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It was an incredible honor to collaborate with Diane von Furstenberg for her show at New York Fashion Week. DVF's style is effortless, modern and empowering - just like Glass. 

We had an amazing time at the show yesterday. In case you missed it, here's an album of stunning Glass images that were captured both backstage and on the runway.

Stay tuned for the short film 'DVF through Glass' airing September 13th on the +DVF  Page and Google's YouTube Channel. 
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Can we start seeing less stuff about using Glass as a camera, and more about the potential augmented reality uses?  I'm really excited about this project, but just using it as a camera is by far the least exciting aspect, and the least revolutionary.
+Kyle Woodlock It is also the aspect most likely to work as advertised, so emphasizing it is good to manage realistic expectations.  :)
Eric B
First person view horror films....
Interaction with game consoles...
Enough said.
it will be very cool to just take images of anything i see :D
+Kyle Woodlock In IO they said that showing that would be very, very hard since how can you show it?

Though it is true, if I get this, using it as a camera would be the least I use it for. 

Maybe they can take a picture of the inside of the glasses while on? (so we can see the little images and stuff). 
It would be cool to see them being used in some kind of sports. :-)
+Pedro Rodriguez Sounds like they need a test dummy head with webcams stuck in the eye sockets to show the user perspective.

Just don't bring the dummy to press events and creep everyone out.
I am imagining what can be done with Glass, Maps and Street View. Then I think about Glass, image recognition and search. Then I am drooling so much I have to take a break.
I actually would like to see what type of interaction design they come up to manage the data being displayed. Retina tracking, eyelid closings confirmation, and depth focus perception capture would be awesome! Drooling already.
How is glass going to work for people without 20/20 vision? Will it come in Rx lenses? As an snap-on to regular Rx glasses?
You have to give credits to Google for pushing so hard the public to accept the fact that people will want to walk with a display above their eyes in the near futur. 
Using super model during fashion week ? Brilliant.
+Scott Jordan They mentioned that it is actually a small attachment on the right, so it should attach to any kind of glasses (including prescription). Of course, I can see prescription glasses frames being made specifically for Glass (a bit of weight on the left to balance, have glass installed directly into the frame, etc). 
where is the product? I don't see it except in 2 photos where its hard to see
what about the blue screen of death? or the un-removable hour glass? Running windows on it will be the ultimate test.
I want this more than anything, but Google, please don't turn in into a camera/facebook machine. All I want out of life is to be able to browse the internet with this thing.
I think the cool thing is that it's versatile, it could be a direct interface to someone in a haz mat suit, or a way for kids to play space battle, it can be social, geeky, it could even be used to help the disabled.  It's simple tech that people can find their own purposes for.
really cool to see something like this from the models' perspective. Glass opens up an event like this from a new (at least for me) POV, as a very different experience.
Eu quero ser o primeiro a matar todos os meus amigos de inveja com o ProjectGlass. Quero Um!.
Awesome device!! So when will these be available to the public? 
+Tom Morley Cool. That's not too far away. I'm guessing they are gonna keep that $1500 price tag as well. By that time it'll probably be worth it. Thanks man!
me parece increíble y fascinante la idea pero considero que la parte más gruesa del equipo puede ir detrás de los oídos, así reduciríamos notablemente lo notorio del marco a la derecha, que se tornaría ultra delgado tan solo con los botones necesarios... además deja espacio para aquellos que les gusta usar gafas con lunas a medida.
On the battlefield with AR and our boys and girls will be well equipped with up to the minute tactical data, hooked into their UAV devices. Awesome
Will there be an option to have a handheld keyboard/stylus pad? While there are many functions where voice-activated commands are optimal, sending a text, editing a photo(reply with comments or edits),  need for privacy during crowded area, etc. will necessitate a different option other than voice-activated commands. For instance, since the glasses provides a screen to the user, a semi-stylus pad and/or keyboard combination will expand the utilities for the google glasses
+Tom Morley early reports are just that, that it will be as an addition to your mobile, which is the best way
I was looking at the google glasses as a replacement for a mobile device. With a visual screen readily available, the google glasses should be capable of replacing a smartphone. Also, I was talking about a physical handheld keyboard combined with a stylus pad that will replicate the capabilities of a mobile device. Just spitballing some ideas. 
+learn time That isn't what Project Glass is about from what I've seen so far, to be honest in my opinion your idea sounds more like a tablet with a dock
will they function as actual glasses for short sighted people such as myself or will I have to wear two pair of glasses? lol
Oscar, they fit over top of glasses from what I've seen
yo quiero unas gafas de estas 
+Josh Shaske +oscar menendez , they are working on two versions form factor wise. I've with the arms and noise bridge for people who don't wear prescription glasses and a version that will clip into your prescription glasses
+Shivam Parikh is what possible? Is the concept possible? They are in prototype stage, if you Google project glass, you will see, videos including from the Google IO developer conference showing them off, at the conference they where taking orders from select developers for the price of $1500 USD they are apparently likely to be ready for public sale in 2014
+Sarah Price You guys are truly designing a possible future technology that actually MAKE SENSE.  
So, what type of basic services would be included in 1st version of glass when its sold to the public? 
Keep me in the loop for future updates on glass! 
+Sarah Price Is it still likely to be 2014 for general release? As an unemployed UK based Geek who couldn't get to th IO conference and sign up for the developers release, I'm getting itchy to see these first hand, but if Project Glass team could help me, I'd do anything......
When is it gonna hit the shores of INDIA?
+Sarah Price Thanks for the confirmation of non information Sarah. Although not ideal your response is truly appreciated. Any the project glass team can loan me a pair for a UK based idea? 
Yeah I know it's frustrating +Carl Brown. It is just difficult to say right now, especially when it comes to international availability. Every country has its own culture, language (or, in the case of English US vs. UK, spelling and pronunciation), and laws/regulations. It will take some time to address those, and we are still in the early days for Glass.

+Josh Shaske Thanks for the interest :) I still don't have any updates on availability right now, so stay tuned to this page.
Updates updates updates. Can we please hear more about the project, like specs, capabilities and release dates?
+Sarah Price Thanks for the further response. I hope that you can please let me know as soon as you can get a pair into my UK hands :) If not is there a way I can send specific ideas that I think will help to easily integrate Glass further in all Countries
Is perfect the use of a mirror! :D
you can use that, for a videoconference... between 2 google glass
doesn't need nothing more :)
+Kasu Kidane check out the latest video they have released on YouTube. Showing features but, yes +Sarah Price I know that Google are looking to get them out into the hands of new developers. I'm still in the UK without the $1500 USD but, I'm free and I have ideas. Can you make it happen? 
No way would I pay 1500 USD for them, anything over £450 is too much for them... 
Please, I wanna be a Glass Explorer. The first in Brazil. I promise that I can show you the most beautiful places here. I'm creative. 
#ifihadglass UK :Shame that applicants from only the USA get the chance to join the trial. Some other nations have bright ideas too !!
#ifihadaglass I would make skiing videos and share them to Google+ circles at mount Sunapee NH.
#ifihadaglass my dream will come true. I will follow you-Great Google.It is a good opportunity for me.My phone is out of fashion ,I plan to buy a new one.Meanwhile I have no a good camera.
#ifihadaglass  i would be able to travel and capture the rare that happen fast moments when you can't with a camera  i mean it would be awesome. I'm not big in technology; but, this of course i would totally buy.
#ifihadaglass I would capture and document the builds at the local DMS.  From the making and firing of the mach 1 ping pong ball, to capturing my 4 year old starting to drive his bicycle with no training wheels, and last planning and executing a motorcycle road trip with the family.
Hey folks -- make sure to post your #ifihadglass  applications as new posts, rather than as comments.
+Harel House can you clarify that because your suggested picture didn't make sense
+Sarah Price what is the reason behind restriction to the US only? The normal response is legality but, I am aware of no legal issues that would prevent Glass from being used in the UK
Because google is a USA based company, they want to test it in their own back yard in case there are issues with the peripherals. They don't want someone that is halfway around the world have problems with the device and them not being able to help.
That is a disgustingly poor reason and with respect I was looking for the genuine response from Google. Not to mention that they have a huge office within the UK. Not to mention that in the hands of someone based elsewhere the tech could be tested and developed to ensure compatibility outside of the US
+Carl Brown ...I'm not affiliated with Google either. But I can say that the EU / UK privacy laws are much more strict that what we have in the US (we don't really have many Privacy laws yet... in that regard Europe is way ahead of us). That said, there is also the whole issue of getting the product approved through regulatory bodies (I'm not sure how that works either) and logistics of people flying to New York or California to get them fitted (a requirement if you get the opportunity to buy them early in the US is that you have to show up and buy them in person with your credit card - This means if someone from Denver gets the chance to buy them it is still a few hundred dollar flight to pick them up). It is a stretch for people in the US to have to travel to New York or California as well, but at least it doesn't involve crossing an ocean. Lastly, I'm thinking Google is making people pick them up in NY and California so that less people want to get them who aren't in NY or California. This is a beta test and it makes the most sense to test the hardware where their software is most mature. It makes little sense for someone to beta test the glasses if they live in an area without Google Local, Maps, Schemer, and other Google Applications the glasses may use.  

Supposedly they will be out by the end of this year in the US though, so they may make it there late this year / early next. 
#ifihadglass i would go out in public to show it off, scan my surrounding environment, make a Harlem shake video, work out with it on, take pictures while rock it would be so awesome. After I do EVERYTHING I can think of, I would educate people about the device and how the piece of hardware of the future of Google and the future of connected technology.
#ifihadglass i will design a bluetooth keyboard+mouse which can be worn as a ring composition stainless steel and carbon fiber to make glass truely wireless/hands free. Also i would partner with Oakley goverment division which produce high quality military products and integrate glass in the field which will inturn give us a very well tested product with some military twiks which will benefit civilian use. With the nano sim card now availble i would integrate cellular service in glass which will provide network access anywhere at any time. Due to limitation of technology at this moment in time Neural Interface is a dream but due to the design i would work on biological and techological merge which will not only enhance the product line as well as benefit human understanding of information all of this inovation only under GOOGLE brand.
Hi +Carl Brown, in any country where we would sell Glass, we'd need to follow local laws (including regulatory approvals) and also need to make sure Glass will be a good experience (language, culture, infrastructure, etc). It may be that both of these will be possible for other countries someday, but they both take a lot of time to get right -- and people rely on us, as Google, to get it right. These are still the very early days for Glass -- remember we haven't actually launched anywhere yet! -- and we have to take it one step at a time. Today that means a relatively small number of Glass owners in one legal/cultural environment. But we do know there is a lot of interest outside the US, and that there are a lot of awesome creative people outside the US. We hope to make Glass available in more places in the future.
+Matt Collins the privacy laws with regards to the EU I have looked into. The film from POV without notice isn't an issue under UK and EU laws you can legally film outside in public without notice. The device parameters are within similar parameters of devices such as sunglasses with built in video. The rest of the features are within line of current mobile devices so that's not an issue. And we have the Google applications already. +Sarah Price I think it's a great plan on Goggles part to make us want the product more. 
+Carl Brown Wouldn't be that sure - once had a webcam directed towards a busy street in Munich, with the entrance of a coffee-house on the other side... they forced us to take it down (even if one could barely recognize anything at that low-resolution, years ago). Only law enforcement is allowed to do so - also, if one pictures me... I certainly can ask for the film - simply because I hold the copyright, while being the "original material" (well, deletion makes no sense for SD, since it only unlinks the file from the file-system - so I could most likely demand the whole chip). Just requires previous permission given - when intending to publish or broadcast it in every case. Ripped out the film of the peoples cams several times already - never got into trouble.
On stage is probably the only place where this not applies.
Not sure about the rest of Europe but, in the UK it is legal to film in public without permission. You aren't allowed to film individuals specifically but, generally in the public
It's only about filming persons, especially when it's about filming faces.
In any case I think this will bring up some interesting privacy concerns. The EU has a lot more developed privacy laws than the US because you have been around much longer and your are much more geographically compact (for lack of a better term). The US law has adjusted over time from the initial goal of the right to be let alone (Warren and Brandeis) to now where people aren't allowed to know the rental history at video stores, mainly because law makers were embarrassed when some information about questionable rentals leaked. 

I hope the technology works, but being able to record people without being obvious (at least now you have to hold your phone up while recording) may be interesting. That said, I did see an argument that secretly recording with glass might be harder because you actually have to look at the person you are recording, and people pick up on others staring at them. 

In other news, the following map roughly shows how technologically populated and connected Europe is relative to the US:
(It's a pretty cool survey, actually)
+Matt Collins That bit about having to stare directly at someone to record them is actually quite brilliant. I hadn't thought of it, but is it enough to build a pro-Glass case when a ban is proposed?
I'm not sure. There is also the issue that you don't have to take glass out (where you would take a cell phone out). 
I don't see how you would have to stare directly at people. That would give it a very narrow field of view I would have thought it was easily going to be in the 135 degrees plus field of view
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