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Grinding of curved tubes

Why it is required? In many cases it is impossible or hard to prevent any marks and scratches after tube bending tools during the tube bending process. So finally you will have marks after the clamps which should be eliminated for the final part. Moreover it is more actual for small workshops with small series so you can’t send any tube to the galvanic line after.

So the solution is to use the hand grinder to remove the marks but the problem will be that finally you will have different surface after the work on the bended area and other tube surface. So the solution is only the machine grinding.
Any standard centerless grinder can’t perform this job so you should obtain the planetary grinding machine with the special possibility to work with curved tubes. This is usually the standard way to bend and to grind after the exhaust pipes for example. Moreover thanks for the grinding the machine could eliminate other marks from the tube which were obtained during the handling and production process.

Moreover the grinding is the solution to not afraid marks on the tube during the bending. Depends of the situation tube bending without marks or with low marks could be impossible – the light clamping will effect sliding and finally the rush of the bend itself. That is why for bending process it is important to find the right value between pressure of clamping to perform the normal bend of the tube.

Who requires? Everybody with this problem with the notice that there are lot of limits of grinding for curved tubes, i.e. the radius of bending should be more than 2,5 – 3 times of the diameter etc.

Precitools is the sales agent for tube grinding machines of NS Maquinas in Italy. You are welcome for any request.

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Used machine tools market

Used machine tools – chances for the production or the subject to ignore? We do not have the study about the economy of used machine tools market and doubt that there are professional studies of it. Usually all values are written for new machines because it is part of fabrication, work of industrial associations, trade chambers etc. But we can say that the used machine tools market is also extremely big.

Is it a possibility to find a diamond? Probably now. The reason that together with the big part of end-users who sell their machine because of different reasons there are a lot of professional suppliers and traders who cover and try to reach the fresh information about machinery which has to been sold. In other words if the good machine will be published for a low price and you are not looking for all sources there is a big chance that the owner will have the contact with the professional trader to sell the machine to him.

Anyway it is still a good chance for the production to start the manufacture with the lower investment. New machine is serious investment and with the good support and service you have 100% trust to prevent any problems but you should remember that after 2-3 years even the machine will work not so much the price will be not more than 70-80% of the new one. And probably less.
Moreover there are a lot of cases of working machine which cost 40-60% of new one and are far away from the dead condition so you can work at least several years with it and if the machine is good probably also several dozen years. You can see even today working machines for sale which were manufactured 30 years ago and older.

The big problem for any new user is the trust – the machine is without the guarantee and the black spot about the machine condition. You can buy it and invest a lot of money tomorrow for repairing. Any chance to prevent it is to be experienced enough for check of the machine or hire the manufacturer’s service team to verify the condition. There is no friendly trust so you can order the skilled testing.

Used or new? It depends. Moreover if the machine is not for the mass market like 3-axis machining center probably you will find a good one for the really good price. As usual the price for the machine depends at the reasons how fast it could be sold and interesting for market.

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Industrial promotion

Sometimes the hard promotion of industrial products with the public and trusted sources can cost not less than the industrial exhibition to show your product in reality. Does it really make sense?

Yes, we can easy say that the Internet is the marketing source today is N1 which is operated without any borders, countries and limits. It is the powerful tool to connect international companies and potential customers from any part of the word. Sometimes it is the problem with the language but last innovations show that it is also the temporary problem. If you want to read in your local language you can use for example online translator which is also very powerful today compare to the situation five years ago.

Is Internet good enough for industrial products? Probably is not enough to make the special decisions which require the studies, communications, real touch of the equipment and study of references but is great to make the preliminary choice for any product from simple tool till the complicated individual production line.

And for sure Internet is the chance to build the competition, possibility to try to find the alternate companies, study the offers and best conditions. Yes, for machine tools probably Internet is not the full cover tool to buy the machine but there are already marketplaces with bids even for used tooling. Anyway it is impossible to doubt that this is the greatest source of the information.

Moreover have you heard about the customer who wishes to buy the same machine which they have seen in Youtube? We know about such cases and this is the big reference for industrial market. So do not stay offline with your products if you want to go together with the present.

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Beautiful tube bending

For sure tube bending process is functional. Could it be really beautiful? Sure if we are talking about motorcycle tubes. Usually the beauty of industrial product is the beauty of the final product, isn’t it?

Unfortunately for standard motorcycles all tubes and pipes, especially exhausts are hided with the covers for the functional use and the protection. So about the tubing outside probably you can see something from the frame and the handlebar.

And quite other thing if we will talk about the design likes cruisers or choppers. This is quite other thing where the beauty and the fashion together with solid sounds stay outside of standard functionality and for sure where the exhaust system is the part of the fashion. Do you know the difference between motorcycle and chopper? Chopper is custom made cruiser with lot of standard parts chopped out but usually with the big extension of bended bars, longer frame and exhaust tubing. Movies, stories and long US roads made the complete advertisement for travel motorcycles and there is no normal man who doesn’t dream about it!

Together with car industry the motorcycle market is very important for tube bending machines industry. The reason of this is also the beautiful design which could be the part of the aggressive promotion with the great feedback even from people who stay away from industry.

Moreover it is interesting job and there a lot of production sites and agencies who deal with motorcycle tubing with the powerful machinery with tube draw bending tools. Sure thing because the chopper is custom made usually to produce serial production they deal with different exhaust kits. And what is the global part of the tubing in standard chopper? More than 50%?

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Some notes about press brake tools

Press brake tooling is the investment for years. In general first set of tools is supplied with the press brake together to start the production immediately after the installation of the machine. Somebody purchases all tools which are better to have in the workshop, somebody starts with the production to purchase other tools later if necessary. Tooling could be also the serious investment so it is better study what to purchase and when.

Normally press brake tools go for the years. Moreover it depends for the requirements to the product itself – even the part with some difference with the bending line could be accepted. What is the reason to replace the tools? Some critical damages, for example fault of the cycle when tool was damaged because of mistake or other or some problems with the tooling which are serious to produce the future parts.

The main thing could be also burrs – after cutting or punching when the addition metal on the part scratches the tool during bending. Several parts will do nothing but after several thousand of bends the bending tooling will be also damaged. Oil, protection film and absence of burrs are the things to extend the duration of life for any press brake tools. Machine faults and mistakes in setup, incorrect work of press brake cylinders, improper operations like bending of bars could lead for fast replacement of tools.

Moreover the clamping is important. According to serious tonnages the tooling should be blocked without any lifts or movements and has the same position as near piece. It is possible to understand it also with the bending for the full length of the machine – the difference with bending areas could show the problems with the press brake tools.

For sure as general it is clear that even for modern and expensive high-technology press brakes the precision and the proper work is connected with the condition of the tooling. So it is the reason never ignore any damages to the pieces.

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Investments for machine tools – subject for study

After all requirements of the customer do you know what is the most important question to provide the offer for requested machine tools? Is it the budget and how much is it… When the production is stable and customer already has lot of different equipment it is much more easy to discuss with him the purchasing of new machine. More or less he knows to what he want to invest and what is the approximate price for it. It is much more easy to sell second, third machine to the same customer but to sell first you need to be the best and moreover you need to know that you are not spending your time for useless work.

There are thousands of companies who enter every day the world of machine tools or start new production or new application to get the new machine tool to their workshop. Sometimes they come with clear ideas but there a lot of them who doesn’t understand the price range, the clear requirements or do not have any financial charts to calculate the production income. Tube bending machine could be very good example to explain – you can get the tool for less than thousand euro, simple machine for 3-10 thousand euro, automatic CNC machine for price more than 100 thousand euro. Yes, even with simple tools you can make some jobs. So if your production is dozens parts per day and you do not care for human work (for example medium country salary for manpower is low) you can request the modern automatic machine and spend the time of the sales managers, but you will never buy it. The machine will not return back the investments and if there is no financial interest to get the equipment there will be no deal.

Normally it is not the fault from customer because he could not to have any knowledge for prices and possibilities. So it is normal job of the sales manager of the machine tool manufacturer to understand the reality of customer’s requirements and to provide him the proper recommendations. So here is the question about the budget. Lot of people can reply that they want to understand the prices and do not have budget at all. It depends but if there is no budget in private company it means the project had not passed any financial studies. Everywhere there are 2 parts – technical things (possibility to make part) and production things (possibility to make the part within the requested time). If there are no productivity indicators the reality of project is very weak so this could be valuable only for rich customers who can buy the machine only because of the possibilities or for the future projects. Or the application could be very high-priced like part for expensive cars or aerospace where only the possibilities are binding.

Machine tools from Precitools:
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From machine simulation to virtual factory

Have you heard about virtual simulation? In machine tools industry it could be connected to the simulation of stand-alone machine as well as the complete production cell, manufacturing line or the whole factory or workshop in general. The purpose of virtual projection and simulation could be absolutely different. In general virtual model includes the machine tools, movements and kinematics, real dimensions and working process, tools etc. to solve the problems and run the virtual production for manufacturing system.

The main target for single machine simulation is the calculation of production time, confirmation of working cycle, check for mistakes, errors and collisions and finally – the preparation of the automatic program to run the process in real life. Moreover it is very important tool to prevent the setup faults – the virtual mistake cost nothing against real without any part waste or broken tool risk.
For cells and production lines the virtual layout is important to prepare the right composition and effective optimized manufacturing process for running.

Moreover it is a tool for production calculation, verification of connection for all units, all necessary movements’ preparation for robots and transfer devices and much more. For robots usually all the manufacturers has the software for virtual composition to make movements of the robots and all the production equipment around. Moreover depends of the software virtual simulation could be also the tool for the visual programming to implement all the cycles in the real life.

And the final and most complicated construction is the virtual factory for workshop or the factory inside. Depends of the requirements in could be only the layout to be the reference tool for installation of the machines (to prevent any mistakes before run out) till the impressive solutions with all materials flow, running equipment, positioning of personnel and studying of real manufacturing process with real parts in virtual reality. Today any level of details could be achieved, even real simulation of actions for the worker. And the modern generations of hardware and technologies grant the better level of visualization, more details in models with the possibility even to run the 3D travel inside if necessary.

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Full electric

The last word in sheet metal and tube fabrication processes are “full electric” machines to remove any hydraulic units. As the cars electric machines started new era for general power equipment fabrication. The reason is quite important – the increase of the precision, control for every movements with the elimination of electricity consumption (which is quite expensive in Europe) and reduction of maintenance procedures. Moreover the electric is green technology with the absence of any waste of dangerous contamination liquids.

There are no minuses for the electric technology but some blocks – for example more big investments for the equipment and limited powers and forces for the offered machines on the market. Today “full electric” is fashionable and high-technology term for all tube bending machines with CNC, press brakes with low and medium forces, CNC punching presses for sheet metal. “Fast, precise, safe, green” – all the words are actual for full electric machines marketing.

Should we invest for “full electric” machine? It depends. Every investment is the subject for calculation of economy, production, possibilities and functions. It is the present technology today, very modern and innovative but the production factory is not the place to use the “fashion” but to get the economy stable flow with the use of different machinery. With some applications for higher precision “full electric” could be not necessary but very recommended but for other thing everything is in hands of the managers. Small electric press brakes have very good feedbacks to proceed with small parts in high production and the replacement of the punch press can reduce in thousands the invoices amounts for electricity.

Servo-drived electric machines are also 100% controlled with CNC. It is important point for accuracies, complicated setups and important applications. Moreover the market started the turn for “full electric” so we should follow the world, right?

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Tube bending tools engineering

Tube bending for lot of people seems to be a very easy job. That is why there are a lot of discussions when the case is to sell the modern and high technology tube bending machine. Manufacturer tries to explain what all the options for, what are the problems and why finally the machine cost so high! Sure thing all the things are clear enough for the people in really productivity industries like automotive. But when the story is for other applications…

Tube bending tools could be quite expensive as well. Mainly there are two main principles – main sizes and complexity of development and production. Any even simple tools for big diameters for oil and gas lines, shipbuilding etc. when the diameters are nearly hundred and more cost lot of money. For small diameters the cost could be for complicated tools with the special surfaces, short clamping parts for tight block of the tube, multi-stack tools with several radiuses on one tool to work with different planes…

Moreover the responsibility is high! There are no unification and standardization; tooling is only for the specific machine and specific job to do. Even sizes of the tools are different – all manufacturers have their own connections to tie the customer with the future tooling supplies. And for bending tools there is only one result – to bend the tube with proper requirements. Yes, a lot of depends on the machine and the operator skills for setup but tool is main and general part you can’t ignore.

Complicated tube bending tools are really look impressive. And the jobs with them are the really wonderful view to explain for potential customers all the possibilities and functions. A sure thing, a lot of depends of the costs but if you run the machine for half of million USD with the thousands of parts for daily production you can’t ignore the quality tools. Otherwise why do you purchase the machine?

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Why and what for we write?

There are so many industrial journals and a lot of information in the Internet, what is the reason to make one more blog with general info? It is true. Anyway we will continue and would like to fulfill the task step by step to explain more about technologies, metal working machines and Italy as the main part of it.

There are no specific technical information or detailed things about the technologies which you can get from the manufacturers and public articles. We are not looking for our target to ask people to make any decision but to provide the interesting blog line to scroll down with morning coffee. No ads and not a lot of information, just small notes and articles about metalworking world.

Sure thing we will write also about us but will share our view to other fields as well. If you want to make small note about your workshop, production or machinery – you are also welcome, we will be glad to make it with your source link and publish with our source. Of course free of charge, just for general information cloud. Stay tuned!

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