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Game of Thrones - Season 2 Episode 9 - Blackwater

This picture pretty much sums up the entire episode. I will try to do this with the least amount of spoilers I can possibly do it in but this was probably the best episode of the season, if not the series by far.

It was written by GRRM himself, so thats not surprising. So many quotable lines. The acting was also top notch, Badass Stannis, Drunk Cersei, Tyrion and Bronn, Hound and Sansa and really all the supporting cast were great too.

Best part of the show though, the one scene that stole the show and will always be my favorite was the wildfire. Spoilers: Here it is in gif format (don't click if you haven't seen the show obviously, I'm warning you) I watched the show twice and still get chills during it.

Just "FUCKING AMAZING" as I keep saying. Can't wait for finale next week.

(I'd love to see non-book reader reactions to it, book-readers: keep spoilers out of it if you do chime in)
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We will be watching it tonight. Pretty excited about it.
Totally agree with you +Prash D
I'ma a non-book reader so I don't know how this part is in the books but I really hope until the end that the would rise and make a new half king.
Pretty sad about that part.

The wild fire thing was fabulous
Thought it was a great episode - really brought to light some of the character of the players. Tyrion Lannister steps up to the plate when needed. Since I have not read the books I do not know where this is going and I do not mind going along for the ride - looking forward to the season finale.
I'll watch it tonight, and I'll click on the gif after ! F*ck, it's very tempting to click on it now :(
Prash D
If you watch the show first, you'll know instantly what scene it is, and you'll want to watch it again, the gif is just there for easier access :]
Okay :) I'll come back to tell what I thought about it. But honestly, the whole serie is very rewatchable ^^
I struggle to get into the series. Arya, Jon, and Tyrion are the only characters that really fit my interpretation of the books.
Prash D
I try to not compare the two, I've read all the books and the dunk and egg prequels as well. The show does a few things differently, but overall, it's entertaining to watch and not know what will happen even if I know the story already.
Wow, that was pretty impressive ! I like that scene and Tyrion was amazing :) I liked the "fuck the king" part too :D
I never read the books. I look forward to every episode thus not knowing what could happen. Last night's episode was in fact EPIC.
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