Temple of the Abyssal Winds Chapter 4: The False Church is now available, for Windows and iPad!


"The Church of the Four Winds, infiltrated and corrupted by an evil cult and its demonic patroness. Oldenton, overrun by fiendish priests and false idolators. Return now to your homeland, and defend against the depravities of the Temple of the Abyssal Winds."

Continue your adventure into the classic-style role-playing game of Temple of the Abyssal Winds. Chapter 4: The False Church is available for purchase now: on Windows, visit the website to purchase chapter 4, and on iPad, purchase chapter 4 as an in-app purchase.

If you are new to Temple of the Abyssal Winds, chapter 1 is free to download and play for both platforms. Start there, and then move through chapters 2 through 4, with chapters 5 and 6 scheduled for release in 2015. Merry Prankster Games invites you into the world of Temple of the Abyssal Winds!

You can find more information on the website:


Merry Prankster Games is a one-man band indie development studio, started in 1995 making the play-by-email game Atlantis. For more information about Merry Prankster Games visit: http://www.prankster.com or email Geoff Dunbar at totaw@prankster.com.
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