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Since December 1 marked as World AIDS day bunch of Sri Lankan tweeps users are planning to launch an all week Twitter campaign to promote the cause asking Sri Lankan Tweeps social media enthusiast to follow @AIDSLK and retweet hash tags  #AIDSLK #WAD and #IamPositive to spread the word. The campaign will launch on last week of November till second week of December. The AIDSLK will also be sharing and reaching out through Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn.

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Added photos to Test Event .

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First Event

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Should a country make "happiness" the national goal, rather than GDP and economic growth? I like this idea. :-) Watch the video. It's how they do things over in Bhutan. :-) Most governments -- even when they're trying to quantify happiness or quality of life -- tend to use GDP as a key factor. Here's an article ranking the top happy and sad countries: According to the article:

The world's top happiest countries are:
5. Sweden
4. New Zealand
3. Australia
2. Denmark
1. Norway

Top saddest countries in the world:
5. Yemen
4. Pakistan
3. Ethiopia
2. Zimbabwe
1. Central African Republic

I wonder what the people of Bhutan would say about this article? If I were going to run for President of the US, I think I'd enjoy creating a "Happy" party as opposed to joining the Democratic or Republican party. :-)

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Sallysmith28993487892 BRING IT!

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Omg this made me lol so hard. How embarassing.

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+Lance Ulanoff questions whether Facebook Timeline, the new profile format, will actually work.

Agree? Disagree?

I definitely have some reservations about old content becoming visible again. Also, the vast majority of FB users only joined in recent years ... how much history are they really gonna have?

Maybe it's a case of FB knowing what we want before we do... or perhaps they're misjudging our wants?
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