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Providing Exceptional Commercial Printing Services in the D.F.W. area since 1993
Providing Exceptional Commercial Printing Services in the D.F.W. area since 1993
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Gorgeous new golf shirts!

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Yes, we also print large format signage. 5' X 3' Vinyl Banner

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Well these sure came out nice! Gorgeous awards for the annual AMA Event.

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From T-shirts to Fleeces, we can brand anything.

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Who says you cant print on dark paper stock? Check this out. White ink on heavy dark blue stock. Nice!!

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How cool are these? Promotional Tumblers for our friends at Interceramic.

A Little Due Diligence, A Little Less Stress.

Looking for a new printer? Simple enough, right? After all, you’re a marketing professional, and marketing pros like you can locate anything they need in an instant. Google>>Commercial Printer>>2-3 Local Results. You place a couple of calls to make sure they can produce the marketing piece you need, maybe get a quick quote, and your decision is made. Well done. The only problem is that while an efficient search saves you time, it doesn’t always get you to an efficient commercial printer, and in commercial printing, efficiency is everything. Now, it’s possible that you’ll have a good experience. After all, you did confirm that they have the capability to produce your item, but just because a printer can print your item, it doesn’t necessarily ensure they will do so in an efficient and economic manner.

Let’s say you need 1500 brochures printed. You call that top search result and they say “Sure, come on by, we’ll knock those out for you.” But how do you know this is the best way to print these? Did they walk you through the production method? Did they give you options? Did they mention a time frame? If so, great. If not, there’s a chance they’re forcing your job into their equipment. It will get done and it may look great but as someone working with budgets, it may not be at the price point you would prefer.

This was a very basic example but a good reminder that there are many, many ways to print and many, many printers willing to service you. Make sure you do a little printing due diligence. Ask some questions and be sure to feel comfortable with them before handing them your important project. You deserve straight answers, go get ‘em.

The right fit.

In the past, I've mentioned several critical characteristics to look for when evaluating a potential commercial print partner - experience, knowledge, capabilities, etc. But what about on-site consultation?  The willingness and ability to meet at your office to discuss your needs. Remember, you’re seeking a long-term partner and that partner needs to see what you’re dealing with.  Sure, you can learn a lot over the phone or through email but nothing beats a one-on-one at your office. While many printers do offer this service, many more do not and it speaks volumes about their business model. 
What does it say and why should you avoid them?  Let me tell you…
1. Limited production capabilities – Printers that don’t offer on-site consultations tend to have narrow capabilities. They tend to focus solely on one product like business cards, or branded t-shirts.  They do a fine job but simply do not have the ability to handle all print needs for a large business.
2. Focused on smaller runs – There are many printers in the area that focus on small jobs.  Now, a small job means different thing to different people but generally speaking, these printers target simple ink on paper items such as a flyer or brochure.  Again, they do a good job and may be able to do it while you wait, but their production model does not work for a larger business where large runs, complex specs, and lower cost per unit is required.
3. Focused on one-time transactions - Perhaps the most important distinction of this printer type is that they are focused on the job at hand and not necessarily a customer’s comprehensive goals.  While that mindset is helpful to complete a quick and easy job, it doesn’t benefit a business looking for a partner that will help them reach their overall print objectives.
As you search for your next print partner, you will come across all types of printers.  Be sure to keep “on-site consultations” on your checklist.  If they are not able to provide that, you may be speaking to the wrong printer.

What are your Print Marketing Objectives?

Print marketing objectives are often overlooked, taking a backseat to more glamorous channels like TV or radio. But as print marketing continues to be an effective form of lead generation and customer retention, marketing professionals must actively manage annual spend in order to maximize return. As we have years of experience producing print marketing material, let me share with you 3 common objectives:

Simple Return on Investment - Are your print marketing efforts generating enough business to justify the cost? For example, if you are spending $20,000 for a direct mail campaign to generate new customers, and driving in annual revenue of $15,000, this may not be the best means of customer acquisition for you. However, before scrapping this campaign, be sure to include not only first order revenues but potential Lifetime Value of these new acquisitions. If your company is operating efficiently, I’m sure they will be back for more.

Production Experience - How’s the interaction with your printer? When a project goes into production he should be taking steps to ensure timeliness and quality. Is he taking those steps? Is he explaining the steps to you? Does he remind you that any delay in proofing may result in a longer production time? Make sure you are experiencing pleasant communications and explanations. This customer-centric interaction will make the experience that much better.

Sharp, Clean, Quality Results - At the end of the day, your print material must look good. Otherwise, it reflects poorly on your brand, your efforts, and ultimately on you. After each project, take a moment to review the production process and end result. Did it meet your expectations? Does it have all of the specifications that were discussed? Is it packaged right? If there was a fulfillment aspect, was it accurate. A successful print job has many variables that must be met and exceeded for you to have a great customer experience. Always be working towards that goal and make sure your printer is too.
Of course there are many other objectives that play a role in maximizing return on print spend but these have always been some of the larger ones. If you pay attention to these and constantly work to improve them, your print marketing material will drive more traffic, revenue, and retention. After all, that’s what we are all striving to do.

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Yikes, the Holidays are right around the corner!

Every year the Holiday season seems to sneak up on HR, sales, and marketing departments.  As seasoned professionals, they understand the length of time it can take to produce their branded items and every day that goes by production time grows as competitors are placing their orders as well. This year, make the effort to plan ahead and place your order before it’s too late.

Let’s discuss some of the more popular seasonal items we produce:

HR Dept. -  Gifts purchased by the HR department tend to go to the employees of the company.  Something that mentions a current campaign or maybe a message that reinforces overall missions and visions. The Apparel Group, who orders from us every year, recently purchased a beautiful logo’d tea set.  Perfect for warm tea during the cold months. We even helped them distribute these to other locations around the country. Everyone loved the gifts and it helped to build team morale and comradery. What would your employees like to receive? Advice - it takes a while to come up with something good so start thinking about it now.

Sales and Marketing Dept. – Ah, what should we get our top accounts?  How about our smaller accounts? Prospects?  Certainly customer segmentation plays a large role here but no matter who gets what, impact is the name of the game.  We have you covered across the price point spectrum.  For smaller customers and prospects to million dollar accounts, simply visit our site to narrow down your choices.  Need some help? Call us for easy, professional guidance – 972-661-9899
End of the year trophies – Now these can be purchased by anyone in the company wishing to reward their top earners and performers. It can be something as simple as a plaque or something unique such as an engraved wine bottle (with wine inside!) that messages his or her accomplishment. There are literally thousands of awards to choose from.  Have a price target?  Call us for guidance.

Heed my alert! The longer you wait, the longer the production time gets. End the year with great gifts, on time, and looking fabulous!  Recipients will love them and the sense of team/partnership they illicit. 
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