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Premier Clinic Kuala Lumpur
Aesthetic Clinic in Kuala Lumpur providing Botox, lasers, fillers, skincare, hair treatments, weight and fat loss.
Aesthetic Clinic in Kuala Lumpur providing Botox, lasers, fillers, skincare, hair treatments, weight and fat loss.


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Dr. Kee's represents Premier Clinic to Ultherapy Roundtable Conference in Singapore

Dr. Kee is one of the selected few physicians from Malaysia being invited to a round table conference in Singapore. This initiative by MERZ Aesthetics saw one of the largest gatherings of doctors throughout Asia Pacific, hosted by Dr. Sabrina Fabi, a visiting physician from California, USA, and speaker for the event.

Amongst the participating countries includes Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and India, where doctors exchange ideas and views about Ultherapy treatment in an event held at Regent Hotel, Singapore. Doctors are also updated with developments happening throughout the world, and the event round off with off-label body contouring and skin lifting technique. This proprietary technique ensures various combinations of Ultherapy treatments can be done on the patient while maintaining optimal aesthetic result.

Try Ultherapy treatment by selecting the right clinic with the right doctor, as we unlocked the full potential of Ultherapy treatments for amazing results and money well spent.

Thinking of trying Ultherapy treatment? Look no further than a well-verse Dr. Kee Yong Seng only at Premier Clinic. Call us at 012 662 5552 or Log on to with in-depth resource materials for your reference.

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Deep Dermal Rejuvenation with Derma Shine at Premier Clinic

Customers are constantly searching for aesthetic treatments that produce instant result with long lasting effect. Well, this is the most common requests we have from customers, and our advise is to best find a good aesthetic doctor, and for this doctor is equipped with the right technology.

Most of the time, treatment of a certain condition requires the right delivery system, which means delivering formulation into the body to achieve desired therapeutic effect. Now, with Derma Shine, you can experience unbelievable aesthetic result quickly with minimal downtime.

Ms. K have relatively good skin except for some signs of dryness and freckle pigment build up on the cheek area. She tried Derma Shine at Premier Clinic to see how effective the delivery system is for aesthetic rejuvenation and of course, improvement for pigmentation.

Her face is first cleanse to remove residue before a thin layer of anaesthetic is applied on the face. Dr. Kee will then prepare the right formulation suitable for her skin. The concoction is then attached to Derma Shine machine to commence delivery of the right nourishment to treat the skin.

The Derma Shine machine is an advance aesthetics delivery system that emphasizes absorption and distribution of key ingredient deep into dermal tissue. With the right diagnosis, Dr. Kee is able to compound the right formula to deliver into the skin and treat the condition to desired effect.

We are glad that Ms.K is extremely satisfied with the treatment. She can almost feel the ingredients working inside her face, and is confident, this treatment will work perfectly for her.

For enquiry on Derma Shine treatment, please call 012 662 5552 or email your enquiries to

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#skinrejuvenation #antiaging #dermalrejuvenation #beautifulskin
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Chemical Peel made Easy at Premier Clinic by Dr. Elaine Chong

Tyler has acne problem and it seems to spread all over his face. Besides blemishes, he also has tissue scarring caused by inflammation as a result of pinching. Before it gets any worse, Tyler visited Premier Clinic.

He was examined by Dr. Elaine, who also advised Tyler to stop touching his face, a habit he developed while watching TV and while online surfing. Bacteria transmit via the hand through the nails can aggravate acne problem as well, so touching the face is not advisable.

Dr. Elaine then recommended chemical peel to treat his problem, which served to lighten acne scars at the same time. Chemical peel is a rapid exfoliator suitable to remove dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules throughout the face. Once the outer skin is thoroughly exfoliated of impediments and impurities, our inner cells would be activated to produce new skin turnover.

Tyler was first cleansed with Ultrasonic Cleansing to remove dirt and grime, before Dr. Elaine apply the specially concocted chemical peel suitable for his skin. As a topical application, chemical peel provides the breadth of coverage to the face quite unlike other treatments.

After the removal of chemical peel, a soothing mask is applied to calm down the skin. Here the soothing mask replenishes the skin with hydration and also protect the skin from vulnerability. The whole treatment lasted for about 1 hour. Tyler can still feel tingling heat in the face, but was assured that it will subside very soon.

A good chemical peel treatment not only brought a smile on Tyler's face but we are pretty sure improvement on the skin as well!

Call us for an appointment at 012 662 5552 or email to us at Check out our resources online

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#problemskin #AHAtreatment #saliscylicacidtreatment
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The last few years have seen rapid adoption of PRP treatment. It stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), a procedure that utilizes chemical compound in the body to therapeutic effect.

This procedure requires blood to be drawn from donor, after which the blood will be processed accordingly. The processing allows derivatives such as platelet to be cultured and used for treatment as it contains high concentration of growth factor.

Madam Than is suffering from joint pain in her knee due to receding cartilage. She has had this problem for the past 3 years without any solution. She have been to many specialists and was advised to undergo major operation to insert titanium plate to lessen the pain, which she decline.

Her filial son then advised her to try PRP treatment at Premier Clinic. He had earlier read about PRP being used by athletes to great effect. Injured professional footballers have responded well to the treatment with faster recovery reported in cases such as ligament damage and muscle related injuries.

With nothing to lose, Madam Than came to Premier Clinic to see Dr. Kee hoping that this treatment called PRP can help alleviate the pain at her knee joint. She met with Dr. Kee, and was pleasantly surprise by the courtesy shown by the doctor.

She felt comfortable as she attuned to every detail that Dr. Kee explained. She agreed to do PRP without hesitation and proceed to the treatment room to have her blood drawn. The curative effect of the blood is increase five fold after processing, which then is used to inject into the problematic knee.

Madam Than did felt the difference right after the treatment. Her movement is less hindered and she definitely feel lesser pain. She took the staircase test, her movement up and down the stairs have shown marked improvement in terms of postural stability, as well as a return to normal movement pattern.

The very next day, Mdm Than called in to Premier Clinic to expresses her gratitude for she doesn't feel any pain at all. Her agony for the past 3 years have just vanished overnight, and it's made possible by Premier Clinic!

Don't suffer in silent, for PRP treatment on joints enquiry please call 012-662 5552, or email us at

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#PRPrecovery #healingwithPRP #plateletrichplasma #treatbodypain #PRPsportinjury
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Get the monkey off my back, Aerisk Ong told Dr. Kee, and she means Acne

They say a credible aesthetic doctor should be able to think on the feet and work at the drop of a hat. We can't agree more, as we have first-hand observation of how our doctors are at work in Premier Clinic. Besides handling mind boggling treatments, they are spot on with the type of treatments to suit patient of varying conditions.

In comes Aerisk Ong, a graphic designer by profession, who made the trip to Premier Clinic for consultation on blemishes and acne on her back. Being a happy-go-lucky and outdoor person, Aerisk finds it rather unflattering with revealing blemishes on her back.

Her problem was compounded by new breakouts every now and then, that she is beginning to get worried that it would never heal. Back acne if untreated could also possibly lead to post-inflammatory hiper pigmentation and scarring.

She called Premier Clinic to make an appointment and met Dr. Kee for consultation into her long-standing problem. Dr. Kee explained that back acne is a common occurrence in Malaysia, with a staggering statistics of 7 out of 10 individuals suffers from back acne.

As Aerisk began to loosen up, she requests for a non-invasive treatment that can help with her condition. She would prefer safe, simple and effective treatment, if there is any available at Premier Clinic. Dr. Kee thoroughly explains to Aerisk the type of treatments available before settled on chemical peel.

He proceeds to prepare a combinative peeling treatment using salicylic acid and TCA. Both chemicals if done correctly should produce the desired synergistic effect on the body. Improvement is noticeable with reduction in active acne, minimize acne scars and also strengthening of the skin cells on her back.

After the peeling treatment, Aerisk undergoes LED Photomodulation therapy, to help neutralize the exfoliative effect from chemical peel. She should also benefit from LED treatment to reduce skin inflammation, and soothe overactive skin condition.

She appreciates the insights provided by Dr. Kee during the consultation session. She also thanks all the support staff at Premier Clinic for making her feel welcome. She will definitely recommend her friends and family to Premier Clinic.

Explore our treatments by calling 012-662 5552 or Visit our website at for more informations.

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#chemicalpeel #AHApeel #TCApeel #peelingtreatment #drkeeyongseng #backacne #acneproblem #blemishandpimple
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Lara seek Fat Meso Injection for her arms at Premier Clinic

Losing weight can be due to aesthetics or health reason, and patients are usually advised to go for exercise, dieting, or get some slimming treatment done. But losing weight doesn't necessary translate into slimming down, more specifically one might experience some form of reduction at a certain part of the body, but other area remains the same.

Lara Woon is not satisfied with her bulky arms. Although she is of reasonable size, she felt her arms are big and loose, making her looks flabby. Although she can slim down quite easily but a reduction on her arms proves extremely difficult.

She checked out Premier Clinic in Kuala Lumpur to find out what she can do to achieve slim and slender arms to complement her overall shape. She had an appointment with Dr. Elaine Chong for consultation and was advised to go for fat meso injection for the arms.

Fat meso injection is a targeted treatment suitable for isolated areas in the body that the patient might want to address. This treatment is popular due to it being formulaic in nature, where Dr. Elaine can adjust the dosage according to patient's requirement.

Fat meso injection done at Premier Clinic is safe and natural as it is non-steroidal, and the results appear after the injected substance took effect in the body. Dr. Elaine also advised Lara to do some form of exercise as it would increase the body's metabolic rate and burn more fat especially in the arms area.

Lara is impressed with how Dr. Elaine's skilfully carried out injection with no pain and bruising on her arm. She thanks the staff too for their friendly approach while treating her, making her feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Interested to try fat meso injection for stubborn fat in the body, call 012-662 5552 or Read up on fat meso at

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#fatmeltinginjection #slenderfigure #reducetummy #slimmerarmsandlegs #drelainechongyeeleng #aestheticinjection
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Premier Clinic Customized Chemical Peel with Fractional Laser for Nadratul

It's not one size fit all, certainly not in aesthetic treatment. Many stories of no result after treatment or cosmetic procedure gone wrong are due to exaggerated claims and overzealous marketing gimmick.

Thankfully, Nadratul Syazwana came to the right place for treatment. She meet with Dr. Kee for a consultation session and was told that she have congested skin, with active acne and light facial scars. On top of all these conditions, she also has sensitivity at certain part of the face, notably the cheek and jawline areas.

Dr. Kee proceeds to explain to Nadratul that, he will do a combination treatment on her face. Combine treatment is nothing new, an experienced physician will know the right combination to effect the best possible result.

By combining fractional laser with chemical peel procedure, Dr. Kee knows that both treatments would complement the other for a far greater result than they are as stand-alone treatment. For Nadratul's skin condition, he proceeds with chemical peel treatment by targeting the cheek and jaw area.

Dr. Kee carefully customize the depth of the peel for required for Nadratul, with a view of subsequent laser treatment. The peeling treatment was therefore done to treat her acne problems and induce skin renewal.

Fractional laser which offers the penetrative depth to induce collagen remodelling also strengthens the skin from the inside. In this case, Dr, Kee focus the laser onto the t-zone area, to resurface dead skin and remove stubborn blackheads. The effect of collagen reproduction should spill-over to the whole face to rejuvenate previously impaired skin.

After she completed the LED phototherapy for healing, a jovial Nadratul thanks Dr. Kee for coming up with what's best for her skin. She really appreciates the touch of personalization from Premier Clinic.

Find out if you need a personalize treatment by calling 012-662 5552 or email your correspondence to

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#chemicalpeeltreatment #problemskin #acneproblem #dullandcongestedskin #aestheticdoctor #aestheticdr #professionalaesthetic #lasertreatmentkl
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Think of Botox, Off Kozz to Premier Clinic

For a guy wearing a few different hats, Kos Serani is constantly looking for inspiration in everything he does. Whether in his job as radio DJ or being an entrepreneur, he always looks to inspire himself and his close circle of friends. In his line of work, having a positive outlook in life is important too. Which is why he choose Premier Clinic to take care of his image and aesthetic requirement.

Today, Kozz as he is sometimes known by, wish to have Botox done on his upper face. But before that, he will have his face thoroughly prepared with Premier Clinic's Ultrasonic Cleansing.

There are many reasons for targeting the upper face, most common reason is to reduce the appearance of grouchiness. It's no fun talking to a grumpy character which often permeate negativity.

Prevention is another reason Botox should be used for facial maintenance. Whether it due to ageing, emotional reaction, expression, stress or habit, all these contrive to add more lines to the face.

Of course from a medical perspective, facial muscles and the texture of the skin play a significant role in the formation of deep and fine lines. Factor in biological changes such as breakdown in collagen and degradation of elastin all lead to adding a line or two on the face

Botox otherwise known as Botulinum Toxin is one of the option available to manage facial lines. When injected in a controlled amount, facial muscles will experience paralysis. It means muscle group is being induced to relax, which render complete inactive movement on the upper face. With less movement of the facial muscle, it lessen the chance of creation of new lines and reduces fine lines from growing deeper.

Dr. Aarthi pinpoints the spots to administer Botox and experience does make a huge difference whether a patient experience a painless injection or otherwise.

Next, Kozz was put under the LED phototherapy to reduce irritation on the injected areas, as well as to promote healing on the face. The calming light from the LED also helps relaxes the facial muscle.

Based on the smiley looking face, we can take heart that Kozz fully enjoyed his session at Premier Clinic. Don't wait until it's too late, call Premier Clinic at 012-662 5552 or email us at

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#draarthimaria #botoxinjection #antiaging #finelineinjection
#managewrinkles #botulinumToxin #famousclinicmalaysia #aestheticdoctor #aestheticdr
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Simple yet effective Chemical Peel at Premier Clinic

The usage of chemical peel for beauty care had been well documented with some believing that it dated as early as King Tut's era, yes, that's ancient Egypt,where raw form of fruits, veggies and dairy products were used to preserve smooth and flawless skin. While the earliest documented topical exfoliation was recorded in the 19th century, studies on chemical peel treatment have since continued through centuries.

In the early days, some of the ingredients used can be considered unsophisticated and crude even, but the medical effects was undeniable. Despite the years of rapid advancement in science and medicine, chemical peel still plays a role in modern aesthetics till today.

Lactic acid, popularly known as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peel can be considered a modern day chemical peel treatment with earliest documented usage dates back in 1882! Of course, the formulation had gone through numerous refinement, with better ingredients used for proven efficacy.

Dita is about to find out the full benefit of AHA peel at Premier Clinic. As far as chemical peel is concern, AHA is still preferred by many physicians for its long lasting effects. With the right mixture, chemical peel can be a potent treatment with instant brightening of the skin minus the negative effect such as drying and flaking.

Dr. Elaine proceeds to apply AHA onto Dita's face, after which she timed the duration for the peeling process, to ensure delivery of key ingredients into epidermal tissue. Chemical peel if done professionally, would generate desirable new cell turnover for healthy looking skin.

Another crucial element for maximum benefit of AHA treatment is a properly manage post-care and using the right home care. Under the guidance of an experienced physician like Dr. Elaine, you can be assured that this simple treatment can produce staggering result yet easy to maintain.

For a fuss free chemical peel treatment that's safe and effective, please contact us at 012-662 555 or email us at

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#aesthetictreatment #drchongyeeleng #AHAtreatment #lacticacidtreatment #smoothandglowingskin #antiagingtreatment
#skinimprovement #glycolicacid #salicylicacidpeel #problemskin
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For members (little ones) only

A recent article in The Star newspaper by Dr. Chen titled “For members (little ones) only”, he talks about penile enlargement. He provides a clinical view about the topic, but we at Premier Clinic wish to put things into perspective.

There are dozens of doctors who do fillers injection, as its bread and butter treatment. But for penile enlargement, it takes knowledge, experience, and skill, and we have the doctor to do it!

Dr. Kee handles about 4-5 successful cases daily, and all are satisfied with their respective procedures. In the right hands, penis enlargement procedure can last for 3 years and sometimes more. Why go for a dime in dozens, when you can have penis enlargement done by a credentialed doctor of privileged few.

If you wish to follow Dr. Chen's 'Aesthetically Yours' column, do buy a copy of The Star newspaper every Sunday fortnightly. To view his complete article please follow the link:

For penile enlargement, please call 012-662 5552, discreet is guaranteed. Or email to

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