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I'm just an ordinary guy.....and sometimes I'm not.
I'm just an ordinary guy.....and sometimes I'm not.

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The Black Country

I'm thoroughly enjoying this book right now. About half-way through with ETA completion this evening. Its set in 1890 in a small town in England. Quite engrossing, how the writer has created a mood of the time. Catching the bad guys without the hi-tech forensics, electronic gadgetry, sat images etc. Wow!

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One point I forgot to add:

Guess what happens when he gets home? His wife is the boss in the kitchen!!! LOL!
The President's Chef

Machindra Kasture. Chef at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan. He's absolutely right, his country's honor is at stake at the meals his team dishes out. Like many of his counterparts around the world. 

Very interesting piece of reporting!

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Arrest for applauding - of a one armed man?

That's this year's Peace Prize winner for the Ignobel awards. Man such gems - including the one on Probability - longer a cow lies down, the great the probability it will get up soon; but once its standing - difficult to assign probability of when it'll sit.

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Its time the Olympics looked at inclusive sports first

I remember a long debate on this a year ago when it was dropped. I'm happy its back on the agenda. Olympic sports need to be geared towards sports that aren't expensive to take up - wresting qualifies. This ensure widest participation across the world. Its hardly surprising that Africa, for instance, rarely features as a candidate in tennis, swimming or equestrian events. They dominate track events. Soccer is handsdown the most popular across the world in terms of playing.

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Head hunting in tennis

Learnt about this aspect first when John McEnroe took one on his heart from arch rival Ivan Lendl and fell - back when all sport was a Cold War front  as well. It was highly criticized on radio and print. Lendl reportedly said it couldn't have hurt, as his opponent is heartless (remember John M was the guy who routinely berated linespersons). Now its normal. 

Its a tennis ball, not a cricket ball or hockey ball. The rare shot is hit with intent of bodily harm (like a head shot hit hard will land outside the court). Interesting views on it from the world's best players.

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A small town with a big impact on Indian hockey! 
Doing the hockey pockey

The big kick off to this small town was India's 1975 World Championship victory. Sardar Singh, widely regarded in the international hockey community as a something special, and current Indian captain is from here. As are many other illustrious players who've played for India.

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The Circus Sans Animals

It seems strange to me that people who depend on these animals for their livelihoods will be cruel to them. I've seen street performers with monkeys in India, who hang around together like buddies. I wonder how this works elsewhere. 

Asking PETA to review this is "loaded" dice. PETA's mandate doesn't include how well human beings live. Like the EU poverty line includes owning a refrigerator and/ or second hand car applied in India. 

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Terrific read, man. Educational and entertaining!  Thanks. 

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The Radio Play Book - a good time?

Just an idea. Thought I'd share it here.
The Radio Play Book - its time?

Been wondering with all this 3-D, 4-D stuff why aren't there attempts at Radio Play style books? Remember the shows with sound effects - wind, rain, etc and voice actors? Less "fixed" location that movies. Not as imagination tickling as a raw book (you have to create your own effects, faces, etc). But shifts the focus back to stories rather than dumb special effects with crappy story lines. And a good halfway house to reading - for those who like fast-forwards - (radio plays will be slower).

What do you think?

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How Indian states compare with countries

Population , GDP etc. 
May be of interest to some of you.
Indian states as countries

Might be of interest to some you as to how large India is. Population, GDP etc if each state is compared to a country. Dug it out in connection with something else and don't recollect sharing this before.
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