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Harvesting Innovations, Spreading Opportunities
Harvesting Innovations, Spreading Opportunities

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Rural iKNOWations: The Procasur Corporation Global Newsletter is NOW OUT!!

See what we have been up to during the past year.... Discover the impacts of cavies farming on household food security in Peru and how best practices on cavies breeding are being shared in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon, learn how farmers are adapting to climate change using shade cloth horticultural farming in Mozambique and climate information services in Rwanda, find out about sustainable inclusion of vulnerable small-scale producers in the food value chain in Senegal and download your copy of the Procasur Asia Pacific ROUTASIA II Programme freshly released Completion Report... And so much more to learn!

#DidYouKnow that in 2016 PROCASUR visited 9 countries (Senegal, Mauritania, Rwanda, Mozambique, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador) as hosts to our case studies best practices and had the participation of 18 countries (Brazil, Guatemala, Nigeria, Venezuela, Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Benin, Cape Vert, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, Sierra Leone, Chad, RCA)?

PROCASUR and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) have been working together to learn from practice and promote South-to-South cooperation in the framework of the Cross-Regional Programme “Strengthening Capacities and Tools to scale up and disseminate Innovations”. The cross regional Programme runs across East and Southern Africa, West and Central Africa and Latin america and the Caribbean.

In our first 2017 newsletter issue is a summary of PROCASUR's most relevant initiatives implemented in 2016 equipping farmers to make a positive change in agriculture.

This publication not only represents for us a new instrument for sharing local knowledge-based innovations with all the people who follow us and work with us for an inclusive rural transformation, but also a collection of highlights on life-changing learning paths, local champions who really make the difference in their territories and institutions, and good practices as effective footsteps in the direction of sustainable development. This first issue showcases a summary of the most relevant initiatives implemented in 2016 with our partners in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Read more at:


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How leveraging Learning among civil society alliances can effectively create opportunities to fight malnutrition in Africa:

At the beginning of November 2016, 27 representatives of SUN-CSAs from 9 African countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Rwanda), met together with 13 SUN-CSN, SUN Movement and PROCASUR staff, donor agencies and development practitioners, in Kigali, Rwanda, to participate at the 6 days “SUN-CSN Rwanda Learning Route. Building regional efforts to promote learning across countries on how to address malnutrition”.

Read more about the initiative here: 

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How do we address malnutrition issues in East and Southern Africa?

Watch this wonderful documentary on the Learning Route that took place in October 2016 in Rwanda on: Leveraging Learning among Scale Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliances. The main aim of the learning initiative is to build regional efforts to promote learning across countries on how to address malnutrition.

The Scaling Up Nutrition Movement SUN Civil Society Network in collaboration with Procasur Corporation and the SUN Alliance learning exchange in Rwanda:

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Scaling up Climate Smart Solutions to reduce post-harvest losses in Mozambique and Rwanda:

Practical Solutions to Climate Change Adaptation in production and post harvesting sectors in East and Southern Africa: 

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The "Knowledge Management Tools for Enhanced Project Performance" is a learning initiative organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Country Office in Sudan in collaboration with Procasur Corporation. The training workshop on Learning Route implementation and impact evaluation is one of the activities organized under the project and is taking place between the 18th and 21st of September 2016, in Khartoum, Sudan:

The objective of this learning initiative is to elaborate on the lessons learnt, project results, impact evaluation and replication of good practices gained from the implementation of past learning routes; capitalizing on this knowledge for a way forward in the scaling-up of these good practices.

Read more here:

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Please have a look at the photos from our recently concluded training workshop on: "Inclusive management of local knowledge through the systematization of good practices" that was held in Senegal between the 6th and 9th of September 2016 in Dakar and Kaolack! For more on this training please go to our website: 

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A recent IFAD event: Forum on Empowerment through Household Methodologies discusses the use of the Gender Action Learning System (GALS) methodology to understand gender and to boost financial inclusion and empowering rural men and women to work together using household methodologies with +Fred Iga Luganda and @Viviana Sacco …

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+PROCASUR Global an International Fund of Agriculture Development (IFAD) works with farmers building on local knowledge for global south innovation!

To learn more:

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In this video “Building change within the South” visual evidences of the initiatives conducted in Africa, Latin America and especially in Asia by +PROCASUR Global in partnership with private and public institutions and support from IFAD, are presented along with key concepts and features highlighting the last years’ outcomes achieved in terms of people empowerment through knowledge-based rural innovations learning and sharing. Methodologies’ aspects and the importance of networks’ building and actions to secure aid effectiveness within South to South Cooperation frameworks point out Procasur priorities and its systemic approach to sustainable and inclusive development in alignment with the 2030 SDG Agenda.

+Procasur Asia +Procasur América Latina y el Caribe 
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