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commented on a video on YouTube.
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+Preston Smiles  Not 4 this video. I think it was the video you were doing in your van for seven days. I believe I was looking at #tgifriday  as hashtag on twitter as we are hoping and praying to make some waves about what we do, get their attention. :)
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Preston Odenbrett

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Starting at 11 AM ( MDT) 

Did you REGISTER? - LinkedIn BASICS

In this online Webinar, LinkedIn Expert, Sandy Zeiszler is going to teach us the BASIC ESSENTIALS of how to use LinkedIn for business.

(Sandy's Full Course is $297)


NOTE: We are hosting a BASICS and ADVANCED webinars. The BASIC Webinar is $7, and the more ADVANCED webinar is $77.

If you feel you are beyond the "basics" with LinkedIn, you can jump up to the ADVANCED Webinar for $77 by registering HERE. 

LinkedIn ADVANCED Webinar
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#SHOUTOUT to @DustinWStout for our brief meeting this morning. He may have just help me strap a rocket to my business. #yourock - Contact Dustin Today.
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I would suggest you make this meeting. Good information and gold nuggets will be shared. Thanks +Julie Wolf 
New Skype Marketing Training Starting 2pm ET Wednesdays Tomorrow 8/12/15 is an intro. Find the link to join in your SYOS member Skype room. Its on your Home page. Login to join your member Skype room at
This 7 part Course will cover:
✿ Skype Marketing 
✿ Skype List Segmentation Plus...
✿ Skype Safety & Recovery - Back up your contacts and Broadcast to them as part of recovery! Plus...
✿ How to get the most out of Seek&Send and other Skype tools
✿ PLUS Skype Room creation and moderation
✿ Skype Versions
✿  Join More of my Skype Room Groups, Masterminds and communities
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Preston Odenbrett

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Cause Marketing for Non-Profits. Today 10:00am PDT on #blab. Subscribe now ➼ 
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Preston Odenbrett

Shared publicly  -  - let's connect - amazing - check it out]
So there's #Periscope. Then there's #Blab! #BlabChat with #CLBLive w/@RoyMontero @ChristineLBowen on #blab
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Preston Odenbrett

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Real Time Engagement and Conversation

Hope you tune in Daily as we will have special guests dropping in. You never know who will show up. If interested in participating on our live Hangouts please go to #prestonvideo #synergyvideo  
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Preston Odenbrett

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Found while doing research on a Brand we will be working with, God Willing.  I have been a risk taker and create daily 4 years. Like your Name by the way :)
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+Preston Odenbrett yessssssss another Preston! Thanks brother. Where did this video pop up or what did you type in?
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Preston Odenbrett

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Ro - Look what my friend +Brad Gudim  did for me. We are now working together. Maybe you want to collaborate with us as well. #Roatan   #Travel   #Tourism  
Short into video I did for a potential partner to use in his technology for one of his clients and future clients. If yo want one for your place of business,, contact Preston TODAY!
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HI, I am a partner with Skyline Webcams. I have 7 cameras that are on the island but I know we can have more. If you are a resort and or you know of a resort that I may have or may have not contacted before, please let me know. By placing more of these cameras on the island it helps create ROI for the resort or destination and it brings in more #tourism  to  #Roatan . People like to #travel  so why not here. Thanks +Brad Gudim 
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Preston Odenbrett

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How long can you hold your breath?

This competition  in #Roatan  has been taking place since 2013, so not that long.

In a pool, I can actually hold for 1 1/2 minutes, but I am in 2 feet of water in a pool. Going in the ocean with salt water has to be tough and going down up to 400 feet.. I missed it "live" but hope in 2016, I will be able to see and share. #freedive   #prestonvideo   #synergyvideo  
MagicBrad asks... WHY do they do this?
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Have now found the FIRST In THE WORLD Bluetooth Solution... a single PTT button for the handlebar and Bluetooth Dongle to
communicate with ANY brand headset system!  PM me for updated details.
#BTC   #Spyder   #3Wheel   #Sturgis
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Working with small business owners to improve client /customer revenue- Oh and I love catching fish :)
Currently helping to promote Resorts and other Locations that have beautiful scenery around the world. I am working with companies that are located in Florida, but can help anyone in the USA. Check out some of our great locations currently. Sponsorship is also available as well (If you don't have a beautiful location but would like to help with the project).

I work with small business owners for 23 years in different industries. I create synergy between companies that I see some similarities with. I am married for the last 20 years and I have a 8 year old son.

There is online classes going on M-Thursday that you should go to- I went to all 6 sessions and was blown away at what information was given. Most people would pay over $600.00- it is now no cost- use Private code 491  click on green social media Button- Success U - leave a testimonial of what you think by PM- .

Our team of business owners have banded together and have created a unique portal with over 15+ online tools that will create efficiency and leads for any small business. Check it out It is FREE-Over 175,000 people have become members. Improvements and upgrades are done every Wednesday!

I believe there is a God and that there is a man that died on the cross for all mankind and his name is Jesus.

We just launched our new website for more information on how to help you. or

My background includes Advertising ( Coupon Circulars) Bartering-ITEX, Small web-development, accounting, Credit Card Merchant Services, mobile technology- Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, text messaging, QR-2D codes that you own and can be tracked for marketing. I also am very involved in helping small business owners use Video email and Video Conferencing to create awareness and save money in travel or create an additional revenue stream.

Let's hangout and see if we can create synergy that will help us both. Love to get to know people one on one, let's connect and see what we can do together.

Bragging rights
Level 1 Certified partner of Smash Solutions- I like to help people in many ways, by helping them with what they need or want. I am a great connector of people once I find out more.
I work with small business owners and professionals and help them discover more efficient ways of running their business through the use of cutting edge technology
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