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Pravin Vibhute
Technology Blogger | Politically Extremist | Try my wisdom in Stocks | Works in rural India |
Technology Blogger | Politically Extremist | Try my wisdom in Stocks | Works in rural India |

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Just download and find out what you were missing. Complete privacy browser. At least a great start and innovative idea.
Delete everything leaving no footprint about your internet activity, just a button away.
Making it a habit.


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XBox XBox XBox XBox XBox XBox XBox XBox XBox XBox XBox XBox

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Enable Touch Friendly File Explorer In Windows 10
You can activate the touch friendly, ( tablet version ) of Windows File Explorer in Windows 10 build 15063 and above.

Just create a desktop shortcut with the string

explorer shell:AppsFolder\c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515_cw5n1h2txyewy!App

Right click on desktop >> New >> Shortcut >> enter the above string in location field and click next.
And you are done.

#TopTrix #Windows10


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If you are downloading file of large size, you must try this trick for reliable complete downloading.

Never a correct album list.
Take years to list all the songs and folders from cloud.
Must of the time, library is incomplete. Does not reflect the changes in folder structure.
Using for more than 2 months but never correctly updated all the folders and files.
Forget everything and work over this.
What is the use of cloud player, if i am not getting all the songs, even after i have them in cloud.

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The longest distance...


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As you may have noticed now, when you open a new tab in Chrome for Android, you get suggestions¹ for websites to visit like recent bookmarks and interesting articles based on your Web & App activity². And if like me, you'd like to see what is under the hood, I recommend you check out the internal page chrome://ntp-tiles-internals/ in Chrome Dev³ where you can see which sources are enabled, get the list of all sites and even update the source of popular sites.

For instance, as you can see below, I've changed the source for popular sites for Belgium websites with instead of the French ones (



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It took me a while to figure out how to write this. I wasn't planning on writing it today, but when something clicks you just have to get it out of your brain.

Thanks for being awesome, +Steve Kondik​. I'm eager to see what all of my friends from this group do next.

G Board.. The Google Keyboard for Android
Revamped version of google keyboard is not available for Android devices..

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My List Of Must Have Android Apps
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