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Hands up who’s on their summer break from Uni and is looking for PR work experience! 🙋‍♀️

If you want to kick start your career (and can make a decent cup of tea!) we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us an email at

A video that celebrates everything 2016, full of #viral people, #memes and videos. Welcome to #YoutubeRewind2016

Prohibition is recruiting, if you at least three years experience in PR and are talented then we want to speak to you. More details here:

Our MD takes a closer look at Samsung's Crisis: #crisismanagement #samsung

We've been working with @TheFuelcardCo to look at the nation's bad driving habits. Are yours in included?

When Kim Kardashian-West returns to social media, her life won't be as open and on display

We reveal the UK's worst driving habbits, check out our fun driver personality app to find out what kind of driver you are: #driving #motoring #cars

Our MD @chris_norton gives his view on how to perform a social media audit.

We can probably think of a few more but here are 7 Tips for Getting Your Money's Worth when hiring a PR Firm:

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