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One Of Our Blogs regarding Copper Theft Melbourne.
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Prowatch: Your Securty Systems Service and Maintenance in Melbourne

November 10th, 2015
A device-based security solution is a little like an attentive guard dog, always ready to raise the alarm when a suspicious stranger appears. Of course, sensitive electronics comes into play in this instance, not animal senses, but it’s still an apt metaphor. Unfortunately, just as with canine guards, electronic safeguards can drop their defences. They age and breakdown, succumbing to system-damaging power surges and abrasive weather changes. Security Systems Service and Maintenance in Melbourne may not have much to worry about from heavy rainfall, but there’s still plenty of things that can go wrong over the course of the gears working life.

Waking the Resting Beast

Unlike other equipment on your property, your security system doesn’t appear to do much, even though it’s constantly buzzing with activity. All of those motion sensors and infra-red detectors are likely working in the background as they should, keeping a digital eye on everything, but there’s no way to know for sure unless the system is periodically tested. A system maintenance routine switches the equipment hub to a special service position and tests each detector, thus ensuring every alarm performs properly. It evaluates the performance of window and entryway switches, passageway sensors, and even scrutinizes the parts of the system that are obviously functioning, such as CCTV cameras and door locks.

A Service Strategy Helps Security Evolve

A dedicated service program goes beyond this test routine, working diligently to improve system functionality. Old black and white CCTV systems, as one example, have been ousted in favour of new solutions, such as high-definition cameras. Internet connectivity adds to this service upgrade philosophy, delivering cord-free wireless versatility. Current service options still work hard to maintain existing solutions, but security systems service and maintenance in Melbourne is quickly embracing the mobile technology revolution, meaning IP cameras and wireless sensors are finding their way into every environments, from corporate office to suburban residence. Additionally, these feature-rich kits offer advantages that far surpass older systems. Night vision features and remote smartphone monitoring capabilities top this list.

In the competitive security business a high-functioning maintenance plan is an integral part of an intruder prevention strategy. The service stage of this work finds potential problems before they develop into major security blind spots, thus ensuring vandals and crooks can’t hide from the 24/7 watchful presence of just tested sensors. Whether installed in the heart of the Nicholson Street Mall or the West Melbourne Industrial District, give free rein to security systems service and maintenance in Melbourne and know that every part of the system may be passively active at any given moment, but it’s also ready to quickly raise the alarm should your perimeter be violated, all thanks to an active service plan.


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CCTV Alarm Monitoring for businesses in Melbourne . How it can save you money & time. Keep your Staff - Stock - Premises Safe 24/7.

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