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Scrolling through all the Pralaya Yoga Studio smiles from the International Day of Yoga Celebration. It was such a pleasure seeing you all there. Of course we hope that you got excited about yoga if you weren't excited yet. Feel free to pass by our studio for a class or workshop. #‎Yoga‬ ‪#‎Houston‬ ‪#‎IDY‬

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"Fall" in Love with Pralaya

School's back in session and the heat has started to break. As we begin to recover from the scalding summer heat, we turn a page and prepare to harvest our fruits of the summer season.

The final ten days of summer begins September 11th. Take a moment during this transition period into Fall to take stock of what summer has brought you. Without judgement of good or bad, extend loving gratitude for these opportunities to feel and grow.

With Love,
Your Pralaya Yoga Studio Team

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A little interview with Robert about "The International Day of Yoga"

Q: What do Houstonians have to gain from exposure to the International Day of Yoga?

• A deeper understanding of the origin and value of yoga independent of conceived notions.This will be an exceptional experience to understand yoga in its diversity and pure original form.

Q: How has the westernization or modernization helped or hindered the spirit of traditional yoga?

• No yoga technique by itself will bring us to enlightenment or happiness. Yoga is a lifestyle that can be as varied as the clothing we wear in different cultures and countries. The key is to get the message out in an understandable form. The needs of humans are the same, and in the ultimate sense of life and living we all face the same outcome. How this is dealt with is a matter of taste, but the truth is the one through the expressions are many, and so we learn from the original form described in the dialect of modern times.

Q: Since this event is meant for anyone and everyone-- what would you say or suggest in order to draw in people who have never been exposed to a physical asana practice? Especially, if perhaps, they are intimidated by the photos of thin, flexible "yoga models" so to speak.

• Yoga brings energy, health and consciousness of community and lifestyle into focus, which accounts for its rapid expansion and acceptance by everyone from the elderly to sports teams. It is not the pose that is yoga. The journey of yoga begins wherever you are with whatever you can do to move forward. This is the message of Yoga. People understand that advertising has a different purpose.

I hope to meet you there :D
Robert Boustany
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Today is a very special day! Somebody who is arranging a lot of stuff behind the scenes is celebrating her birthday today 🎉🎊🎈
Lara Happy Birthday to you & and Thank you for all you do for the Pralaya Yoga Studio ☺️
#Happy #Birthday #Grateful

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We have flash flood warnings into effect for the next 7 hours and we want to keep people safe and off the roads. We closed studio and we are CANCELING ALL afternoon classes including the TT lecture with Shekhar.
#HoustonFlood #houston #flood

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Mother's Day is upon us (this Sunday May 10t ;P) Not prepared yet?
Consider treating your mom to a workshop, lecture or class at the studio. We have a great variety of events coming up - with something for everyone. #MothersDay #Yoga #Houston

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"Many people ask me if my life is perfect. Well, the truth is that my life is perfect because everything is always in perfect, divine order but what I believe they are really asking me is if I still encounter difficulties or experience fear, sadness and anger."

The truth is that I do encounter challenges, I even experience BIG challenges!

The difference is that I LOVE challenges because I know they are truly opportunities, let me teach you how..

Saturday from 1pm - 6pm

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When I was a competitive athlete, we always had rest stages in our training periodization plans.
We never just kept on building...there was always a phase upward in intensity, and then a recovery week.... then we'd start again at a level below where we ended and built up even higher, and then came another recovery period. So, if we look at our "life" periodization plan, perhaps Restorative Yoga can be this 'rest' phase?

Most of us just keep going full speed ahead in life, always ON. We keep asking SO much of ourselves without ever taking any time to recover from everything that is pulling from us in our busy lives.

These two hours of Restorative Yoga will give you a taste of what it's like to really feel restful - not distracted from life, or numb, but truly awake and settled. Give it a try,.. Join me see how you feel. :)

#Yoga #Houston #RestoritiveYoga
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