BTL's entertainment editor posts a personal tribute to Whitney Houston. Have fond memories of her music? Share them with us.
Where do broken hearts go? Whitney Houston asked that very question in the midst of a career-high, in the '80s when she secured her spot as a premier pop diva for her inimitable voice and beguilin...
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It's sad the way she had to leave but, at least know. She is in a way better place then, the world we live in.
Dear Between The Lines Newspaper,
I want to help and correct your have a wrong flag!!! Image cover of pride colors are not in order..!!!!

You need to go to Google .. type keyword ....gaypride flag  or LGTB flag ....enter..there are choices of designs of rainbow flags.. Then on Google images... then click image of flag you choose .... then save image ... to your to computer .. then

Settings for YouTube you can upload the copied Pride flag Image to youtube image cover .. I did .. I am sure you can ...
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