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Proud to be a part of +aroundstartups :)
My Side Project, AroundStrtups is out with its Inaugural podcast, Interview: Brij Bhasin [@brijbhasin], Rebright Partners  #india #startups << Your suggestion will be great help to me. 

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Lean how to install WordPress using WAMP server. 

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Expecting dharna pradarshan from #aamaadmiparty . 

Tricolor in Space :) Congratulations ISRO :)

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Android KitKat :) Have a break, have a Nokia break :)

I wish I had a teacher who could have told me, "Forget IIT entrance exams, Medical colleges and Banks. Do what you love. Forget these stupid exams and do what you dream. Confused? Let play cricket!" Alas.. there was no such teacher.. Maybe our educational system never allowed such teachers..!

Via Mohul Ghosh :)
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