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Pregnancy Stories
Offering inspiration, hope & comfort to those trying to conceive or unexpectedly pregnant over 40
Offering inspiration, hope & comfort to those trying to conceive or unexpectedly pregnant over 40

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Post has attachment Obesity Especially Impairs Fertility in Black Women
-- Young black women who are obese or heavy through the hips were less likely to become pregnant, according to a substudy of the ongoing, prospective Black Women’s Health Study...

Post has attachment Why are my cloth diapers and/or diaper covers leaking?!?
-- With a good quality cloth diapering system, you should be experiencing almost no leakage. As a matter of fact, even "disposable" diapers are not leakproof - many parents find themselves trying several brands of "disposable" diapers before they find the one diaper that fits their baby best - to prevent leakage.
However, if you are experiencing leaking problems with your cloth diapering system on a daily basis, something is wrong. Below is a list of things to check, that should help solve the problem...

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Frugal Baby Wipes Recipes
-- Tammy shared: I use an old baby wipes container, put the ingredients in, top off with hot water, swish it around to mix it up and put my wipes in on top to soak it up...

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FREEBIE: National Geographic Small Book of Fun (ALL)
-- National Geographic is offering a free the 7 page Small Book of Big Fun...

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Beauty Hacks: Manicure Smudges and DIY Polish
-- Learn how to fix a smudged manicure in two easy steps, and how to make nail polish using eye shadow.

Post has attachment Menstrual Products and Health
-- Breast cancer, elevated estrogen levels, other illness may be linked to some feminine sanitary products...

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Pamela Laycock, 50, mom of Toby, 5
-- Pamela Laycock Age: 50. Mother of Toby, aged five. Derek, her partner of 16 years, is 48, and runs a chauffeur company...

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Frugal Child Safety: Cord Holders
-- Extra long electrical wires, including extension cords and phone cords, may trip your little one - and are tempting for your baby to tug or chew on...

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Frugal Tip: Miracle Pan Release
-- Do you have trouble with your cakes and muffins sticking to your pans? Why not make your own Cake Release-type product?

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Refreshing a Pillow in 3 Easy Steps
-- Freshening up a tired pillow is simple to do. Just follow these tips from Consumer Reports' experts.
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