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Let's hope it stands.  If the government wants to know when I have an expectation of privacy with data I share with 3rd parties, it should ask me.  In case they are listening, I do.

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I love a good spelling mistake.

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SwiftKey has saved me 100,000 keystrokes! Check it out at

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Yeah, our august elected representatives "compromised".  Raise a little revenue with taxes on the really high income earners.  Kick the spending can down the street some more.  Meanwhile, the president proclaims on Meet the Press that he has cut $1 trillion in spending.  Is the media so weak as to not call him on that little lie:

2010: 3.456T
2011: 3.603T
2012: 3.795T
2013: 3.803T (est)

Spending has risen a full TRILLION dollars since 2005.  Where's the $1T cut?????

Our government is embarrassing.

#Taxes #Spendingcuts  

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Too bad the public hasn't the attention span to understand that their politicians are failing them even worse than they think they are.

Interesting graphic. The world's population could fit in Texas if everyone lived as densely as NYC.

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Seems like a reasonable proposal to me.  You want lots of government spending?  Ok, then you get lots of government taxation.  Effectively immediately, let's pay for what we spend.  My kids get mad at me when I tell them they have to pay when they grow up.

It's a proposal that crosses party lines.  Surely nobody thinks we can just borrow at the current rate indefinitely, can they?  Publish what tax rates would have to be to pay for current spending, then put it up for a vote. 

Instead, our lame Congress and White House will kick the can further down the street by preventing the tax increases and deferring the spending cuts.

#FiscalCliff #Economy

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Rescued and now content.

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