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Preeth Nambiar
Author, Educationist & Humanitarian
Author, Educationist & Humanitarian


The most wonderful in a day must be to listen to the morning skies! To immerse yourself in its silence, to give your ears to the celestial birds breaking it, and to eagerly wait for the sunshine that would touch the very tenderness of your heart! Upon the eastern horizon when sun rises, he would say – come on, touch me if you can!

I am not here forever, but I have a day to live, a beautiful day to celebrate the beauty of life!

Good morning world!

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“WOW! But where is this?” He asked looking into the picture. ‘Right beside the temple, in our own tiny town’ I answered. ‘I had been to the place almost every day, but never noticed’ – he exclaimed.

I am not a photographer by profession nor did I capture the image with a sophisticated device. All what I do is to look at an everyday image from a different angle and share with a hope that it would at least bring a smile into the face of a needy. The very moment brings its reward! Even a grass tip swaying in the winds expresses and the action itself brings its reward.

So is about the words I scribble! The intimate moment when we complete writing shall be compared to that of the moments of laughter or bursting out into tears. There is an answer for those who question my own disregard for popularity – the most wonderful fruit of a creative effort is the feeling of contentment, nothing else!

Where will you take the worthless name and fame that you gain? Where will you bury the riches that you earned? The most beautiful in life is this very moment! There is beauty for those who wish to see the beauty in it and misery for those who are seeking the same. All that matters is how you look at the object, your own perspective.

Smile, for you are not going to be here forever. Smile, for the life is so precious where even a single moment shall not be wasted looking at the miseries in it.

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

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“Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. … It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus.”

~ Enid Bagnold

muted verses by Sanaa Uppal, review by susana robertsThe birth of a writer is not a mystery! Looking at the lives of greatest writers in the world we could see some striking incidents leading to the emerging of one so – a seed buried deep with the heart of earth, under favourable conditions, touched by the heavenly waters, emerges as a seedling. Some of the seedlings are lost in the course of time, yet there are a few that grow up as tiny plants to finally stay there as giant trees on the path of eternal time. Passersby, those avid lovers of life, tired of changing seasons in it, visits those shades and rest for a while. Deriving the inspiration from silence for miles yet to travel, reviving themselves, they resume their journey. Writers are so, who cherish deep silence in their verve and who speaks much to the world through their silence.

Reading the works of Sanaa Uppal, a significant name emerging in the field of Indian English Poetry is perhaps an encounter with silence so. Poetry is an exact art of reliving and sketching this muteness in words. It is like measuring it from within, granting that one wild chance to its wholesomeness which is both so fair and cruel. Hence the title Muted Verses very well matches with the debut anthology by the poetess. In her own words,

“muteness as grey words
is the chant that ancient temples chant
grey are the lips that are sealed hard
not aqua blue , not emerald green
grey is the color of the cemented sea
the only god that rules is
the grey god”

Life is a saga in the making where muteness like an audience is all set to witness a ballet; a spectacular silence about the mighty wilderness. A silent war, with a colossal mission of surviving the odds of it! A crisp silent fog frantically beating its way through the rage turned cold, where the only sound that echoes is that of the silence of mega emotions ; fierce and profound. Here it rules gracious and rules aloud at the heaving bosom gone mute in search of credibility. A writer like beauty has nothing to disclose, but the crystalline chaos of a woman’s tears, only a few can handle. Sanaa further says:

“these undying warriors
these meandering geniuses
beyond comprehension
they remain

But amidst all the muddle and puddle of it, the poetess believes life is all about moving against its stunning gravity and the very same is true in its core! This reveals the inspirational nature of Sanaa Uppal’s poetry that instigates the reader to find the beauty of life from its harshest form.

“silences speaking through words
much is air to discard
sometimes the low moonlight
sometimes feeble sun and death ajar
sometimes a creator
sometimes in vacuum breathing hard
lost in her own rhythms
defeated sometimes
like a drama collapsed
rhymes sometimes fail to tell
the song that was sung
put to flames
she lingers somewhere
in the muteness of her faint colors and light
the faded essence of her words
the reality she created
the golden mind.”

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Sanaa Uppal’s poetry is the profound philosophy that it conveys to the reader. It speaks about life, the myriad aspects of it and of death, the definite end and of the state of being beyond life and death. Most of the works are meditative in its nature that require deep analysis and for the very reason they are to be contemplated rather than to be read during leisure. The imageries that Sanaa uses are closely connected to nature the very same reveals the poetess’ love for majestic beauty of it. Intensity is observed in such imageries that successfully represent the mood that it needs to convey. A perfect blend of profundity and beauty those lines capable enough to intoxicate someone for a lifetime!

Reading ‘Muted Verses’ is an experience that takes us to a different realm of universal existence which is beyond the scope of verbal expression. While the poetess succeeds in reaching the depths of hearts through her mastery over poetic skills, the same marks the beginning of a poet’s journey, towards the endless horizons of timelessness! I wish Sanaa Uppal all the very best in her journey to explore the universe and the mysteries of it!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Susana Roberts

Dr. Susana Roberts
Author Poet & Litterateur
Dr.Litt Honoris Causa-Academia Mundial de Artes y Cultura-Ca.
EEUU Vice Directorate Paziflac Argentina y Latinoamerica

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“A dream, all a dream, that ends in nothing, and leaves the sleeper where he lay down, but I wish you to know that you inspired it.”
Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

The Definite change by Smitha Vijay AnandIn the boundless universe of more than one hundred billion galaxies, billions of stars and planets we have a tiny yet beautiful planet named Earth which is famed for the trace of life across the cosmos! Nevertheless, the beauty of the whole universe reflects in those myriad lives and it is said each and every microcosm has abundance of power in it. When we have the control over our lives to make it content or miserable, it is often our own thoughts capable of it and there comes the very relevance of a writer who in turn has the potential to influence the mind and to change the very way it thinks.

Contemporary poetry more or less has become merely the depiction of harsh realities of our world that perhaps would serve one of the myriad facets of art. However, it often lacks beauty that was once upon a time the very identity of poetry. To some extend poetic brilliance is being measured by the toughness of the words used in it and the same keeps a reader further away from a prominent branch of literature. It is this context there is a raise of a poet like Smitha Vijay Anand who successfully proves that the beauty of poetry still survives and perhaps that is the very life of poetry. The impact that it brings to minds is tremendous and as the very title suggests it brings a definite change to the very way we perceive the world.

The poetry of Smitha has meditative tunes in it that compels a reader to take a break after reading each poem. Poems woven with tender thoughts and seemingly simple words perhaps has tremendous power in it and that takes a reader for a contemplative mood when the majestic experience of reading blossoms spreading its fragrance. One of the most important aspects of the poetry of Smitha is the sensitivity of thoughts that is perceivable in almost every word in it. Simplicity is the key here to enter the deepest of the heart whereas the vivid imageries with which the poet paint the canvas within the reader at the end of reading develops into a beautiful painting worthwhile to cherish.

The quality of Smitha absorbing those minutest human emotions is remarkable that which helps her identifying the truest nature of man and then suggests ways in which we can bring the beauty in it. The works also suggest her observation of those micro elements of nature that probably makes her empathetic towards own surrounding and a number of the works reflects her deep concern for the nature that shelters us. In several places we can find Smitha advocating for women and the need to empower themselves. Nevertheless, her poetry doesn’t get limit to the horizons of the earth alone, through beautiful words and vivifying imageries she takes a reader to a rather higher realm of being where echoes the profoundest truths of spirituality. It is here she reveals herself as the seeker of supreme knowledge of the self.

Smitha Vijay Anand, one of the most powerful and promising voices in English Poetry is here with her debut book, a collection of beautiful poems that shall be otherwise called as a rosary of precious pearls that everyone can behold a lifetime and chant during the moments of distress, to whisper once again that life is indeed beautiful! I am sure this book would bring about positive changes in the lives of many who seek rays of hope to enlighten their path.

Dr. Hilal Karahan

the definite change by smitha vijay anand review by Hilal KarahanDr. Hilal Karahan
Author Poet & Litterateur
Director, Writers Capital International Foundation
Intercontinental Director, WFP-IOC

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Published by Litterateur Imprints

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Published by Litterateur Imprints

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SONGS CELESTIAL ~ Preeth Nambiar


Divine lute on the arms, O Goddess, you sing songs immortal within! Mesmerised I stand, looking at the course of this river flowing tranquil to the path destined. I don’t know how long I have been standing here, nor I know how long I would stay here, the moment justifies the scheme of it. Upon the ancient stone steps when I sit idle, all I would like to do is to sing these songs celestial and make this life a song worth sung. The dense tress of banyan leaves quiver the secrets deep and eternal; passing twilights sigh in despair; days and nights delight each other; here I am, my mother, a silent witness of an eventful verve that would mean nothing definite, yet content with a smile subtle.

The Solitary Shores
Hardcover, 1, 60 pages
ISBN 9789383755
Edition Language: English

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The Litterateur Imprints, publishing division under the Writers Capital International Foundation, has immense pleasure bringing you a beautiful anthology of Poems 'Muted Verses' by Sanaa Uppal, an emerging poet from India.

The electronic / Kindle version of the book will be published in the due course and will be made available for lovers of literature.

Stay tuned while we bring you another marvel of celestial poetry!

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Welcome, Hilal Karhan, Director, Writers Capital International Foundation, Turkey. We are sure her activities would further strengthen the noble objectives of the foundation. All the best, Hilal!

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