiful pictures. I would really like a pair 
Bring on the GDK!  Or at least let us add stuff to the main menu.   Pretty excited about the updates.  Is there somewhere we can see a list of the "other small improvements"?
Cool. Nice to see it develop more and more
So are these before and after photos of an updated camera software?
Brian G
I love the HDR feature anyone can download it on their phone. I have it on my RAZR Maxx.
I can do much better picture with my compact camera for < 200$
These pictures are awesome, how about video though? How's the quality in low/high lightlevel areas? 
Waiting for my invite via Twitter where I was accepted into the Explorers Program. Can't freqing wait :)
Mui buena infrmacion, aver si pronto podemos tenerla en casa a precio considerable
#PleaseMayIHaveGlass  - I promise to take more wonderful shots of beautiful scenery and little girl birthday parties and young men graduation days.

These are lovely. I do truly look forward to when glass is available for sale to the rest of us!
Brian G
Androids phone have had HDR for a few years.
Yea....price has to drop. So I can get mine
Looks like its shaping up to be a great product. 
Yea....think its going to be second nature to have folks were watches
+Ashley Mcdermott -1. Glass is nothing but a mounted camera when it comes to taking pictures or recording videos. You say a Glass can "secretly" tape anyone. But aren't there more "hidden" kind of items available to do so. Why to criticize something so amazing for such false sense of privacy.
Raj D
Beautiful greenery
Brian G
People take pictures with stupid little spy pens at least this out in the open on someones face.
You need a low light setting for the camera as that photo in the cafe you can only just see the women across from the glass wearer
Hope Google glass comes to Germany too. Saving my money already. 
When is it going to be available and what is the cost? The pictures are fantastic.
The (HDR-) effect is also very remarkable in the intern camera app on the Nexus 4. +Project Glass , is this the same method?
I'm so hard for glass, gimme gimme gimme, I want it now, more stuff more stuff is what I need to make my life complete, I'm so empty inside.
When can we get this on regular old +Android devices (phones, specifically)?  It looks fantastic!
Excellent! Now all is left for me is to just get the glass itself.. A minor but important detail :D
Mmmh.. i usually don't like activating HDR but that makes me want to use it, especially at night.
Cool toy but I won't be hanging out or talking to anyone wearing one. Glass wearers will be shunned because people will suspect they are being recorded. Yes I've heard there is a red light that comes on when recording but it will take about 30 seconds for an ap developer to create an ap to overwrite that so you can record without others knowing.
Automatically, eh? That's have the digital rights activists watching you like a hawk.
Brian G
+Paul Nicholls didn't you read my post? You can download an app called HDR or HDR Pro on your Android Phone.
+Project Glass any idea if and when this is coming to the UK. Long time nexus user and I want to show case it here for you?
Luka S
Bullshit these aren't pictures taken with glass. Take a look at that rocky coast. That was taken with a DSLr and 2hrs of photoshop
Looks amazing...Well done Google
Glass is awesome. Look forward to the day I get a pair on my head.
@all: Just joined this "group"- I just have ONE question: when can I buy my Google Glass in Germany? End of 2013? Please let me know! 
Hello ! Would some members of the team accept to answer some questions about Google Glass' design? I'm currently writing a thesis.

Here is my email :
I so would love to be able to try these out
amazing. love that these software updates are rolling out. This HDR is pretty impressive :) +Project Glass 
So, low light pictures is a nogo with this 1500 dollar device.
I was going to come on here and post about how much I'd like to be able to buy the silly things... but it seems that's been said already :P
you should take a job at google if you have complaints, be glad google is so innovative. no one else is
Is there some type of insurance to cover breakage ? Im guessing glass is not cheap
Joe Brown you will be carefull with glasses that costs about $1600 i guess LOL
If I don't get mine soon I'm going to tape my phone to my head
Sigh yes we know, it's amazinger and because it's not the amazingest we can't have it yet. But this is just torture.
The support group would just be us regular people. Maybe we should have made up some cool stories to get chosen, oh well.  Once it's out, it will be purchased.
Max Kit
The monthly updates are awesome. Finally we can do away with the whole waiting for months thing. Hah, I can't believe I'm saying this but this is one area where mobile devices need to be more like PCs - in the area of OS updates. Look at Windows 8. Whenever there's an update it just quietly downloads it and waits for the next time you restart to install it. Beautiful. Glass (and all other mobile devices) should be like that. There is no reason to wait x weeks or x months. Whenever there's a little tweak you can make, just roll it out, let the people enjoy it! :) We need this on all devices!
I'm plugged in and awaiting the latest update. I want to try out Notification Glance!