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Try this recipe for a Pitch Deck angel investors, incubators, and accelerators really want.  #pitchdeck  #investors  #seedmoney   #startupcapital #monetization  
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Your Arrest record is public but it can't stop you if you're driven to succeed #driven #ambition #persistence #startupbusiness #runningabusiness  #arrestrecord
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Just launched the new Erookie brand page here on Google Plus. Follow us to get the best help on startup business advice. Much success to you all.
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  • Syracuse University
    1996 - 2000
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Humanitarian. Author. Entrepreneur. Environmentalist.,, and
Vice President of the Early Development of Global Education. The Early Development of Global Education will provide leadership, education, services and advocacy that will assist in revolutionizing a global humanitarian movement of environmental education and awareness through partnerships with families, teachers, schools and our global communities.
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Miami, Fl
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