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Biscuits to

Mumbai to Shivasena

#According to BBC report in1990s stated that Indian Agriculture needs DebtRelief to Farmers for every Decade. But @Devilal&MMs only happened
#UnionGovt should bear DebtRelief to Farmers Nation wide but not to any particular @Political as promised in Elections.DeatRelief@NoPolitics
#Union Govt must check@ No.of Suicides of Farmers. Govt had been interested@ Fertiliser,Pesticides&Seed @profits but not hazards@Agriculture
#ApCM&MV are silent &became spectators @suicides of Farmers, GuarenteePrice,CostOf Production.Why they don"t question?ButWhy@CapitalReality

SBI chairman Arundhati spoke about Debt Relief to farmers make farmers irregular in repayment. Is she the Decision making ?So why She spoke about it after insulted Farmers?As a main Bank Chairman of India, She exceeded her limits without knowledge of Agriculture.Who allowed Her to speak like that?
Has She such freedom @ PM or FM.If so, What is secret?How many baddebts&Subsidies are with Corporates?Without knowing about Agriculture, how SHE could be SBI Chairman.
A Farmer had been victim by Market with no GuarenteePrice, influenced by Climate Pests Floods Droughts directly.She knows about business.Only Profit&Loss. Banks may sacrifice for HarshadMehtas&Malyas. You shit eating lady, Just behave. You see the history of debt relief.For every 10years,it had been necessary to waive loans of Farmers for every 10years because of Govts,Banks& Middlemen.As Chairman you could not resolve my issue of Holding my entire property document by 03175 with No Advance since 4-7-2006 even I contacted all levels of Management. I had been claiming SBI No1 Cheat in SocialMedia.In Twitter @Official SBI asked to explain misdeed of bank.I explained many a time@ your request.But matter remained same. This much small issue, even Chairman cannot issue but how many guys to speak about Debt Relief to Farmers.Go to beauty Clinic & lay somewhere to butter but don't blame a "Farmer".

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Say to Ambani, Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley &Arundhati.

When there is no better alternative,Voters selects less risk.Same happened.Reshuffles proved same old liquor in New Bottles.Need to form better alternative by Patriots&Selfless intellectuals who are rare like NETAJI

Indo-Pak,HinduTint @allCastes,Ramamandir, DebtRelief united people@anti muslim-dalit.

40000crores of 2000 notes in UP& Syndicate of Hindus from all parties castes worked.

Sheep has to trust any butcher but butcher on death bed cannot feed till death.Thats why this.

Ap&TS "Governor"to be prosecuted for mislead by Lies in Two Assemblies*TDPCongYCP witnesses
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