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Technology Blogger | Politically Extremist | Try my wisdom in Stocks | Works in rural India |
Technology Blogger | Politically Extremist | Try my wisdom in Stocks | Works in rural India |


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Help me to select a long lasting SSD. Shortlisted these 3 in my budget and capacity.

Speed is almost not noticeable in real work.
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AData SP580
WD green
Kingston SSDNow UV400
AData SP580
WD green

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You Can Try Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi
That is why Windows 10 is the best Windows ever.
Try it if you have the device.

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Games For Kids
Please suggest some good games for Kids of 9yrs on Windows PC .
May be educational, strategy and fun.
Possible free to download though old.
My PC have 8gb DDR 4 RAM and Intel Pentium 4560 processor.


Where can I download some free old games like IGI and Half-Life 2?
If no, I want the demo to check if they work on my basic pc.

Pentium G4560 7th gen.
8GB DDR4 RAM 2400
AsRock B250m pro4 motherboard.
24inch monitor.
128 GB SSD
What else I need. I cant play the basic games. Everything works smooth. Like hd videos, music and everything else.

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How Spying On Android Phone Works?
Simple and basic notes.

#TopTrix   #Android  
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Fan Speed Problem

♨ AsRock B250m Pro motherboard. It has CUP_Fan 1 (4 pins) and CPU_FAN 2 (3 Pin).
♨ Intel Pentium G4560 processor
♨ Stock CPU heatsink and fan.

As per my knowledge, 4 Pin power connector should control the fan speed. After setting the speed at lowest in BIOS /UEFI settings using the Asrock FanStatic settings. But even after doing the settings, it still runs at full speed at all the time on CPU_Fan1 connection.

So I connected it on CPU_Fan2, a 3 PIN socket. Now it runs at a lower speed as the settings as per temperature.

Question is
Is the 4 Pin CUP_Fan 1 socket is not working?
Is it fine to use the 3 pin socket instead of 4 pins as primary?
If the fan should work as expected, what settings I need to change. I already read many forum threads here. Tried many settings.
The 4 pin connector run the fan at full speed and the 3 pin connector working fine.

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Diagnostic Data Viewer is now available for Windows 10 Build 17083
Every Windows privacy critic should try it and ask every other Apple fan to have the same for thme.
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Here is Windows 10 Fonts Settings
Windows 10 build 17083 comes with Fonts settings tab. You can view all the installed fonts in one go and with better management.
Only thing is you cant select multiple fonts to uninstall or to do any other action.
Still a great start.

#TopTrix #Windows10
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Need help
Is Intel Pentium G4560 7th gen not as powerful as old Pentium 4?

I Recently upgraded my PC. I am not a gamer. But sometimes playing the old IGI game.
I remember it was used to work fine on my old machine with Pentium 4, about 8 years ago.
but now, with the
Pentium G4560 7th gen processor,
8 GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM and
AsRock B250m Pro4 motherboard, it does not work.

The very slow response looks like something is bottlenecking the play.
I do not have any graphics card, but using the onboard graphics.
What is the problem? Should I change something in BIOS?

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Practical And Actionable Guide To Protect Yourself Against Spectre And MeltDown Vulnerability
How to check if your system needs an update.
How to update the firmware.

#Windows #TopTrix  
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