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Come join us at Carmel Senior Living to celebrate spring! #PriorityRehab #Carmel #Wellness #Dance

Carmel Senior Living
13390 Illinois St.
Carmel, IN 46032

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Vital Stim® Therapy for Dysphagia at Priority Rehab in Carmel, Indiana

Dysphagia (dis-FAY-ja), or difficulty swallowing, affects nearly 15 million Americans. Dysphagia can occur as a result of a stroke or other neurological diseases, COPD or difficulty breathing, history of prolonged ventilator use or tracheotomy, prolonged inactivity (bedridden) or deconditioning as a result of aging, cancer of head/neck, injuries to head, neck or chest areas, or those with a dementia diagnosis. Symptoms of dysphagia can include:

-Coughing or clearing your throat during/after eating/drinking
-Wet vocal quality
-Recurrent chest infections
-Inability to swallow
-sensation of food getting stuck in your throat or chest
-Bringing food back up (regurgitation)
-Unexpectedly losing weight
-Having to cut food into smaller pieces or avoiding certain foods because of trouble swallowing

For some people with dysphagia, exercises to improve the muscles used for swallowing may be prescribed. This in conjunction with Vital Stim® therapy can help strengthen and increase coordination for the muscles used for swallowing. Vital Stim® therapy was cleared by the FDA in 2002 and is a non-invasive external neuromuscular electrical stimulation placed on the neck or face that helps with treatment of dysphagia.
At Priority Rehab and Wellness, our speech pathologist will complete a clinical evaluation of your swallowing to determine appropriateness of the Vital Stim therapy (following receipt of a prescription from your medical provider for Vital Stim and dysphagia therapy.) This evaluation will include obtaining information regarding medical history, swallowing history, perception of the problem, cognitive status, and trials of food liquids as applicable. If needed, further tests may be recommended: x-ray of swallow (Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study), referrals to GI or ENT as appropriate.
So, how exactly does Vital Stim work? Based on your swallowing test results, our Speech Pathologist at Priority Rehab and Wellness will determine which electrode placement will benefit specific muscles to improve your swallowing. The electrodes will be placed on your neck and the Vital Stim device turned on. The speech pathologist will then lead you through swallowing exercises and trials of food or liquid.
Any questions? Call Priority Rehab and Wellness at 317-688-8232 and we can answer them for you today!

#vitalstim #dysphagia #priorityrehab #carmel #speechpathology

If you are suffering from the symptoms of Tennis Elbow, call Priority Rehab today!

Tennis elbow, or Lateral Epicondylitis, is a pain condition that occurs when the tendons of your elbow are overworked, often by repetitive motions or the wrist or arm. The pain from tennis elbow often occurs where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to the outside of our elbow, however this pain can also spread to the forearm and wrist.

The therapists at Priority Rehab offer conservative approaches to treating and relieving the pain caused by tennis elbow, such as stretching, gentle strengthening exercise, use of cold laser treatment and even options for braces which may help to reduce stress on the injured tissue.

The symptoms caused by this condition may worsen if not treated properly, which can lead to continued or worsened pain. To hear about your options for treatment of Tennis Elbow, contact Priority Rehab at 317-688-8232, today!

#tenniselbow #priorityrehab #carmel

Speech Pathology and Dementia with Priority Rehab and Wellness
When one hears the phrase “speech therapy,” for their loved one, they may think, “well, mom talks just fine.” Or, “it’s because of the dementia that mom can’t talk.” Or even, they have dementia, what’s therapy going to do for mom?”
What many people don’t realize is that speech therapy encompasses many things, and helping those with dementia and their family is one of those things! At Priority Rehab and Wellness, our speech pathologist can assist someone with dementia and their family with the goals “safety and quality of life for the patient, improving balance and mobility, and improving relationships among the patient, nursing staff, and family by decreasing repetitive behaviors, catastrophic outbursts, wandering, and the many other dementia-induced behaviors, as well as decreasing aspiration risk and improving nutrition and hydration. The goal is to create a world that makes the most sense to patients at their stage of dementia.” (Watson, Shadowens, 2009)
At Priority Rehab and Wellness, after a thorough interview with you and your loved one with dementia, our speech pathologist will determine your loved one’s level of dementia (staging). Through staging and determining spared vs. impaired capabilities, our speech pathologist can determine effective intervention strategies and management.

#speechpathology #dementia #carmel #priorityrehab #speechtherapy

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Are the symptoms of hand arthritis affecting your daily activities? Are you tired of dealing with stiffness or pain due to hand arthritis when trying to perform the tasks you enjoy? Call Priority Rehab in Carmel, today!

Your hand is made up of multiple small joints that all work together to perform movement. When hand arthritis occurs, simple activities and repetitive tasks such as typing on a keyboard, tying your shoe, gripping utensils, or fastening buttons become much more difficult. Arthritis is defined by inflammation of one or more of those joints. Hand arthritis wears away at the cartilage of the joints which is the cushioning material between the bones and can cause symptoms including joint pain, joint stiffness, a grinding feeling, swelling, warmth, and changes in your surrounding joints. Hand arthritis has many different causes including disease and trauma. If not treated properly, the bones that make up the joint can lose their normal shape resulting in more pain and decreased range of motion. The Occupational Therapists’ at Priority Rehab are here to provide conservative treatment to decrease pain and restore motion in your hands due to hand arthritis. Treatment for hand arthritis from a skilled therapist can including stretching, gentle strengthening programs, and splint recommendations. The therapists at Priority Rehab are also trained in modifying home environments and utilizing adaptive equipment which can allow you to still perform your daily activities without discomfort and help you to maintain your level of independence!

Hand arthritis doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you love! Call Priority Rehab in Carmel today at (317) 688-8232!

#carmel #priorityrehab #jointpain #arthritis

Do you experience pain radiating down your legs? Does sciatic pain limit your daily and recreational activities? The physical therapy team at Priority Rehab and Wellness in Carmel can help you get back to the activities you love!

Sciatic pain is very common and most often involves pain radiating down one or both legs and possibly in foot or toes. It can be described as burning, tingling, or searing pain and usually increases with prolonged sitting. The radiating pain is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. This can be caused by either a lumbar herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, or spinal stenosis. Surgery is expensive and is not a guarantee for pain relief. So, if you are looking for an affordable and conservative approach to managing your pain and getting back to your everyday activities the physical therapists at Priority Rehab and Wellness in Carmel are here for you. They create a personalized program for your specific symptoms and needs.
You don’t have to just deal with sciatic pain we can help, call Priority Rehab and Wellness in Carmel today! (317) 688-8232
Hannah Naville, PTA

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Experiencing shoulder pain from a recent or old rotator cuff injury? The Occupational Therapists at Priority Rehab can help!

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the joint, allowing the shoulder to move and rotate. Common symptoms of a rotator cuff injury are a dull ache deep in the shoulder, difficulty reaching overhead or behind your back, and arm weakness. The therapists at Priority Rehab not only help to strengthen the muscles and alleviate pain, but also educate on modifying your environment to make everyday tasks much more manageable!

If you are seeking a conservative approach to decrease pain and improve strength and flexibility due to a rotator cuff injury or tear, contact Priority Rehab in Carmel today! 317-688-8232 #rotatorcuff #wellness #carmel #priorityrehab #occupationaltherapy

Memory Problems? Isn’t that just a normal part of aging? Find help at Priority Rehab and Wellness

Not surprisingly, many people think losing your memory is a normal part of aging and nothing can be done about it. Research says, not so much. In fact, research shows that intervention can slow some of the cognitive changes that may occur with aging. So, what does intervention for memory and cognition look like? At Priority Rehab and Wellness, our speech pathologist will provide a treatment plan tailored to your specific difficulty to include compensations, strategies or techniques, as well as exercises to improve your memory. If you’ve noticed a change with your memory that’s interfering with your daily life, please call Priority Rehab and Wellness at 317-688-8232. #speechtherapy #wellness #carmel #rehab

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Have you been diagnosed with or suspect you may have carpal tunnel syndrome? Don’t want to go through surgery or have had surgery and it was ineffective? Priority Rehab can quickly help this bothersome condition that hinders everyday use of your hands. Priority Rehab uses Cold Laser technology as a quick and non-invasive treatment to cure carpal tunnel.

What is carpal tunnel?
In your wrist is a small tunnel-like passage where tendons and nerves pass through into the hand. Many factors can contribute to swelling or thickening of the tissues that surround the tunnel resulting in a narrowed space for which the tendons and nerves pass. The increased pressure to specifically the median nerve causes pain and numbness in the hand. You may feel this numbness/tingling specifically in your thumb, index and middle fingers which the median nerve innervates. This bothersome condition causes difficulty to use affected hand effectively and efficiently.

What can you do?
Carpal tunnel syndrome tends to worsen if not treated. The licensed occupational and physical therapists at Priority Rehab will treat your carpal tunnel syndrome with revolutionary pain management using cold laser technology and conservative methods. If you are suffering from this condition, call Priority Rehab and Wellness now! 317-688-8232 #wellness #Carmel #priority rehab

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Beat stress and get happy with these mood boosting yoga moves! #wellness #priorityrehab #carmel
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