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Maternity is a wonderful gift a woman has got from nature. All women are considered beautiful with the power to bear children. The power to reproduce, along with the physical organs contained within women are considered sacred by many religions, in particular Hinduism. However, there are many women in the world who are deprived of the wonderful experience of creating life. For many women, motherhood is not just a blessing but also their pride and the soul purpose in their life.

Flowers are bestowed with the same reproducing ability. Flowers are pleasant to look at by nature and they attract bees to help them with the pollination with their feminine beauty. I am using beautifully blooming flowers as well as dead ones to illustrate the beauty of being a woman. The white background is used to highlight the shapes and forms seductively. These forms accentuate femininity. Through this body of work, I am celebrating womanhood.

I have shot the flowers while they were fresh and blooming and as they whither and die. The life cycle of the flower represents the beauty of a woman at her peak of youth, as she matures to become worldly and as she grows old and wise. The flowers are in various hues of red to further define womanhood. Men often describe their attraction to a woman’s red luscious lips. Red as a color represents passion, love, strength and blood (life), which are few symbols to describe a woman. Red also has unique meanings in different cultures. In India and Nepal, women wear red on their wedding considering it an auspicious color. In Japan, a red kimono is a symbol of happiness and good luck.

The tints and shades of red flowers make the viewer experience various emotions. The forms and shapes, which are highlighted by abstracting the flowers, create patterns similar to a woman’s body or private organs. By applying a romantic approach in my body of work, I have discovered new subjects within my subject of study (flowers), with definitions like strength, power, motherhood, femininity, woman, passion, etc. Both abstraction and non-abstraction of flowers linger in the same theme like various musical keynotes in sync.

Dominique Bollinger’s abstract flower photography project from 1996 to 2011, has inspired me to use abstraction of flowers to view nature’s hidden secrets and definitions within the flower. The aging of flower not just define femininity, but also the cycle of life, death and then a new life again. Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism believe in the idea of reincarnation. Likewise, as a flower perishes, it leaves behind its seeds from the seedpod for a new life or continuation of its genes.
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