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Free Brake Pads with the purchase of a brake job!!
Brakes for Homes / For a limited time we are giving customers FREE BRAKE PADS with with the purchase of any brake job. Then 10% of the total bill gets donated to The Greater Springfield Habitat For Humanity to help with The Tommy House.

The program is very simple. You need brakes.... you call us, we check the brakes, tell you what you need, you pay for any materials needed EXCEPT for the brake pads, you pay the labor to put it all together, then we donate 10% of the sale to The Greater Springfield Habitat For Humanity. Offer ends 9/28/18
Call to Schedule your appointment today!!

#BrakeJob #Brakes #GreaterSpringfieldHabitatForHumanity

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"Highway to the danger zone!"
This customer came in for the Back To School Special and was concerned that the car "just doesn't feel right" when driving on the highway.
Here is a look at the right front and left front tires. As you can see the right front tire (left side of the photo) is worn down through the belts. While the left front tire looks to be in great shape.
This issue was caused by a faulty suspension component that caused the alignment to shift.
Our Back To School Special not only checks the Brakes, Tires, Suspension, and Alignment...
It also checks just over 100 total items on your vehicle and we change the oil. Call or PM to schedule yours today.
#Alignment #Tires #OilChange #Audi

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Thank you to all the men and women of our armed forces.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!!

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"Why did my car shut off and now it won't start?"
Maintenance is the key to minimizing and in most cases eliminating the unexpected costly repairs. This new customer' timing belt was long overdue for replacement and ultimately failed.

The options here could go one of 3 ways. They could opt to disassemble the engine and repair whatever was damaged when the belt broke or they could replace the engine. The last option is to get a new vehicle. Due to the age and mileage of this vehicle it's really not in the best interest of the customer to repair the damage or replace the engine.
Replacing the belt on time would have been much less expensive.

#Toyota #ToyotaRepair #PeaceOfMind #AutoRepair #Mechanic #TimingBelt

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This customer has a friend that fixed their oil leak for them.....

The cost of the amount of duct tape used for this "repair" cost more than a new oil filter would have and the time they spent to painstakingly wrap this filter in the tape was easily much longer than it would have been to just replace the filter.
Need an oil change? Give us a call today, we're happy to help!

#OilChange #OilLeak #AutoRepair #Mechanic #CarRepair #Brake #PeaceOfMind

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"Why is my car overheating?"
This vehicle had a small coolant leak last July. The repair was never made and the issue continued to get worse until internal damage resulted causing the engine oil to mix in with the coolant. What was initially going to be a small repair last July is now unfortunately a large one.

This customer took advantage of our new 100 day payment option, complimentary rental car, and had their vehicle back within a few days.

#Nissan #NissanRepair #CoolantLeak #PaymentPlan #Mechanic #CarRepair #AutoRepair #PeaceOfMind

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"Why does my car shake when I step on the brakes?"
Brakes sometimes need replacement for reasons other than wearing out. This vehicle only had about 5,000 miles on the brakes. So the problem here wasn't that the pads wore out, these brakes essentially rotted away.

This car had been sitting for roughly 2 years and the brakes were done about 3 years ago. So while the brake pads were still in decent shape the brakes needed to be replaced due to rot and rust.
While it's impossible to guarantee this will never happen after sitting, using a higher quality brake rotor this time around will help.
#Brakes #BrakeJob #Mechanic #AutoRepair #OilChange #PeaceOfMind

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An "Oil Change" is much more than just changing the oil and filter.
Among other things, It's an opportunity for one of our Trained Technicians to give your vehicle a safety inspection to ensure you're safe and your vehicle is going to be reliable.

This vehicle came in for a routine Oil Change at the right time. This picture is of a rotted lower control arm. This had rotted away from the inside and was posing a very serious safety concern. The repair was actually very simple and the customer had their vehicle back within a few hours.

#Nissan #OilChange #Alignment #PeaceOfMind

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"Why does my low oil pressure light keep coming on?"
In some cases (most cases) the oil is just a little low but in this case it was an indication of a much larger issue. The screen pictured is an oil pump sump screen. It stops debris from getting sucked into the oil pump. If it's clogged with debris, the pump can't get enough oil to produce the right amount of pressure and volume needed.
Second step is figuring out what clogged the screen. This vehicle had faulty timing chain guides and the pieces in the screen were an indication that there was another issue causing the light.
Are any lights showing up on your dash?
#Auto Repair #Ford #FordRepair

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"Why is my ABS light on?"
This new customer had a friend try to fix their issue for them a few times in an attempt to save money. The friend replaced all of the ABS Sensors as well as replacing the ABS computer with one from a junk yard.
After the 4th missed attempt to fix the issue the customer wanted professional help.
After a short inspection our Technicians found that tone rings on 2 of the 4 axles were broken. The sensors simply cant read a broken tone ring properly.
We replaced the tone rings and the problem was solved on the first visit and for less than they paid the friend.
#Ford #ABS #Brakes #PeaceOfMind #PrecisionAutoRepair
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