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Awesome- Clearing my schedule of this one.!

This is one HOA that no-one should miss if they are in Business.
Thanks +Jason T. Wiser 

How you get these great guest speakers and experts is beyond my understanding. 
"See-Commerce" and "Human Media" With Sarah Hill
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Can you SEE me now?
This was the opening lines from Sarah’s TedX talk where she discussed Human Media.

+Sarah Hill  is an Emmy award-winning anchor, Digital Storyteller, HOA legend with over 2 and a half million G+ followers. 

And Sarah is going to talk  to us about Human Media and See commerce. 

What is Human media?
It is  how users interact face-to-face online no longer confined to avatars and text communication. Just like we are doing now. We can connect with tools like Google hangouts which has taken social media to a whole new level. 

And as business owners we need to be aware of how to use this resource, and how to use it effectively. 

We are also going to be talking about another term that Sarah has coined, and that term is “See-Commerce” the new layer of E-commerce.

Companies like Toyota, DVF, and Parade who understand how effective HOA are for connect with your customers. You can see your customers, they can see you, E-commerce is quickly headed to a whole new dimension. 

And most exciting in the world of “See-commerce” is the recently announced beta launch of Shoppable Hangouts. Where you can actually see the products in a sidebar, buy the products online. It is like having your own QVC network. 

Talk about revolutionary strides in marketing. If you have a small business you can’t miss this episode of On Track Tips.

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Upcoming Guests:

⇒ Alex Houg "Using Facebook ads to attract more HOA viewers"
⇒ Kris Gilbertson "Unlock the Power of Podcasting for Small Business"

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And watch this 12 time Emmy award winning reporter at Veterans United Network


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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Jason T. Wiser. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
"See-Commerce" and "Human Media" With Sarah Hill
Mon, April 21, 1:00 PM
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I hope your internet holds up so you can watch it live +Preston Odenbrett 
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Keep on Keeping on as my good Pastor Friend always says after we have had a conversation by phone or in person.

I think this is a great illustration, you just never quit on your dreams and if God is in there, it will become successful maybe not how you want it, but it will be life changing for people.

GOD luck in all your endevours
"How Pinterest started" as told by +Ben Silbermann at Startup Grind ( by +Anna Vital.
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I know what you are talking about +Paul Alan Clifford - I had on my pipeline over 25 new customer orders for our HD webcams, I might only close five by the end of the month. But five is better then zero.. Happy Easter everyone.
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Preston Odenbrett

Introductions / Self-Promotion  - 
Love to know what you think of this

Just learned of this guy who is of course into tourism for years- I think he does a really good job of explaining the benefits of our services. 

What do you think? Should I also make a video like this? I can using animation. 
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Preston Odenbrett

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thanks Dean
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See vacation spots live

Please feel free to visit and let your social networks know about it as well. Let's start by going to Roatan, Honduras.  One of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

It is located on the 2nd largest barrier reef in the World. So it is the prefect place for Divers of all ages. Can you imagine going here? How long would you go and stay? 1 week, 2 weeks- a month- If money was not an object and or money was always available?

By the way these are not just images that change every 6 seconds, this is fluid HD streaming based on the host upload speed.

Want one for your beautiful location? Let's talk soon!
#roatanwebcams   #roatanbayisland   #webcams  
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Have them in circles
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Preston Odenbrett

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One of my clients placed this awesome stage on the beach

I think it is quite interesting. Soon we might even be able to bring in our event camera and broadcast it live with music and video streams.

Coming soon!
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Preston Odenbrett

Introductions / Self-Promotion  - 
Yes, we were helping a few communities last weekend with the medical brigade. We had about 100 volunteers that did a variety of tasks during this 3 days we were there. Many of the people that were there started out walking around 3 AM from their communities or so to get to entrance gate around 8 AM or 9 AM.  

We had the triage, to asses what we can do to help with health challenges, a few consulting rooms where the doctors can help the patients with their needs. A barber place where mostly boys and men can get their haircuts. 

Section where kids and adults can have their teeth looked at from Dentists and many from the school of dentistry.  

A pharmacy where they can get the needed medicine based on Dr. recommendations. 

Before anyone went to the triage, they would get registered and then the kids would go off to learn about Noah and of course Christ and the adults also would learn about the bible.

Thanks for the bibles that we could give away to families from the Gideons International. That was a great addition we have not had before at one of these medical brigades. - if you want to learn more and how you can get involved.

Which I joined last year so that was a great resource to pass out to everyone that came with their families.

Last place they would visit is the station I manned along with my son and others from our church body. Here they would pick up corn that as you can see in the picture was  taken from large bags and filled into smaller bags ( Approx. 5lbs/ family) + we would give them donated clothing, shoes and other necessities to each family, including some toys to the kids. However, this year there was not much of that for some unknown reason.

Enjoy your Easter Weekend with your family and loved ones. Remember this is the season not of the Easter Bunny but of the Death on the Cross by our Savior Jesus Christ and of course his resurrection so that we may all live, if we just believe.

God Bless!
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Awesome. Glory to God! 
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Preston Odenbrett

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Interesting: ) The Path of Success did NOT happen over-night!
"How Pinterest started" as told by +Ben Silbermann at Startup Grind ( by +Anna Vital.
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Preston Odenbrett

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This was very well done. Thanks Dean. 
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Thanks for the invite +Dave Moore - Looking forward to it.
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Have them in circles
5,296 people
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I work with small business owners and professionals and help them discover more efficient ways of running their business through the use of cutting edge technology
Working with small business owners to improve client /customer revenue- Oh and I love catching fish :)
I work with small business owners for 23 years in different industries. I create synergy between companies that I see some similarities with. I am married for the last 20 years and I have a 8 year old son.

There is online classes going on M-Thursday that you should go to- I went to all 6 sessions and was blown away at what information was given. Most people would pay over $600.00- it is now no cost- use Private code 491 - go to - click on presentation- Success U - leave a testimonial of what you think by PM- .

Recently I have started working with a very successful software development company and they are expanding globally. More information is available at

Our team of business owners have banded together and have created a unique portal with over 15+ online tools that will create efficiency and leads for any small business. Check it out It is FREE-Over 175 thousand people are currently beta testing this system out all over the world- Improvements and upgrades are done every Wednesday!

I believe there is a God and that there is a man that died on the cross for all mankind and his name is Jesus.

Check out our website for more information on how to help you.

My background includes Advertising ( Coupon Circulars) Bartering-ITEX, Small web-development, accounting, Credit Card Merchant Services, mobile technology- Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, text messaging, QR-2D codes that you own and can be tracked for marketing. I also am very involved in helping small business owners use Video email and Video Conferencing to create awareness and save money in travel or create an additional revenue stream.

Let's hangout and see if we can create synergy that will help us both. Love to get to know people one on one, let's connect and see what we can do together.

Bragging rights
Level 1 Certified IBO of Smash Solutions- I like to help people in many ways, by helping them with what they need or want. I am a great connector of people once I find out more.
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