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I almost forgot it was #caturday  
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Preston Odenbrett

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Evernote Issues?

Anyone having issues with the desktop version of Evernote? I can't seem to open up any of the notebooks? It is always saying not responding. Going to reboot my computer and i hope it fixes it.

I need my notes :(
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Preston Odenbrett

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Something we all should consider

If you can find ways to get the same product/ service for less, why would you not want to do that? I don't know too many people that no matter if they have lots of money or not that they do not want to be frugal with the money they work hard to acquire!  Do you agree or not?
Many of us think that prices are inflexible. Walk into a retail store and the price on the shelf is how much it costs. However, there is very little in life that you can't choose to spend less money on if you really try.
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Special Event happening May 21st, 2015- 7 PM ( MDT) in person at the new office location or online. Please message me before Thursday at for registration info. Don't miss this
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Learn English

Yes, we have been asked to teach English every Monday from 7 PM to 8:30 PM ( MDT). It will be conversation English. If interested please let me know. Not sure if we be able to do a Google Hangout as the internet at that location is weak at best. Maybe the next go-around. 

Doing a video about it, should hopefully be ready to release soon, but it has to go through the approval process, which can take some time.

Commitment is 3 months. Each student will get an English assessment first to determine what they know and what they don't know. We are setting up a page for registration but it is not live yet.

We expect the room to be packed with 30 + students. Homework will be assigned each class but we plan to have a lot of fun, not a boring lecture.

Stay Tuned for more updates coming soon!
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Preston Odenbrett

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Question for the weekend

Do you spend money?
Do you want to save money when you do spend?

Here are some other tips for you, if you are budget minded. Good information for everyone. Please feel free to pass on as you see fit. 

Have a fantastic weekend.
No matter where you are on your financial journey, you need to know that it's possible for anyone to turn their financial life around. Sometimes all it tak
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Preston Odenbrett

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Short video that I did to show some of the HD live streaming cameras that I have set up also with a friend of mine.
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What is your opinion?

SO has anyone here used the new Google Collections ( It is on the left side menu bar) It looks like they are going to look a lot like Pinterest but with a twist? I had a big discussion last week with a friend about Google dropping the shared circle concept and she was not too happy about it. I did post on my regular stream for some feedback form some well known people on Google  + that brought on some good points that I hope she also takes time to read.

What are you thoughts? 

Might pay more close attention to this, to see what value there is. I am sure there are others who have written about it already. 
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Now for the Google Collections I have wanted a way to organize my posts better. Collections are a great way to do this.  Time will tell if this new feature helps or hurts google+ and the competition of other services which are similar. 
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Preston Odenbrett

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This would look good in a Metallic Blue- interesting concept. Some people like these doors, some people don't. Not sure, but it does look sweet.
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Shared Circles is now dead

I had a discussion yesterday with +Eren Mckay and we talked about it. I learned something I did not know. Many people have followings not because of who they are , or even what content they provide, but by how many people have shared them in a circle.  This was kind of mind-blowing to me as I looked on circle count on my account and hers. 

If 175 people did not put me in a circle and share, I would not have that many people following me. I believe hers was like 1,200-

What are you thoughts on this, I believe this will "kill' a lot of progression forward for many. Are they substituting this for something else ?

Thanks for your time and your discussion

What does +Ronnie Bincer and others like +Kenneth Manesse Sr. or +Jason T. Wiser  and +Dustin W. Stout and +Christine DeGraff  have to say about it? +Mark Traphagen any insight? Just to name a few that have more following then I.
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Yeah man, Cirloscope is just as powerful as ever! this circle share does not in anyway affect or distract from the power of circloscope. +Preston Odenbrett 

And yes, it has been great getting to know you too my friend and watch your business grow. Congrats on your success. 
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Let's hangout and see if we can create synergy that will help us both. Love to get to know people one on one, let's connect and see what we can do together.

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