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Stop in today and view the used and washed area rugs we have for sale....also if you are coming from a distance call first to make sure someone is in the office...we may be out picking up or delivering area rugs...our number is 608-669-2119 and 608-467-8001 . For the month of July you will receive $10.00 off your area rug purchase.
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Did you know we sell used washed and if needed repaired area rugs at a reasonable price here at Premier Rug Washing?! For the month of July mention you saw this notice and you will receive 10.00 off on your area rug can view some of the area rugs on our us and ask about the area rug to see if it is still available or stop in if you are in the area...608-669-2119 or 608-467-8001 thank you.
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Cleaning Your Area Rug

Premier Rug washing Versus A Carpet Cleaner

Premier Rug Washing specializes in cleaning area rugs, Trent Keast one of the owner's, has over 30 years of experience, and is a IICRC Double Certified Master Cleaner, with over 20 accredited certifications in the State of Wisconsin. Premier Rug Washing has the latest state-of - the art equipment.

If you are a pet owner you know accidents happen and  it is very important to get that urine out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Premier Rug Washing guarantees 100 percent removal of pet-urine smell.

Premier Rug Washing is also qualified to repair your area rug if you have rips, fringe needing repair or new, fire and soot damage, water damage, fraying, serging, moth proofing, mending and patching.They also sell Dura-Hold pads to help protect your area rug. A carpet business will not repair your area rug.

There are many reasons why it is not wise to clean your area rug at home, you could damage your floors. Never clean a area rug on a wood floor, moisture can get between the rug and the wood. Hand knotted, hand woven, hand tufted,braided , Persian , and many other types of area rugs, have different types of dyes. Vegetable, natural, synthetic dyes for example can bleed on your wood, ceramic,laminate, and linoleum floors causing permanent damage from the stains. A lot of the area rugs made overseas have natural dyes in them from berries. Persian rugs for example have vegetable dyes. Many carpet cleaners use hot water which can cause these dyes to bleed. Premier Rug Washing uses only cold water to wash the area rugs.

Cleaning a rug over a wood floor or carpet allows to much moisture between the rug and the floor causing mold and dry rot issues. Often times the rugs aren't cleaned thoroughly at home,only cleaning the top. Also they are not dried properly at home which also can make mold form. Premier Rug Washing will advise you to bring the area rug to their spa. Pick up and delivery is available for a fee.

When your area rug is at the spa it will be inspected, vacuumed, ultrasonic vibration is used to loosen the soil, urine crystals,dandruff from the rug, then it is washed with wool safe biodegradable cleaning agents, which are safe for pets and people. Soap can dry rot your area rug. Premier Rug Washing has a large capacity centrifuge which gets soap and water out of your area rug to the point that if you were to put your knee on the rug it wouldn't get wet. The centrifuge prevents your area rug from getting distorted or shrunk, it allows your rug to keep its original shape. An area rug can shrink if not dried quickly and properly. Improper drying methods can shrink an area rug.Premier Rug Washing has climate controlled drying rooms, humidifiers, blowers, fans, and big portable drying racks, both inside and outside. When the area rug is all dry you have the option of having a protective finish applied to the area rug  to help prevent staining on your area rug which will help it to stay beautiful longer!


Professionally Restoring Your Water Damaged Area Rug

An area rug can be one of the most important features in your home, from low end to high end, it is a work of art for your floor and compliments the room.

In the event of a disaster it is very important to have your precious heirloom or everyday area rug cleaned fast and thoroughly by a reputable qualified company that cares such as Premier Rug Washing. We offer 24/7 emergency service.We will assess the damage done from water or sewer back up at your home or business.The customer can also drop off their area rug at Premier Rug Washing located at 2508 S. Stoughton Road in Madison, WI. Pickup and delivery is available for a fee. If the area rug isn't fixable we will tell the customer upfront. We offer free estimates on the cleaning cost, and we will tell you how long it will take until you get your rug back.Estimates are free at our shop and at your location. Premier Rug Washing will inform the customer what repairs the area rug would need such as new backing, water staining, and dye bleed correction. We also inspect for mold , mildew, and sewage damage. If the area rug has shrinkage it will be stretched and blocked to get it back to its original shape, this is referred to as squaring the area rug. Your area rug may need a new pad due to disintegrating.

Premier Rug Washing will assess the value of the pad, and show the customer the difference between a good and bad pad. Premier Rug Washing sells Durahold Rug Pads which are high quality long lasting durable pads made in the USA . They are non skid pads, liquid will not go through their barrier and onto your floors. We can clean your pad, if it isn't cleanable we will tell the customer. Premier Rug Washing uses the latest technology, which is the newest, smartest, and most efficient equipment available. Trent Keast one of the owners of Premier Rug Washing is a Master Certified Technician through two different organizations.


Why Rug Padding is Important

Rug padding provides a protective layer between your rug and floor. It helps minimize slipping, it increases the life of your area rug, makes the rug feel thicker and more luxurious, smooths out irregularities in the floor, and absorbs noise. All pads are not created equal. The best pads for hardwood floors have a layer of synthetic felted material with a rubber coating. To determine what size pad you need, measure the length and width of the rug, not  including the fringe. The pad should be cut 2 inches shorter than the length and width of the rug. Premier Rug Washing sells new high quality, skid resistant Dura Hold rug pads.


One of the many specialized services Premier Rug Washing provides is the restoration of soot and fire damaged area rugs, guaranteeing 100% odor removal.Fire and soot creates a odor that lingers in the affected areas unless specially treated. It is important that you  begin the cleaning process as soon as possible.

Premier Rug Washing offers 24/7 24 hour emergency service. We will pick up your area rugs day and nite, emergency fee applicable. "Puffbacks" from furnaces can give off odors which can get into your area rugs, so immediate care is important. Smoke from fires and soot residue, from a furnace malfunction, are unhealthy for people and pets. Prompt removal and treatment is critical to help prevent dye transfers on your wood floors or other surfaces, colors can bleed into carpeting. Your area rugs will be deodorized to completely remove any odor and smoke. Premier Rug Washing has a state of the art cleaning facility, our large centrifuge will remove harmful chemicals and contaminants from your area rugs.Premier Rug Washing"s expertise can help a bad situation from getting worse.    A free estimate and inspection will be provided by our Certified Master Cleaner to determine the extent of damage based on smoke, heat and moisture from the fire. Premier Rug Washing has a vast knowledge of rug restoration.

Why Premier Rug Washing

Premier Rug Washing specializes in cleaning all kinds of rugs from around the world and your fine furniture.  We also provide other services such as rug repair, we sell Durahold Pads, fringe replacement, and dye correction. Pickup and delivery is available, if you drop off and pickup you SAVE!  Free in-home or at the shop estimates.

Specializes in Cleaning Area Rugs

Premier Rug Washing specializes in cleaning area rugs from all over the world. The Oriental Rug Importers of America recommends that hand-made rugs be cleaned every 2-4 years.

Rugs used in heavily trafficked areas such as an entry hall may need to be cleaned every year. Because some rugs are so thick, waiting to long between cleanings makes the deeply embedded soil impossible to remove completely. 
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