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"5.0 star rating 6/5/2014
Great service. They diagnosed my problem, called me to explain and repaired it for under $100. Beautiful!"

It was our pleasure Beth G.! We hope to see you again.

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"5.0 star rating 5/15/2014
Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable!!  They inspired confidence as soon as I walked in.  They had to keep my computer a couple of days to clean out all the viruses, but were very good about communicating with me as to the progress.  While I certainly hope that my computer problems are over.....should I ever need help again, I'll be using PWS!!"

Thanks Cheryl A.!

"5.0 star rating 3/31/2014
I took my computer in for malware removel & was extremely satisfied with their work.  They were friendly & very professional & will & have recommended them to others.  Thank you so much for a great job!!!!"

Thank you Debbie K.! 

"5.0 star rating 3/26/2014
Excellent customer service! They listened carefully and built the computer I needed."

Thank you Vi K., we hope you enjoy your new computer!

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"5.0 star rating 3/6/2014
Nice people, Great service, and my laptop came in at a good price. Mike took the time to talk about what I was looking for and I feel comfortable recommending PWS to friends and family. =) The best part is they took all the bloat ware off and updated everything...nice!
Thanks! Now back to playing with the new laptop....

Enjoy the laptop Philip L.!

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"5.0 star rating 3/28/2011
Prime West knows computers!  The communication is great and they get the job done, I recommend them to everyone.  Their turnaround time is excellent, the service is affordable and the staff is friendly.  I have had to change my request before and it was no problem, still received my computer in excellent condition and on time.  Thanks PWS, you rock!"

No, you rock Kate M.!

5.0 star rating 3/28/2011
I have just recently been using PWS and I have to say they are amazing!  The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and always willing to help with what ever questions or needs concerning the computer I might have.
I bought a new printer and needed help installing it, I called Scott and he even took the time to help me with that.  It's really nice to know there is a company out there that really cares!  Thanks Scott!

Thank you Debbie C!

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4.0 star rating 3/28/2011
I have been into see the folks at PWS and they are always willing to spend time with talking about whatever computer issues I am having. I am not the average schmuck that comes in as I think I know something about computers and try to fix them myself all the time. When I get stuck or need a part I call over to PWS and they either have what I need, can get it or tell me that Im on the wrong track and dont actually need the thing I thought I needed. Im glad to have Scott and the guys here in town.

Thanks Bob!
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