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This weekend I decided to make myself a new stand for my music workstation. Took way longer than planned but it was definitely worth it.
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#hyperjapan market, London

Primiano vs. Intel Vt-d + KVM + VGA Passthrough: 0-1
An entire night spent setting up pci-e passthrough on my shiny new Xeon E3 series, using a Nvidia GT 610 as dedicated secondary GPU.
Host: Linux 4.4, Guest Windows 10.
Everything works fine.. until I reboot Windows and that causes a crash of the entire host. Which doesn't quite match the expectation of a hypervisor.

Spice+QXL it is.
On the good side now I have a marginal understanding of how a IOMMU does (not) work.

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I thought I did see already all kind of nonsense bul * * * it as regards HiFi cables. But this... this is beats them all: a gold plated toslink (optical) connector. But... but...

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Pics from my last two cycle tours in Bayern - Germany

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tonight is my last night in my Fulham flat. I spent all the weekend moving all my stuff to a deposit* and cleaning the flat*. I don't have a new place yet. I don't even have a plan for where to sleep tomorrow night. Wednesday will fly to Munich, bringing my bike with me and cycling to Salzburg over the weekend. so tonight I also had to pack my bike. weather forecast for the weekend says to expect thunderstorms. ah, my office is relocating as well, so tomorrow I will have to pack all my stuff at work. despite all this I am still quite happy and excited. conclusion: this spray bleach is really powerful, I should bleach my flat more often.
* with the help of some awesome friends.

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Today I Learned: many of the UK National Cycle Network routes are off-road trails. Unexpectedly fun and muddy for what was supposed to be a road trip.
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After long time I finally managed to rent for a hour and put my hands on a Bosendorfer (in the actual Vienna store). I am not even trying to describe the joy that a proper grand piano can bring (kind of a Lego store for a child).
Tried several Steinway&Sons in the past, here are some considerations:
Mechanically speaking the Bosendorfer is IMHO just a step away from perfection (Not sure what else I did expect from an Austrian manufacturer). The pressure is absolutely constant throughout the full excursion of the keys until the very last millimeters of the actual hammering action. In comparison Steinways tend to be way more irregular: way softer in the initial velocity zone and suddenly stiffer in the final hammering stroke. 
The attitude is similar when it comes to resonance. This Boseforder had an exceptionally controlled resonance. at moments one might wonder whether the sound comes from the actual brass&woods or a from perfecly crafted synthetizer. In comparison Steinways tend to have a somehough wilder resonant behaviour (according to Steinway patents it's actually by design rather than by mistake). each key there causes harmonic resonance on most of its up/down octaves.
The latter aspect is much harder to describe technically, but as a matter of facts gives, in my opinion, more character and personality to the sound. This difference is particularly notable in the lowest keys: a single hit of the lowest E from a Steinway is enough to make your skin crawl and your mind travel in time. In comparison low keys on a Bosendorfer are rather clean... yet unpersonal.
For the ones who never heard an actual grand piano, it is pretty much the same difference between sportcar's  independent transverse quadrilateral suspensions, accurate and clean at any angle, and MacPherson ones, rather dirty but with way more character.

As a matter of facts, it will very likely take a while before I'll be able to get one of these (if that will ever happen). But now, even when just dreaming, my mind will have to fight between the two.

On a completely unrelated note, I am pleased to realise that:
- the sound quality of upright pianos improved dramatically in the last years. The new Yamaha upright pianos, which are rather cheap, sound noticeably better than most low level baby grands.
- Yamaha's pianos, of any kind, are still the best when it comes to cost effectiveness.

Sometimes even the smallest and weirdest open source projects give some satisfaction :)
Hello Mr.Primiano,
I finished the semester and I am able to continue studyng at UFPEL doing the master degree.
So I want to thank you for the tetris code, it helped me to pass in APC.
I told to my teacher about you and that the tetris code, etc.
We palyed the code in the DE2 just doing little changes.
Well, I think it is all that I want to say you...
Thank you very much for your help.
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