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Pro Car Mechanics is by far the best, honest, upfront, quality, cost effective autonomy shop in the South Bay (if Gardena is considered the South Bay). Anyway, I have been coming here for years now, since they were Pro Car Buyers, and i must say they've only improved over time! Ethan treats the customers like they were his own family, he sincerely looks out for people, like nothing I've ever seen before from a "car guy". This is not your typical auto mechanic shop, if you take your car in and you just need an oil change, they won't tell you you need a new engine, they are the most honest people, they don't sell you on things you don't need, they won't make up problems to make money off of you, they are a relationship based company, you don't see that too often nowadays. I believe every man must have his main physician (doctor), his barber who can only cut your hair the way you like it, your favorite bartender that makes your drink just right, your tailor who you go to for all things custom so you don't have to go to some random guy to do those awkward measurements, and finally your car guy. You need that person that you can trust won't screw you over when it comes to your car and Pro Car Mechanics is the place for that! Even if you got a quote call them to get a second opinion, it's well worth it, and 9 times out of 10, you will most likely save some money and get quick affordable and reliable service! And don't just call them for mechanic stuff, if you see a car you want to buy, Ethan and his crew will find you the car of your dreams for the price you want it. As a dealer he has the ability to get any car and more often then not he will save you hundreds of dollars, and this guy knows his BMW's and Land Rovers! Call Pro Car Mechanics for EVERY one of your Auto Needs!!!!
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