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As someone trying to get up to speed with google+, I found this article enormously helpful. 
5 Things to Never Do on Google+
Especially number 5!

We all know that every social network is different. Each network has it's own set of unspoken bylaws and they aren't always 100% obvious.

In this post I list the 5 things that I believe to be the most crucial things to avoid if you're trying to build a highly engaged following on Google+.

Read the full post here:

For those who like the tl;dr version:
1. Link dumping (a.k.a. link littering)
2. Ignore Community guidelines
3. Post the exact same thing to multiple communities
4. Talk Google+ "doom and gloom"
5. Use the "also send email to" feature (unwisely)

Regarding that last one, I've cited a few posts by my friends +Stephan Hovnanian, +Mike Allton, and +Daniel Futerman. They've outlined some very savvy ways of utilizing the "Also send email..." feature without being a spammer.

At the end of the day-- use Google+ how you want. But if you're trying to build a highly engaged audience, these 5 things are a great set of guides.

#googleplustips #socialmedia

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There's almost nothing you can't put in an ebrochure.

This demo shows home page video, multiple photo albums, neatly organized details and features, location guide and more. 

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a collection of screen shots of our updated website building platform
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Almost ready to unveil the "new" PLS website. New look, lots of improvements, way better mobile apps and more!
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